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Past Trades Part One (Backpost)

Posted on Mon Nov 16, 2020 @ 2:00pm by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova

Mission: Farther Adventures
Location: Abandoned Dilithium mine, Fornuk III, Unaligned Space
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 0000

5 May 2265

"So, do you have the latinum?" Ana asked.

"Yes. Do you have the artefact?" K'Ryll Zernum asked.

"Yes," Ana said, and opened the small containment vessel to display its contents.

"Very good," he said, and signalled for one of his staff to bring the payment. A mountain of a man came forward with two large cases and placed them on a makeshift table and opened each in turn.

Ana noted the latinum inside and handed the artefact to Zernum.

The collector accepted it and said, "A pleasure doing business with you, Captain Chernova," before he and his retinue vanished in a series of transport beams.

Ana was about to contact her ship when a party of Orions appeared. The lead Orion was carrying a holographic communicator. He set it up, and a skinny humanoid appeared. It was dressed in a black, skin-tight suit. Its face had burn scars, and their was a metallic device around its throat that helped it speak.

"Good day, Anahera. So nice to see you again. I wouldn't bother contacting your vessel, if I were you. The atoms that once made up your ship and crew are now scattered to the solar winds.”

Ana tried hard to keep her emotions under control as she learnt about the destruction of her ship and crew.

"Let's think of their lives as a part payment for what you took from me, shall we?" the figure continued.

"Okay, Cyril, let me make this clear," Ana said in a steady tone. "I'm going to find you and kill you, and this time it's going to take."

"Strange, brave words for someone stranded on a planet with no help and no ship," he said. "But have your bravado. Maybe it will keep you warm. I hear it drops way below zero at night." A grimace that may once have been a smile appeared on his lips. "As much as I'd enjoy watching you suffer, I must take my leave. I have to find those who hired you to kill me and teach them the error of their ways. Ta ta."

The apparition then disappeared.

"Well, chaps," Ana said to the Orions. "Your boss is a bit of an ass. So, before you go, can I interest you in entering my employment? I do have a sh**t ton of latinum, if anyone's interested."

"No, takers?" Ana said with a frown. She then picked up one of the cases and slammed it into the head of the nearest Orion. He slumped heavily to the ground.

Concerned by Ana's actions, two Orions returned to their ship, while the others reached for their weapons. Before they could fire, Ana shot them down using their companion's disruptor. She then retrieved his transporter bracelet and used it to beam aboard Cyril's ship.

10 years earlier
R'Gyen Holdings Ltd. Headquarters
E'Rewn Prime

"I'm here to see Mr. R'Gyen," Ana told the secretary.

"Madam, do you have an appointment?" the secretary asked, as she turned down her nose at what Ana was wearing.

Ana was dressed a red skin-tight dress with a plunging neckline. In her hand she held a briefcase. "No, but I'm sure he'll want to see me," Ana said, giving the secretary a wink and a smile.

"Mr. R'Gyen is a very busy man, so since you don't have an appointment, I suggest you leave. If you refuse, I will be forced to call security."

"Very well," Ana said. "I'm going to have to do this the hard, or should I say fun, way." That said, she dropped some powder in her hand and blew it into the other woman's face.

The secretary then passed out. "Sweet dreams," Ana said.

As she left for the elevators, security arrived.

"Stun batons?" Ana asked. "I thought an arms manufacturer would have better weapons."

The two security guards stiffened, and then slumped. “They are effective, though, sheila,” Erebus Caine said with a cocky smile as he spun his pair of baton around in his hands, depressed the buttons to retract them, and sheathed them in his pockets. Then he adjusted the black and white penguin suit he wore and ran his fingers through his wave of black hair over his eye patch. “I take it negotiations didn’t go as planned?” he asked. “Saw these blokes lookin’ all serious as they got in the lift, so figured I’d hop along an’ have a looksie.”

The former Starfleet Marine grabbed the collars of the guards and dragged them into the office, depositing their unconscious bodies behind the desk with the secretary. “Oops. One o’ them piddled,” he noted. “Sorry, boss.”

Ana rolled her eyes. "Nice of you to pop by, Caine," she said. "Let's get on with this."

“Hey, you pay me to watch that fine arse o’ yours, yeh? Not that it ain’t a job I wouldn’t do fer free, mind.” He took a moment to stuff the hands of the two security guards and the secretary into rather inappropriate places on each other, and then followed Ana. “We doin’ this lethal or non?” he asked. Besides stun batons, he had a couple Type 1 phasers secreted about his person. The thumb-sized weapons were only good for maybe five shots on regular stun -- less if on higher settings -- but they were small and easily hidden.

