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The Current Toxin Evidence

Posted on Tue Nov 19, 2019 @ 8:11am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent & Lieutenant JG Neera Bixx

Mission: First Unity
Location: Conference Room Science Department
Timeline: Mission Day 51 at 0930


Vincent had taken a lot of time getting the program straight; an hour just going over the system and filing the sample order. He had spent four days behind the controls of the Sea Ray moving all about the planet, twenty four individual dives to three depths. He had been spending at least the time gathering the ninety-six total samples.

While the actual samples were still on the Sea Ray, he had the records and the projections based upon his dives; but not all the evidence was right at this console. There were other readings and dives that he had done just for his specialty that would be mentioned, but not overly elaborated upon.

Running the last slide, he had concluded the whole of his exploratory project. Now came the hard part of putting his evidence past the best minds on the station. He had given a flight plan to his command chain and they had kind of waved him on. He knew his job, and now he would show that the efforts would give some data. He did not have solid answers, just the conclusions of the observable evidence and the samples that specific specialists could analyze to add to the database of information.

Standing at the front of the room, all Lance could do is wait to see who came to hear his meeting presentation.

Megan came in with a steaming cup of coffee. Meetings like this were an annoying part of being on beta shift. She had to come in off the clock. She was looking forward to hearing some of the results, though. She ordered a chocolate croissant from the replicator and settled down to breakfast and the presentation. “Bonjour,” she greeted Vincent.

"Top of the morning to you, ma'am," Vincent returned the greeting. "You get the award for being the first to arrive." He smiled.

Merveilleux,” Megan said with a little bit of teenage sarcasm. “I haven’t had my coffee yet,” she warned Vincent.

"Ah, coffee," exclaimed Neera, entering a split second after Megan. "Joe. Java. Jitter juice, bean juice, brain juice. Brew," she added, quickly rattling off a short list of Earth slang for coffee. While Earth coffee wasn't that popular on Bolarus, they had their own equivalents, though it was rare to find a Human whose palate was refined enough to truly appreciate Bolian beverages. "I must say, I've acquired a taste for your Earthican 'morning Joe.'"

"Nothing like it in the morning," Vincent said to Bixx. "There are a lot of soil samples that I took from the twelve sites being transferred to your lab, my friend. Hope you enjoy breaking them down and testing them."

Megan licked her fingers clean of chocolate as she finished her croissant and sipped her coffee. “Ah…” she said with a sigh. “I suppose this will stunt my growth, though,” she said, sinking down into her chair like a teenager with no spine as she waited for the caffeine to kick in.

"Might even put hair on your chest, if some of the Earth sayings are true?" Vincent winked. "Though it was my mother saying it to me as I was young."

Megan shuddered. “I have enough problems without getting hair on my chest, too!” the teenage girl said with a laugh.

"I will give you that point." Vincent chuckled.

"Oh, you Humans and your hair," replied Neera. Her species was completely bald, though wigs became fashionable at one point in their history after they had begun exploring the stars and interacting with other space faring species. The natural curiosity of the Bolians made them very open to other cultures, often appropriating fashion and cuisine from around the quadrant. It was said that there were more Bajoran restaurants on Bolarus than any other planet, save maybe Bajor. "It seems like such a hassle, cutting it, washing it, styling it, having to use all these shampoos and conditioners. I don't know why you don't all just have it permanently removed."

"I like my hair it is good isolation under a hood in colder water." He mused. "Bare head and all that cold directly upon my scalp, not thanks I will keep the mane if you don't mind? It seems well worth the maintenance."

Once he had the major personnel in the meeting, Vincent took the head of the table, activating the holographic emitter at the center of the table, putting up an image of the planet with added color to the water tables and oceans, with the land masses grayed out so to highlight his subject matter. As the planetary image rotated on the normal axis, six major points equal distance for the north, south, east, and west, as well as the two poles, all had the red flashing icons of a small red shadow image of Sea Ray. The points were all for bits of information, measured depths with seafloor contour. There was a small seventh icon with only the map reference as well.

"What I have asked you here is to relay to your departments and the Command chain is specific readings that I took from these six points," Vincent began. "The objective was to see how widespread the toxin damage is affecting the oceans," he explained. “I had run an idea past the soil expert Bixx about getting soil samples, so I took those at all six major navigational point to get a full reading on a planetary scale, and that information is highlighted." Vincent spoke calmly, "I asked the help of Lieutenant Voutilainen for some navigational support mapping the currents and general placement of the toxin flow." He looked up and around.

