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Launching a Rescue

Posted on Wed Oct 30, 2019 @ 9:42am by Commander Ronald Hawk & Captain Kate Banninga & Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Ensign Syam Ziath & Ensign Diana Villiers & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
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Mission: Hawk's past
Location: Langley Docking Bay/Runabout Pad C
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 1200


Ron walked slowly around the runabout, looking over the outer hull and nacelles in order to complete a pre-flight check. He hated this sort of bureaucracy, but he would never admit that to any of the other members of the crew. He sighed deeply, wishing he had arranged for a flight officer for this trip. As he completed the last of the exterior checks, he gave another sigh and leaned on the control panel to allow him access to the runabout’s cockpit, looking back over his shoulder at the sound of approaching footsteps.

First Lieutenant Hannah Reeves of the SFMC entered the docking bay. She was prepared for the mission. She wore her Marine tactical uniform, held an engineering kit in one hand, and her go bag in the other. She had her Marine standard carbine over her shoulder and a k-bar on her hip. "Afternoon, Commander. First Lieutenant Hannah Reeves, reporting for duty, sir," she said.

Two others approached from the bay entrance as well, a tall, black-furred Caitian in Starfleet yellow and a tall, slender brunette wearing...white? The Caitian walked with an easy-going gait that the woman, despite her long legs, struggled to keep up. The Caitian’s tail kept accidentally swiping her in the face, and she batted at it.

“I still don’t know how I got assigned to this mission!” the young ensign complained. “I’m not a security officer!”

The Caitian shrugged. “Someone must have seen your name on the rota. Maybe they got a number wrong. You’ll have to take it up with Lieutenant Tessaro when she gets back. You’re qualified with a phaser, right?”


The Caitian sighed. “Just...make sure I get home to my mates and kits and everything will be good.”

The woman sighed. “No pressure or anything,” she muttered as they approached the runabout.

“Ensign Syam Ziath, Security,” the Caitian introduced himself, his ears twitching around at each sound in the large bay.

“Um, Ensign Diana Villiers, sir. JAG,” the woman introduced herself, adjusting the bag on her shoulder. It knocked her phaser out of the holster, where it clattered to the deck. She scrambled for the weapon and quickly replaced it. “Uh...I think there was a mixup, sir. Why do you need a JAG officer?”

Hawk eyed over his assembled team, noticing one face still missing. His eyes fell on Diana, more suspicious than on the others. “JAG?” he asked, in even more suspicious tones.

Diana shrugged. “I am just as baffled as you, sir,” she said. “I don’t know why I was assigned.” She didn’t want to appear out of her depth, though. “But I am ready to do what is needed, sir!” she said, with preppy enthusiasm, pushing back a lock of her brown hair.

Ron returned the shrug. “Well, glad to have you with us,” he said, not sounding overly certain of what he was saying. “Shall we?” He gestured through the airlock of the runabout, which led directly into its cockpit.

“The woman is correct.” Caoimhe stepped into the shuttlebay in time to hear the last of the conversation. If she was honest, it helped, as moving closer to Ron she felt an awkwardness that wasn’t the norm for herself. “I thought that this was to be a basic fact finding mission. Establish if there is anybody alive, retrieve what bodies we can, and leave. Why is JAG here?”

“To hell if I know, but we need to get going,” Ron retorted. “Now unless anyone has any issue, the ensign here is going to get a rare opportunity for an away mission.” He nodded toward Villiers, before taking a step into the runabout.

Diana blushed at the attention. “Great. More pressure is what I need,” she muttered under her breath.

Syam’s ears flicked, his superior Caitian hearing picking it up, and he nudged Diana. “Trust your training,” he told her quietly as they boarded the runabout. “We’ll work out who to get yelled at when we get back.”

Diana gave an uncertain smile as they took their seats.

Caoimhe watched as the others boarded the shuttle, still feeling uneasy, but for a different reason to the others. She knew Ron in a personal capacity for long enough to recognise that he seemed a little high strung. She had been right last night when she challenged was he really in the right frame of mind for a mission that struck so close to the core. She just hoped that she didn’t end up right about the rest. “When you're ready, Lieutenant Reeves, and we might manage to leave today.”

"Aye, ma'am," Hannah said, and entered the runabout and took a seat at the Engineering console.

Caoimhe followed the woman before taking a seat beside Ron on the shuttle. Glancing back over her shoulder, the woman couldn’t help think that quite the motley crew had been formed for this mission. While there was a small mixture of different abilities, the Commander could only hope that none would be called upon.