"R'Gyen's our target, everyone else gets to live, understood?" Ana said. "Feel free to blast any robots, and we need to fry the computer core."

“How many are you expecting, luv?” Caine asked. “I didn’t exactly come loaded for bear. The computer won’t be a problem.”

"I don't know. Since this is an arms manufacturing plant, I figure robots are a real possibility," Ana said. "I brought a little something to help us with the computer." She tapped her briefcase.

“Should have come loaded for bear,” Caine muttered. He slipped one of the tiny phasers into each palm and moved to point.

"Luckily I came prepared," Ana said, taking off her jacket. Beneath it she wore body armour, over which were two shoulder holsters and two hip holsters, each containing Type-II phasers. "I brought extras," she added, handing him another two Type-IIs from her back holsters.

Erebus grinned. “If it wouldn't get me killed, I would kiss you,” he told Ana, spinning the phasers about in his hands. “On go...Go!”

Caine darted out, firing his phasers to provide cover for Ana to move to the next safe point.

Ana moved to the safe point and signalled Caine to follow as she covered him.

Erebus darted forward. He’d worked this way for so long, first with the marines, and then with various mercenary outlets, that it was second nature to him.

A drone came around a corner. "You are intruders, you must be neutralized," it said, and opened fire.

R'Gyen Holdings Ltd. Headquarters
Director's Office

"Director, we have intruders," the feminine computer voice reported.

"Then have Security deal with it," Mr. R'Gyen replied angrily.

"The intruders have already incapacitated six guards and are currently in a firefight with a drone."

"Then send more drones. Do I have to do everything myself?"

Holdings Ltd. Headquarters
Corridor 2-Gamma

Erebus blasted the drone and turned to the access door. “Lift or stairs?” he asked Ana, crouching behind a filing cabinet. “Good thing they have sturdy office furniture.”

"Stairs, the lifts are probably locked down," Anahera said.

Two more drones appeared and opened fire.

Unable to target them properly, Anahera fired at the polished metal walls. The beam reflected, hit one drone, and sent it flying into the other, destroying both.

"Let's move!” Anahera ordered as the drones hit the floor.

Erebus moved quickly. He knew they had a limited window before the next drones arrived. He slammed into the door for the stairs. It rang loudly as it crashed open, and he covered Anahera as she charged through as well.

"The main computer is three flights up. We'll take that out and then go after our target," Anahera told him.

“Three flights,” Caine said, shaking his head. “Better book it.” They raced up the stairs. When they reached the second level, he heard the door below them crash open. “More droids,” he warned. He took a moment to spray some suppression fire down the stairwell, though droids were mostly immune to such standard infantry tactics. Who cared if a droid got drilled? Erebus pulled out a small device. He judged the distance, clicked a setting, and then dropped the plasma grenade into the well. It exploded adjacent to the droids.

“We’ll likely need another way out,” he told Ana as he raced after her. “Damn, you have a fine ass,” he couldn’t help but compliment as he watched her backside work its way up ahead of him.

"Keep your mind on the job," Anahera said. "I don't want to get shot because you're distracted admiring my physical assets."

Caine chuckled. “I can multitask,” he teased, but he grew more serious as he got up to the desired floor. He pulled a small grenade from his jacket and opened the door partially, tossing it in. It sparked and started to smoke, providing them cover as they darted onto the floor.

"The computer core is at the end of the corridor and security is going to be quite heavy, so keep your wits about you," Anahera said.

“I think I left my wits in my other jacket,” Caine said. “But I brought something for just that occasion.” He pulled out another grenade, but this was no smoke grenade, nor even a flash bang. “You might want to get behind some cover,” he said as he pressed the activator on the plasma grenade and tossed it down the corridor toward where the last of the security was guarding the access to the computer core. Then he grabbed Ana and dragged her around the corner, pressing her against the wall with his hard body against her soft curves to protect her as the deafening explosion of the grenade in the tight confines of the corridor echoed around them, the heat of the flames even swirling a bit around the corner to scorch the sleeve of his jacket.

"Get off me, Caine, unless you want to lose something you might need later," Anahera said, pushing him off of her.

