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Posted on Sun Oct 27, 2019 @ 10:43am by Commander Robert Hunt & Commander Zolan Rebec

Mission: First Unity
Location: Captain's Ready Room - USS Canterbury
Timeline: Mission Day 50 at 0700

Hunt has been aboard all of 5 minutes and had already made his way to his ready room, having bypassed his quarters altogether. He thought it likely that he would spend most of his time here and so it made sense to him to make this a place he wanted to be in. But before he began unpacking pictures of a scruffy and unruly cadet he had another thing on his mind. He needed to know who his second was.

“Would the First Officer please report to the ready room,” he announced into his comm badge, before taking his seat at the desk and awaiting a reply.

Rebec was in Cargo Bay 2 making sure that all the equipment they'd ordered was stowed away. Normally this was a job for Ops, and the Ops Chief was currently doing the same in Cargo Bay 1, but the department was short staffed, and you could take the woman out of Ops, but you couldn't take the Ops out of the woman.

When she heard the announcement, she handed her PADD of to the crewman, who was aiding her and left for the Bridge.

Making good time, she crossed the Bridge to the Ready Room, pausing briefly to adjust her uniform jacket before pressing the chime.

On the other side of the door Robert performed his own adjustments on his uniform before announcing “Come in,” warmly, so that the computer responded by opening the door.

Rebec entered the Ready Room. "Commander Zolan Rebec, reporting as ordered, sir." She said coming to stand in front of his desk.

“Come in, come in, have a seat,” the Captain said gesturing to his opposing chair. “I’m sure you have lots of questions. Most of which I’m not sure I can answer.”

"Indeed, sir. Last I heard Commander N’Livek would be taking Command." She said not sure where she now stood.

“Well, for reasons untold, she's not,” Hunt shrugged. “Now you have yours truly. I hope I’m not too much of a disappointment.” He paused, but not long enough for him to receive any answer. “I’m sure you want to know a little about me, and I of course, should know about you. I haven’t had a chance yet to view any crew files.”

"Well, sir, I'm just your average Starfleet officer I trained in and served in Operations, Engineering and Security, before switching to Command track." Rebec said. "I neither like roses nor long walks on the beach." She added as an attempted at a joke.

“Are you suggesting a date commander?” Robert countered with boyish cheek, smirking at the unprofessional tone in which this meeting had now turned.

"No, sir, just attempting a joke." Rebec said.

A grin spread across Hunts face, “and so I hope you were,” he said with a faux severe tone, showing his humour on the matter. “So I suppose it is only fair I tell you about myself. I’m an ex-criminal,” he announced bluntly.

He didn’t allow any time for interruption but continued in explanation. “I was never convicted. Or else you wouldn’t find me sat here. Not that I ever hid my past. StarFleet is an escape from that life, and I think it’s better that my exec finds out sooner rather than later don’t you?”

"Since we're sharing, to some in the Cardassian Union, I'm a criminal too, I was a member of the Resistance during the Occupation. As long as you are no longer engaging in such activity, I see no reason why the past can't stay in the past." Rebec said.

“Definitely in the past. I have no reason to ever go back to that life,” the Captain confirmed. “As for Commander N’Livek, they have been reassigned. I have no idea where, I’m afraid.”

"Well, Commander N'Livek was ex-intelligence, so I guess her reassignment is probably top secret, and we're not in the loop." Rebec said.

“Makes sense,” Hunt shrugged. “Is there anything I should know about the crew? No one with a history of mutineering is there?” He gave a slight chuckle at his own joke.

"No mutineers, but the Security Chief, Lieutenant Solari has disobeyed orders, and under gone court martial which resulted in her dishonourable discharge." Rebec said. "There are also rumors, she did something hush hush for SI,during her exile."

“Sounds like she deliberately exiled herself to me,” Robert suggested with a shrug. “Anything else?”

"Lieutenant Muller, the Ops Chief, also worked for SI, though what she actually did for them is of course classified."

Hunt nodded, “so it’s a ship full of spooks, gotcha! Anyone not from SI?”

"The CEO, Lieutenant Commander Dalziel is a war veteran and what one of COs would call a straight talker, he also doesn't suffer fools gladly."

“I like him already!”

"Chief Helmsman MacKenzie, is your typical womanising 'flyboy'. He's attractive and he knows it."

The Captain laughed, “that’s something he will grow out of.”

"Lieutenant Kokinos, the Science Chief is an expert in robotics and a philanthropist."

“That sounds like most of the senior team, and I can find out about the rest as I go. Do you think you could arrange a briefing for me? I would like to meet them all and we have orders,” with this Hunt slid over a PADD with the details of their mission on it. “Nothing exciting I’m sorry to say, unless you think a scanning planets exciting.”

"I'll set a briefing asap." Rebec said. "You're correct, scanning planets isn't exciting, but what you find can be." She said.

“I’m sorry to say I’m more interested in who can be found than what,” the Captain replied tilting his head from side to side as he spoke, “and I’m not expecting to find anyone on a scientific survey.”

"In the extremely unlikely case we do find someone, let's hope they aren't hostile." Rebec said.

Robert chuckled, but said nothing more on the matter. “Is half an hour enough time to assemble the senior staff?” He queried.

"Yes, plenty." Rebec replied.

The Captain clapped his hands together, rising from his chair. “Great! Half an hours time it is then. Dismissed.”


Commander Robert Hunt (PNPC Ronald Hawk)
Commanding Officer
USS Canterbury

Commander Zolan Rebec (PNPC Anahera Chernova)
Executive Officer
USS Canterbury


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