Once everyone had boarded, Ron rose from the pilot seat he had taken to complete the pre-flight checks, and turned to face the small gathering. “This mission,” he started in stereotypical pep talk tones, “is a simple one. Men and women are lost, and have been for years. Our aim is to bring them home, whether dead or alive.”

“You may have noticed,” he continued, “that Commander O’Conner is joining us. Her expertise in both science and medical I hope will prove useful. But she is also here because this mission is personal for me. As such, I will lead this mission, but under the guidance of the Commander’s superiority. Any questions?”

"Sir, do we have any idea how much and what kind of resistance we'll be facing?" Hannah asked.

“I’m not expecting any,” Hawk replied, as if surprised at the question. “There are no inhabitants, and the last known enemy activity was in the Dominion War. The Jem’Hadar should be long gone by now.”

"Understood, sir," Hannah said.

"Knock, knock," a voice sounded. "Do I intrude?" Kate asked as she stepped on the shuttle.

“Captain?” Ron replied, attempting to hide his concern that he was already having this mission pulled from beneath his feet. “How can we help?”

“Wait, Jem’Hadar?” Diana whispered to Syam.

“No,” the Caitian assured her in a whisper. “You’ll be fine.”

Kate walked towards the commander. "It took me some time arranging it, but it should have happened some time ago." She took the small box from her jacket pocket and gave it to Ron. "Congratulations, Commander. You deserve it." She looked around the team that was about to leave for their mission. "And it probably might come in handy."

Ron accepted the box with a sense of pride. He knew straight away what was contained inside, as would any Starfleet officer who had ever received a promotion. He lifted his eyes from the box to look around at the surrounding onlookers before flipping it open to reveal a solid grey pip. “Thank you ma’am,” he said, picking the black pip from his collar and replacing it with his shiny new one. “I suppose I need to amend my little speech now.” He chuckled to the others surrounding them.

"Congratulations, Commander," Hannah said.

“Thank you, Lieutenant,” said the newly promoted commander, with a nod of his head. “And thank you again, Captain. I am truly honoured.” Ron didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but he was eager to be under way. He stood awkwardly, unintentionally demonstrating his frustration at still being in the station.

Syam and Delilah both smiled, as well, but neither knew the Commander that well, so they didn’t say anything.

Seeing the looks on their faces, Kate knew she was no longer welcome on the shuttle. Which she didn't blame them. If she would be about to leave for such a personal mission, she couldn't wait to leave. "I shall leave so you can get underway. Good luck, and keep me posted," she simply said, turned around, and headed for the exit.

“Thank you again, Captain,” Ron called out to the woman as she left. Then he turned to his assembled crew again. “Let’s get going, shall we? Lieutenant Reeves, ready the engines for departure. Commander,” he turned to Caoimhe, “if you would do the honours and request clearing from Operations?”

"Aye, sir," Hannah said. "Engines are ready on your order."

Caoimhe was still trying to process, as the captain seemed to disappear as quickly as she appeared. This changed the overall situation in a way that the woman now wasn’t sure she was comfortable with. As it was, anyone from science could have taken this mission, but she herself made more sense because she could ensure that Ron didn’t go off of the rails, and, if necessary; she had power to reel him in. That power had suddenly disappeared in one quick motion.

Rubbing a hand across her eyes, the director spun her chair around so as her focus could be on her station. This complicated things...a lot.

Ron looked over at her, noticing a concerned persona about her. He didn’t know quite why she seemed this way. He assumed maybe it was that the night previous still hung over her. That she feared that she couldn’t separate her work life from her personal life. He leaned over, as if to read some data off of her control panel. “Everything okay?” he whispered.

Caoimhe kept her glaze on the controls, trying to ignore the stir she felt at having the man so close. “Everything is fine, Commander. Last checks are being carried out in the shuttle by Ops and then we should be ready to go.”

Closing her eyes, the woman took a breath before turning to head to glance straight into Ron’s eyes. “Congratulations, Commander. A very overdue promotion.”

You didn't have to be an empath to sense the tension between Commanders Hawk and O'Connor; it was thick in the air.

Hannah felt that it was none of her business, so she concentrated on her work.

Syam sniffed the tension, his tail curling in response.

“Hey!” Diana said, brushing away the errant tail.

“Sorry,” Syam said. “Mind of its own.”

Ron looked around the craft, noticing the attention that the two commanders had attracted, or at least how awkward they had made everyone. “Thank you,” he answered, turning his gaze back to Caoimhe awkwardly. “Red tape in ops.” He shrugged to everyone else.


Commander Ronald Hawk
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