Langley Station

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Tired. Aimless. Somewhat Paranoid.

Posted on Sun Sep 29, 2019 @ 4:01pm by Ragnar Mellark & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant Domin Wolfe

Mission: Irrevocably Changed
Location: Federation space
Timeline: Mission Day 42 at 1000


Ragnar had fallen asleep in the pilot's chair again and snapped awake at S'Talon's shaking him, though the 11 year old had stopped crying long ago but the pain was still present on his face. Ragnar knew he had the same expression, they both were tired, on edge and didn't know what to do next. Their lives had irrevocably changed and all they could do was deal with the pain.

He simply grabbed Talon and pulled the 11 year old onto his lap, his son's arms went around him and tightened slightly. He looked up and Talon said. "Jol-ao au.*1" He gently smiled but it faltered in pain at the thought of never being about to tell his mother the same thing ever again.

*1: I love you

"Jol-ao au." Ragnar replied with a weak smile. "She loves you and she knew you loved her son, believe me." He said his arms around and holding firmly around his son. "What you are feeling will hurt forever, what you have to understand is just because she and grands are gone they will always be with us in our hearts."

Talon seemed to understand but Ragnar wasn't sure it completely registered, so he'd have to keep explaining it in different ways until his son confirmed he actually understood what that meant to him. It was going to be a long bumpy path and now Ragnar realised he has to be more cautious for if anything happened to him S'Talon will be alone, that will be unacceptable.

"Okay go have a shower and eat. I will do the same and we'll come back here okay son?" Ragnar asked as he slowly got up forcing Talon to stand up and he nodded as he slowly walked off to the back of the shuttle. Ragnar double checked the console and the shuttle was still on course, they were headed to Talarian space on the other side of Federation space before he went off for his shower and food.

He figured it was far away enough, maybe but if the Tal Shiar really wanted them they'd not stop keep coming. Then again they had a broken Empire to put back together again. For the first time he regretted leaving Chaltok IV and not staying to fight for his planet's freedom, he hoped the Republic would step in quickly. Maybe he could somehow get a message back to his deputy governor to let them know he was alive and offer advice for their turn at being the next governor.

Ragnar decided that should they stop at a station he'd send that message. Though he had to find sanctuary first and he couldn't relax again but for now they were safe while on the move. After the refreshing showers they seemed to be content to sit in silence in the pilot's and co-pilot's seats staring out the windows at the passing starstreams. It was calming Ragnar had to admit and constant.

It let him focus on trying to decide what to do next but still nothing came to mind of reasonable purpose, so he prayed to the Elements and hoped they had something planned for them.

OOC: The following is set at the current time syncing up with Langley time. MD 42 1000 hours.

They'd been at warp for a month and 12 days, obviously not the amount of time the shuttle was designed for but seemed to hold together. Considering Ragnar is a Technician he was able to keep the shuttle in peak condition allowing for it to be pushed to it's design limits. But fuel and power was now in the yellow about to go to the red as Ragnar watched in the pilot's chair the fuel gauge which initiated the alert klaxons but Ragnar promptly muted but left them blinking. It was late morning, and soon they will have to refuel and resupply.

"Will we be okay father?" Talon asked from the co-pilot's chair, his voice seemed to crack a lot. It had been a while since the two spoke unless his father requested he do something or explained the pain that had lessened but still hurt his whole body. Talon had seen the same in his father a few times but hid it better when he was around.

One time he'd heard sounds from the shower room that made his own heart squeeze hard, as he'd made the same at one point maybe more and found his father on the floor holding himself in a ball unable to bare life anymore. Talon had wanted to go to his father but something told him not to, he couldn't identify what that was but it felt like when he wanted to be alone. That only happened once and then after that Talon had to have some physical contact with his father to make sure he was real.

His father had done the same a few times even waking him up and the equal relief and pain on his father's face told him he'd probably nightmared he was killed as well. It has been a rough month and now new problems were coming at them.

