Langley Station

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A Stellar Idea

Posted on Thu Nov 7, 2019 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent & Lieutenant Jaana Voutilainen PhD

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 33 - Research Offices
Timeline: Mission Day 51 at 1500


It almost seemed funny as Vincent was mulling about the Stellar Sciences section of research; the one thing that he needed was help 'charting' and the Good Doctor had made a suggestion that Vincent look up her sister, it was fortunate that he had done this as she happened to be a Stellar Cartographer; literally what the Doctor ordered in this case. Be it that there was not a stellar reason for Vincent but one that he hoped was good enough to have some of a superior Officer's time.

He rapped gently on the Woman's outer office door.

"Lieutenant Voutilainen, I am Lieutenant Jay-Gee Vincent; Marine Biologist, might I have a moment of your time? I have a project I could use your help with ma'am?"

Jaana looked up to see someone standing in the doorway that looked like he just came from the beach after going surfing. She didn't recognize him or his name, but she didn't really make a point of making sure of getting to know every person on board the station. "Sure, come in. How can I help you."

"I will not take a lot of your time, promise." He nod as he entered the room. "I am the new Marine Biologist and I have been take some samples of the toxins in the oceans." He started. "Where I could use some help is in charting the project; currents and the tide flow for a report. I am attempting to do this on a planetary scale; twenty four sites and varied depths." He took a PADD out and offered it. "Charting the flow of the toxins according to the Toxin level would require projections and all sorts of navigational charting. I know you are a stellar cartographer and you are the only one skilled in the department to do ... charting." HE gave a smile. "I am hoping this is something you can and would not mind helping me with for a report to the higher ups as a presentation for my further study?"

Jaana put the Padd aside, not being able to read that. "I'd love to help you. Do you happen to have the data in the system as well?" With the computer system she could compile what he needed without having to read the data from the padd and manually entering it.

Vincent noted how quickly the padd was set aside; there were other points she wanted to explore and that meant she night be able to help as it was a different angle than he had thought?

"Yes, I have all this data logged and I was hoping the Moon cycle affects on the currents might be taken into account as well if you could." Vincent grinned. "If we could totally map the effects we could make ti time line of how it flowed and thus project the future currents and concentrations." He hoped he did not seem to be over-bearing as he was just excited in having someone understand and help. "Anything you can come up with would really be great."

She walked to the other a door on the other side of the room. "follow me," Behind the door was the stellar cartography bay. Jaana walked to the terminal in the center of the room and turned it on. Their surroundings changed from the holographic grid to black space. "Upon arrival I already created some basic maps of the planet and its surrounding. As well as timetables of its rotation, season and the currents." she explained as a floating image of the planet below them appeared. "These are only the basic details. If you need them more specified just let me know and I'll see what I can do."

"Can we gauge the rotation of the currents in line with Lunar rotation and basically create a time line of the spreading of Toxins from the war until present levels." Vincent asked. "By showing the current levels and reverse the the spreading affect by rewinding it to the time of the incursion of the toxins? There are record of the bombings that caused the damage we compare those to current levels and use your program to give us a calculated projection of the rate of spreading and thus we could also show what progression will come if we do not stop the toxins? The computer mapping of projections?"

"Give me a second, I'll try to add those the data of the bombing to the current model. Let's see what this baby can do." She turned back to the terminal and starting adding the extra data. As she was working the model changed as it received more date. A few minutes later she was able to get a rendered model from the time of the bombing to now. "Is this what you needed? I can run a algorithm to predict the future spreading based on these data."

That is so cool I could almost kiss you." He said looking solely at the map. "Any future prediction will allow us to figure out where we might do some counter insertion of anti-toxins to slow or maybe halt the progression." He said with a smile. "May not beat it back but could stop it from getting worse." He glanced over and winked. "Perfectly what I needed." He nod. "You seem to have read my mind on what is needed, thanks."

"Your welcome," Jaana said. Not really sure how to handle so much praise. All she did was give the computer an order to do something.


Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent
Marine Biologist
Langley Station

Lieutenant Jaana Voutilainen
Stellar Cartographer
Langley Station
[PNPC Kate]



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