Megan listened carefully, eyeing the holo-map. Some of the locations were a long way from the colony, in areas of the planet that hadn’t been settled. They would make good benchmarks, since much of the Dominion attack and devastation had been concentrated around the colony, though obviously some had gotten just about everywhere.

Nodding along, Bixx took a sip of her drink and looked over the map, seeing where she had detected the greatest concentration of toxins.

"What we have, in essence, is the flow and concentration of the toxins." Vincent showed an overlay of the currents in reverse slowly. "This also allows us to map the insertion points where it is most concentrated and follow the progression. I admit, I am new to the problem, and my conclusions are academic to a point, as these are initial surveys." He glanced about those present. "It does give us a good place to concentrate the scientific focus. We know where the approximate insertion is, and thus the highest concentration being put into the oceans." He continued, "With soil and water experiments, it should hasten the process, as we now can target specific areas rather than taking in the whole ocean," he theorized. "If we can neutralize the source to not keep spreading the toxins, then the domino effect should slowly effect the surrounding areas and currents. " He highlighted the target insertion points. "It was a campaign to taint the water supply and flowed into the oceans, and they were not affected in deeper water away from population centers. The Dominion wanted to reclaim the planet." Vincent smiled. "That means there is a cure, because they did not seek to totally kill it."

“Could have fooled me,” Megan said. “At least from the stories I’ve heard from the colonists. But that is good news.”

"If the toxin attacks had progressed. For some reason, the attacks were halted before terminal toxin levels; so one can hypothesize that the Dominion wanted to come back after toxin levels faded or they had an antidote. My guess is that they had a way to neutralize, and once the population left or died they would introduce the nullify and then colonize in the name of the Dominion," Vincent proposed. "No other excuse for toxins that fade rather than planetary Armageddon."

“It wasn’t really the Dominion’s style to colonize,” Megan said. “The Cardassians, sure. So maybe your argument has merit. In any case, it’s good news for us. It might be worth talking to the Cardassian ambassador. Maybe she could put through a request to her government for anything they have on neutralizing the toxin used.”

If we could get a sample of the original, we could also reverse engineer it, and it would cut down a lot of time spent searching in circles," Vincent suggested. "Either way would cut a long time off our research."

Megan gave an ironic smile. “Let’s get right on the subspace channel to the Cardassians and see if they’re willing to share deadly military secrets about war crimes,” she said.

"Great idea!" exclaimed Neera, seemingly oblivious to Megan's sarcasm. "My parents worked a lot with Cardassians in our family business. Those Cardassians do love their seafood, as well as their self-sealing stem-bolts." She paused for a moment, deep in thought. "Though, I don't think any of our business partners know about military secrets. Aside from what's in the secret sauce in their cafeterias."

Megan gave Neera a look. “The Cardassians aren’t going to be helpful,” she said. “And the Dominion isn’t communicating. We’re on our own here. We have a great team to figure this out, though,” she added, to end on a more upbeat note.

"I think it is time for that old Earth saying; ‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst,’” Vincent suggested. "We can make the call to Cardassians and maybe get lucky, but should be ready to do it ourselves."

"Sounds like a plan," replied Neera, before lowering her voice as though she were providing highly classified, top-secret information. "By the way, the secret sauce is just a mixture of yamok sauce, mayonnaise, and spicy relish."

“Lucky. Maybe.” Megan sounded highly skeptical. “I will draft a request and send it to the embassy. It will likely take a while to go through proper channels,” she warned.

"With the model, we can maybe figure ways to drop some countermeasure to stop the progression, not cure it, but contain it?" he asked. "Those chemists must have something that can block it from spreading at least?"

“If they cared,” Megan said with a shrug. “It was war, and the Dominion. The Founders would have just wiped all of us solids out of the galaxy if they could. No sense fretting about it until we see if the Cardassians will cooperate.”

"Expend every option before giving up, right?" Vincent answered. "It will not hurt, and we are no worse off for trying." He shrugged.


Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Director of Research
Langley Station

Ltjg. Lance Vincent
Marine Biologist
Langley Station

Ltjg. Neera Bixx
Soil Scientist
Langley Station


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