Ragnar tapped at the console and nodded. "Yes son, we will be but I think we will need help soon. Be on your guard son and get your disruptor." His voice was rough and grainy but in better condition as he had done most of the talking since they left home.

"Yes father." Talon said as he quickly jumped off the chair and headed for the weapons locker, the code firmly memorised by both but they knew others in case they wanted to change it. He ran back and grabbed the belt he had left on the floor by the chair that the disruptor holster attached to. He put it all on and then sat in the co-pilot's chair again waiting.

The computer announced an emergency shut down of both warp drive and cloaking device will occur in 10 minutes leaving just enough power for a distress call. Ragnar prayed the Tal Shiar would not be their rescuers, he begged the Elements in his mind for someone genuine to help them.

Ragnar wanted as much space as possible between home and them before doing anything else so when the timer was up the shuttle exited warp then the onboard lightning brightened slowly indicated the cloak had deactivated. He took a deep breath and activated the distress call of standard type.

All they could do was wait but it seemed not long for a smooth voice came over the speakers. =^= Greetings, I'm Captain Hannok Solomen of the freighter Falcon, we are 5 minutes out from your location. Anyone in need of medical attention? =^= Solomen announced.

Doubt waved its hand in front of Ragnar face and was like 'sure you want to help us but really we are coming to capture you and take all your stuff.' What stuff? Ragnar countered and Doubt shut up. He smirked and tapped the hail control. "Falcon my name is Ragnar, there are no injured but we need passage to any stations that could assist us."

=^= There's a Federation starbase in the Lyshan system, only a few hours away. We can tow you. =^= Solomen answered, =^= we are actually headed there now. =^=

"Excellent and thank you, I accept your assistance Falcon." Ragnar terminated the channel and although glad of the help coming so soon, timing is often something that is very suspicious but he'd wait and see.

When Ragnar saw that it was a Romulan freighter in design his panic started to rise but the shuttle was now drifting with re-routed power to life support, he could not run with his son. It seemed odd that when the freighter exited warp and simply moved into position to tow them, Captain Solomen didn't contact them again and ask questions.

Ragnar supposed they already had discussed everything and now was time to carry out the tow, or maybe they were late to this Federation starbase but then. =^= This is the Falcon, brace for quick warp jump towing, =^= came a different voice, maybe the operations person.

"Understood," Ragnar said and gestured for S'Talon to do the same as the tractor beam grabbed them and pulled them closer to the freighter's hull before the freighter jumped to warp.

After 5 days of warp towing. MD 47: 1100 hours.

They dropped back to normal space after a quick warning from the Falcon's helm officer, the tractor beam had sent a low level power transfer to the shuttle to keep them going. Though Ragnar had asked for bare minimum as he didn't want to be a drain on their resources. Finally they had arrived and sensors picked up a Regula class starbase in front of the freighter. The captain appeared to be communicating with the station, probably informing them of their shuttle and they might need help as well as their own business with the station.

A signal came to them directly as the freighter moved to a position just off the station and released the shuttle before docking, so it was in range of the station's tractor beams, Ragnar assumed to carry on with their own purpose. But Ragnar sent a quick 'thank you' to the Falcon and received a 'you are welcome' in return. It was nice to see and meet compassionate people in the galaxy. Hope started to claw at him that he might be able to figure out their next move sooner rather than later.

He accepted the signal from the station and a Starfleet officer's face appeared on screen.

=^=Shuttlecraft this is Lieutenant Domin Wolfe of Langley Station.=^= Domin began. He'd had Ops for several hours as was one of his duties. Usually nothing interesting happens and he usually coordinated ship arrivals, docking of ships and departures whilst on duty there. He would also have numerous visits from his technicians and engineers running ideas past him, or issues they needed advice on. =^=After speaking with the Captain of the Falcon I understand you had some difficulties. How can we be of assistance?=^= he asked scanning the shuttle.

