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Early Morning Workout

Posted on Fri Aug 16, 2019 @ 9:54am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 6:12pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station/Gym
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 0600

Megan tended to be an early riser. Since she was sixteen again, she found she could burn the candle at both ends once more. When her alarm went off, she yawned and stretched, wiping the sleep from her eyes. She saw she had a message from Eden back home, so she played it while she washed her face a bit and pulled off her shorts and camisole that she slept in. She smiled as Eden told her about the school play she was in, but she frowned at the bit about Marie, her husband’s current young, gorgeous personal assistant, helping Eden with the costume. Megan didn’t normally begrudge her husband his little liaisons. After all, she was in Starfleet and had been gone for long periods of time, but it rankled more now since the divorce. At least before, he had actually wanted her.

Megan listened to the rest as she pulled on a pair of shorts and a Starfleet issue sports bra and put her brown hair up in a ponytail. She grabbed a gym bag and headed out into the corridor for her morning routine.

The pretty, petite sixteen-year-old brunette walked into the gym. She had an excellent figure, and enough definition to her muscles to have a bit of a six pack beneath her sports bra. She tossed her bag onto a shelf and headed for the space with a mirror and bar and started doing some warm up stretches, like a dancer. She liked to go next door to the attached dance studio after her workout.

Finchley entered the gym and found it was extremely busy. Thinking about it though, he realised that many of the Langley Station personnel likely used the gym after duty, and, to a lesser degree, some would use it before their duty shift began. With him, it was the latter, and he had his reasons. As he placed his bag on the floor, he looked around for somewhere to begin his warm up routine. There was a single space nearby a lady who was also doing a warm up, so he walked over and politely said, "May I ask if this space free, or reserved for someone?"

Megan tossed her ponytail back and looked over at the very tall man beside her as she stretched out. “Oh, sure,” she said. “Don’t worry. It will clear out soon as the gamma shift finishes up,” she told him. “It’s really only this busy because the other gym on this level is down for maintenance. A Cardassian vole decided suicide by EPS conduit was a good idea.”.

"That wouldn't have been my first choice." Finchley laughed. "And thanks," he said, pointing to the open spot that he could use. He approached the bar and started to slowly stretch himself. "Oh, oh, ohhh," he moaned as his muscles protested at what was happening, and he straightened up again. "I feel like I'm a hundred years old!" he said to Megan "I really should get back to regular exercise again. I don't mean for it to be an imposition, but if I lie down on the mat, could I please ask you to hold my leg and help me stretch my Achilles tendons? They feel tight as a drum."

Megan was leaned over her leg, showing just how flexible her teenage body was, and how it filled out her gym clothes. She turned her head, tossing her brown hair out of her blue eyes. “Sure,” she said, straightening up and pulling her leg down. “Don’t want to end up in Sickbay.” She motioned to him to lie down. “Been a while since you been in a gym?” she asked.

"It's been quite some time," Finchley replied as he lay down. "And thanks for helping me," he added. He gently worked his tendons till he could feel them warm up and become more supple. Once he was done, he sat up, offered his hand, and said, "Sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Finchley Kerr. I've only just arrived on the station. I've been posted to Security as their new Assistant Chief. Pleased to meet you."

Bonjour,,” Megan said. “And welcome aboard. I’m Megan DuBois, the assistant director of research.” She studied his face for the expected reaction to a sixteen year old girl having that title.

"Is it research in a specific area, like one of the sciences, or in technology or another field?" Finchley asked.

“My specialty is planetary geology,” Megan said, “but I am number two in the department, so I oversee all kinds of sciences,” the teenager explained.

"Planetary geology, how interesting, mademoiselle," Finchley said. "If I may ask, does your research facility have a complete geological survey of the planet below the station? And if it does, would I be able to have a copy of the information?"

“We have the planetary scans from orbit,” Megan said. “They’re pretty detailed, but obviously we don’t have the manpower yet to do anything in depth, as we’re focusing on the immediate problems facing the colony, so there are some interesting things I would like a closer look at when I have time and personnel available. I can get you what I have. Why is a security chief interested in geological surveys?” she asked curiously, leaning back against the stretching bar.

"Back when I was a child, one of my father’s passions was archaeology," Finchley replied. "He was what you might have called an enthusiastic amateur, but it rubbed off on me, and I'm kind of the same, I love archaeology. ‘The one thing you need before you begin a dig, Finchley, is's the key. So geological information is most important, you need to understand your environment before a single trowel scrape is made!’"

He looked up at the ceiling and laughed. "He was old fashioned, my father. He wasn't into this 'new fangled technology' that could bisect and dissect the area of interest. No, he needed to be on his hands and knees, trowel in hand, slowly and carefully scraping back the dirt to slowly reveal what's there. Apparently this added to the excitement!"

He looked back down again and back to Megan. "Anyway, long story short, I now, many years later, understand that reasoning because I've kind of become the same myself, and I use the same trowel he used. So, geological information of the planet will help me to, if given permission, try to plan some archaeology digs," he finished.

Megan smiled. “I’ll send it over, then,” she promised him. “Not sure what there is to find. As far as we know, there was no sentient life on this planet before the colony, so there probably won’t be any archaeology.” She spread her legs and leaned over, doing a few more stretches in her tight exercise shorts to loosen up.

"Thank you, I look forward to receiving and studying the survey," Finchley replied, and added, "That's the thing about archaeology, sometimes you find something unexpected, sometimes you find absolutely nothing at all, it's the excitement of the chase. Who knows, it's a long shot, but perhaps there's something I might spot that's not been considered worth investigating."

He stood up, his ankles feeling a lot better now his tendons had been stretched and warmed up properly. "Right, time to get on with the exercise regimen. See if I can still remember it all and still get through it!" He laughed.

“Don’t pull anything.” Megan smiled. “I’m going to hit the dance studio. Hope to see you again.” She tightened her ponytail and bounced cutely off.

"See you later, and thanks for your help, it was nice meeting you" Finchley replied and turned his attention to the warm up routine he was trying to remember. He bent forward from the hip, legs straight and reached down to touch his toes. As his ham strings became taught and his stomach muscles protested at being squashed, he remembered why he'd stopped going to the gym!


Lieutenant Megan DuBois
Assistant Chief of Research


Lieutenant JG Finchley Kerr
Assistant Chief Security Officer


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