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A Moment Of Weakness

Posted on Tue Sep 24, 2019 @ 7:08pm by Ragnar Mellark

Mission: Irrevocably Changed
Location: Romulan Freighter Falcon
Timeline: Mission Day 45 at 0000


After two days of travel towed by the Falcon, Captain Hannok Solomen invited Ragnar and S'Talon over for a late lunch meal. Ragnar had accepted and Solomen had informed S'Talon that there were other kids aboard that he could meet. They were starved for company and Solomen insisted, and Ragnar thought he was stubborn.

Ragnar had dressed in semi formal attire, a sort of robes that had small Romulan Empire logos and different sections had different materials giving it an assembled look, while S'Talon wore a simple one-piece, it had the Raptor Wings on the back with various silhouettes of the predator birds formerly on Romulus. Some had been brought to the other colonies but now their numbers are dwindling. S'Talon's one-piece was a size bigger so it didn't cling to him too much and both had Chaltok IV colony colours, dark green with a few shades lighter of purple with some parts being black.

In the mirror Ragnar was combing his long hair before he was going to put it back into a braid. He missed Lagatha so much, she'd comb his hair and sometimes put bronze beads that had symbols of Ancient Rihannsu on them. She told him they mean Strength, Power, Protection and so on but she'd always fail to mention a particular one that she'd said she didn't know. He'd looked it up during their journey and it was Love.

That moment he'd lost it and Talon had come in, they'd hugged for so long that they'd fallen asleep. He had the beads in his hair on the night of their escape and would continue to wear them in Lagatha's honor, so once combed, he threaded the hair on top through the beads and then plated his hair so they'd be stuck in place. His black eyes tracing his tattoos in honor of Romulus, Remus and his loved ones in silent prayer to the Elements for them before he nodded that he was now ready. He'd put his Governor and Technician badges into one of the shuttle secure compartments as he didn't want to not have them.

"Son, are you ready?" Ragnar called as he left his cabin. The shuttle's systems sustained by the Falcon's temporary low level power transfer in the tractor beam. Ragnar had requested that they not be a burden and only send what was essential.

"Yes father," Talon said as he too left his cabin and walked with his father to the the transporter pad just behind the cockpit.

Ragnar had tapped the control panel which sent a ready chirp to Falcon for transport. They disappeared and reappeared on the main transporter platform for the freighter, since it was Romulan design Ragnar immediately knew where everything would be but what surprised him was that the man in front of him was Trill.

Though scans had revealed some crew were Romulan but the majority were a wild range of species including a Tholian in an encounter suit. Ragnar had to learn that story. "Welcome to the Falcon, I'm Captain Hannok Solomen. Thank you for accepting my invitation Ragnar." Hannok said and smiled at S'Talon. "This must be your son," he prompted.

"Yes," Ragnar said and gestured for his son to speak for himself.

"My name is S'Talon sir," Talon said and stood somewhat at attention, probably having seen his father assume the position when he greeted superiors and equals sometimes as a sign of mutual respect.

"At ease," Hannok said with a grin. "And please you both can call me Solo, or Han. I prefer you call me Han." He kind of directed to Ragnar but smiled at S'Talon as well. "This way." The Trill gestured to the door and then began to walk to it.

Ragnar and Talon followed looking around as they walked in the corridor. It seemed that the colour scheme was altered from what the normal freighters had, well considering it was a freelance vessel Ragnar didn't blame them.

"I'll take your son to the playdeck as we have 15 children of various ages onboard with their parents who are officers and crew." Han said, "I hope you will make friends S'Talon, some are Romulan."

This made the 11 year old somewhat happy though Ragnar knew his son was reminded of his best friend now lost to him, both hoped still alive and safe but they had to be ready for the worst case scenario. He put a hand on Talon's shoulder. "I'm sure you will make new friends son and," softer he added. "Keep the more important ones close to your heart," Ragnar said with a gently squeeze then smiled.

"Thank you," Talon said returning his father's smile then turned to Solo and added at his normal voice. "I hope so as well."

Han smiled at them both as they got into a turbolift and quickly they were on the playdeck which immediately grabbed Talon's complete attention as the closest children looked over and with wide smiles rushed over, grabbed their new playmate then ran back into the many activities, games, playsets and so on set up along the freighter's length.

Ragnar gaped at the amount of children stuff and the many children themselves. It was a sight to behold them all having fun and so many colours. "Wow." He said.

"Yes, since the deck is not used I found a lot of the children came down here as I often toured the ship and decided to convert it to somewhere they can play, keeps them happy and not prone to causing problems elsewhere on the ship." Han explained but didn't leave the lift as he stepped forward and tapped the control. "Deck 1." He ordered the computer and the lift door closed, Ragnar and S'Talon made eye contact for a few moments, they reassure each other they would be okay and knew to contact each other straight away for any reason via their subdermals.

He glanced over at Han and the lift seemed to get slight warmer. Han was dashing and charming, quite the scoundrel type Ragnar began to notice and it seemed to pull at him. Though he had relations and dates with other men, Han seemed to immediately capture more then the usual emotions he'd felt those other times.

Attraction was there, definitely and when Han winked it sent a shiver through Ragnar's spine and the lift doors opened breaking the spell. "Here we are," Han said and gestured for Ragnar to follow which he did. They came to the Captain's Quarters.

"I thought I was to share a meal with you and your senior officers?" Ragnar asked a little apprehensive.

"Apologies, it was a private invitation as you are my guest and the Captain must entertain his guests." Han said matter-of-factly with a smirk and tapped the door control, inside was candle light and a table set up for 2.

Oh o, Ragnar thought as he realised this was going to be difficult to handle. Though they both knew they were attracted to each other, that much was obvious but it was way too soon and he started to turn to the way they had come as loss of his family set in.

"Wait, what's wrong?" Han asked as he reached out and gently held Ragnar's arm, the Romulan half turned away.

Ragnar had frozen in place. "Nothing," he said as he forced himself to relax but not too much.

"Please accept my hospitality Ragnar." Han said with such sweetness and it was like an Orion pheromone it made him let Han pulled him into the freighter captain's quarters.

"Yes," Ragnar said automatically like following a lure, he suddenly snapped out of it and he placed his hand on Han's hand as he stopped. "Please, I need time, my life has changed so much. I need time." Tears started to form under his eyes, though Ragnar was unaware of it as he started to lose his balance.

Han rushed in to catch him and gently lowered them to the floor. He held the Romulan and was surprised to hear a Romulan cry. Not just cry but a painful cry of loss and suffering. Han just held him and tightly. "I understand, shhh, I've got you."

Ragnar had shifted to hold Han as well and although he knew he shouldn't unload emotional baggage onto a friendly host and a saviour but it took over him so quickly. At one point he had opened his eyes and Han had moved them to the bed but simply still held him.

"Ragnar," Han said after each time he planted a kiss along the Romulan's forehead ridges. It was rather erotic and Ragnar moaned. "Ah you are awake, I know loss my dear Romulan. Myself and my previous hosts have lost loved ones and friends. It is painful and won't get easier dear Ragnar but you must move on and," Han said as he put a finger under Ragnar's chin and made the Romulan look up at him. "You must now live in their honour." He said before putting their lips together.

He could taste his own salty tears and he was immediately embarrassed but Han's words registered as what he should be doing. He smiled as they continued to kiss. His stomach growled making them laugh and they went back to the table to eat.


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