Ragnar nodded. "That is correct, Lieutenant. I am-" He paused, is it wise to tell them who they were? He thought, the fear that it would somehow get back to the Tal Shiar that they were here. He knew there would be spies everywhere, though somewhat pacified since the supernova and destruction of the homeworld. It's possible that the Chairman of the Tal Shiar had recalled all their agents to help police the fracturing Empire but then leaving some in undercover positions for information on possible enemies who'd take advantage of the situation to invade Romulan colonies.

The only reason he could think of an agent being on Langley would be to monitor Cardassian space, though he personally would have put the spy on the Argus array. He blinked. "My name is Ragnar, may we dock, refuel and resupply?" He asked and the tiredness set in momentarily but he shook it off, he looked off screen and it muted before he looked back and sound resumed.

Domin looked at the man's appearance, he looked ragged and the look of a chased man. Usually Domin had a sense for people, call is a species trait but nevertheless there was something that didn't feel too innocent in this arrival. However the man displayed no aggression, even if he was distracted by something in the ships cockpit. For a moment he looked down at the console to see what was available, but before he offered he asked. =^=Is everything alright sir? Do you need medical assistance?=^= Domin asked.

Ragnar smiled both a relieved and still tired expression, "No, thank the Elements," he looked up as if showing his gratitude that neither of them were injured in the escape. He knew he was going to have to tell them about his son as they'd meet him sooner or later. As if on queue S'Talon appeared next to then climbed onto Ragnar's lap and waved at the Starfleet man. Ragnar was about to pick the boy up and put him back but instead hugged him. "Please Starfleet we need to dock, refuel and resupply. I promise on the," just then the power onboard was reaching its end, apparently his time with Solomen had won him a new friend as the Freighter captain had given them more power then he had requested, as the lights began to flicker. "Please!" Was all Ragnar could say before the channel closed as the Romulan long-range shuttle began to drift, within Langley's tractor range, out of power.

"Father?" Talon asked in the darkness.

"Don't worry, they will help us, they are Starfleet and the Federation is honor-bound to help those in need," Ragnar said as he felt around for the oxymasks that were stored under the console and although it was a limited amount, it still was enough to hold them while they waited for Langley to sort themselves out.

Spotting a child did change things a little more. Domin could see the man's love for his child, the sincerity in which he wanted, needed help. Still caution was warranted in every situation when someone shows up on your doorstep, asking for help in a ship that looks like it's seen better days. There was more to this but for the moment getting them on board, fed and watered seemed more appropriate.

"We will guide your shuttle to Level 46, Civilian shuttlebay entrance. From there you will be assigned a space for your shuttle and are free to disembark after clearance from our security and medical personnel." Domin instructed as he engaged a tractor that pulled their shuttle inside. Soon they would be free of what environment they were succumbing too, even if now the channel had ceased.

"Morning Domin, I hear we have some interesting new guests." Ana said having contacted the Chief of Ops.

"Indeed we do Ana." Domin said as he stared for a moment at the now blank screen before snapping out of what trance like thing he was in. "A Romulan man and his son. I get the impression that there is more to them being here than needing a simple refuel and repair job."

"Interesting, I'll have to go down and say 'hi'." Ana said. She wasn't sure how these Romulans would feel towards her, she has had a few run ins with the Tal'Shair in the past.

"I'm sure it's nothing but an old man..." he said gesturing to himself and not the Romulan, "being a pessimist. I shall leave them in your capable hands Commander."

"You're just being cautious, my friend." Ana said. "Its what's kept us alive all these years." She added. "I'll work my charm on them."

"In that case they do not stand a chance." Domin replied with a wide smile. "Good luck."

"Charmer." Ana said returning his smile.


Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Chief of Station Operations
Langley Station

Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
Chief Security Officer
Langley Station

Ragnar Mellark

S'Talon Mellark


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