Caine smiled. “That almost sounded like an offer, boss,” he teased, but moved away from her quickly to check the damage down the corridor. “We’re in,” he said, moving toward the blasted open doorway of the server room.

Anahera followed him in. "Watch the door while I download what I need from the computer," she said as she plugged a storage device into the terminal. The app she'd got from a friend made short work of the computer's security and it didn't take her long to find the data she required.

Caine watched the door, and then he smiled. He aimed his phaser at one of the servers, well away from Anahera. It slagged nicely. “I’ve seen those before. Drone central brain. We should be clear on the way out.”

Having retrieved the required data, Anahera opened her briefcase and pulled out a small ionic explosive device. "This should make it impossible for them to resurrect the data," she said as she placed and armed it.

"Okay, it's armed. We've got five minutes to get to a safe distance," she said after a moment.

“Then let’s get clear.” Caine made for the exit. “We still can’t beam out?” he asked, checking the transporter beacon on his wrist, then checking the hallway again before signaling that it was safe and advancing.

Anahera followed Caine out of the room to safety.

“They seem to have run out of security drones,” Caine said quietly as they made their way back the way they had come. “It’s quiet. Fragging those servers must have done the job.”

R'Gyen Holdings Ltd. Headquarters
Director's Office

"Director, the computer records bank is offline, and I have lost contact with the security drones," the feminine computer voice reported.

"Looks like these rats are harder to kill than I thought. Release the Mk VII to crush these bugs," the Director ordered.

"Yes, Director, but I believe you are mixing your metaphors again," the computer voice said.

R'Gyen just growled.

Robotics Lab 5

Inside its specialized alcove, the Mk VII Anti-Personnel Automation came online, its sensors taking in its surroundings while it processed its orders. It was roughly humanoid in shape and constructed of black material.


Caine moved them into the stairwell, looking down. “Too bad we crashed the lift system, too,” he said. “It’s a long way down.” He started down the stairs. “Sooner we’re out of here, sooner we can celebrate with a beer. Or somethin’ harder.”

The Mk VII tracked the intruders through the corridors of the building.

Caine’s tricorder beeped, and he pulled it off his hip, holding it up next to his rifle. “You see that? Looks like they got one of them drones working. A big one,” he warned his boss.

Before they could move, a metal hand broke through the wall and grabbed Anahera's right wrist. There was an audible crack as it squeezed tightly around. Anahera stifled the pain as a second hand broke though and tore the wall away to reveal a black clad android. It said, "You have been identified as saboteurs and will be eliminated." It then pointed its palm weapon at Caine.

“Shit! What the hell is that?” Caine swept his arm up, knocking the palm off aim, so it fired into the ceiling. He slammed the heel of his hand into the elbow joint of the arm, then dropped a small hilt into his hand from his sleeve. It extended, snapping out into a short sword, which he brought down hard on the arm holding Anahera, trying to free her.

Anahera gritted her teeth against the pain. She then produced a vibroknife from her boot, activated it, and used it to cut through the robot's wrist, severing its hand from its body and freeing herself. Once she was clear, she shouted. "Caine, aim for the head!"

Caine didn’t need to be told twice. He stabbed the short sword into one of the eye sockets of the robot, hoping to at least make it more difficult to see, if not get into the brain of the thing.

The robot clawed at its face trying to remove the impediment from its eye. "Vision impaired!" it shouted as it looked for its prey.

"Caine, draw it towards the stairs and get clear on my signal!" Ana yelled.

Caine gave an animal cry, using his bulk and strength, which was impressive for a Human, to drive the robot toward the stairs. He yanked out his sword and slashed at an unprotected joint, then kicked the robot so it was off balance against the stairs.

While Caine was attacking the robot, Ana had picked up the robot's discarded limb and jury rigged it into a weapon.

Caine get clear!.. She shouted before aiming the makeshift at the robot and firing.

The energy beam hit it square in the chest and the blast wave sent it flying down the stairwell into a wall with a loud thud.

Ana then dropped the weapon and retrieved the data store from her case, handed it to Caine. "Here, take the data, and head for the evac point. I'll join you soon."

Caine frowned. “Don’t want to leave you alone, boss,” he said. But he knew better than to ignore orders, and they needed to get the data to the buyer. “Don’t take long.” And then he trotted off.

Ana bound her injured wrist, took a painkiller, and went to complete her mission.

Caine hit the exit, racing across the shuttle landing zone toward their waiting shuttle.


Anahera Chernova

Erebus Caine


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