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Special Delivery

Posted on Fri Aug 23, 2019 @ 6:59am by Lieutenant Domin Wolfe & Lieutenant Megan DuBois
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 6:11pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Deck 34/Science Lab
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 1700

It had been a few days since Domin's arrival, and he was still getting his bearings, still not met people of the staff, but truth be told there were hundreds of people, so he most likely would never meet them all. It also seemed that whomever delivered some culture samples to Engineering couldn't read, were stupid, or just simply didn't know where they were going and left them there in the hopes of someone else picking up the slack.

Domin found them on his desk, and, therefore, took it upon himself to deliver said items.

They were a couple of small boxes of sizable weight, but he managed them pretty easily for a man pushing six centuries. They just covered his eye line when he entered the science lab on which they were originally addressed too. "Special delivery! Fresh off the transport!" he joked as he entered, not noticing who was present.

“Oh, just put them anywhere for now,” said a female voice. Megan was conferring over the results of a study with one of her science officers, and after she made a few notes, she came over to see what the delivery was. As Domin put down the packages, he would see a pretty Human teenager approaching. She wore a Starfleet Science Division uniform and had lieutenant pips, but that couldn’t be right. She was only sixteen, her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail that made her look even younger.

Merci,” she thanked him. “Where do I sign?” The teen had a French accent.

As he lifted his head he saw a young woman before him. She was petite, standing a foot beneath him, pretty, and looked far too young to be in lieutenant pips. He understood the fallacy of age, that it can be deceiving at the best of times, but his face still did not match up to what he thought or what he said. "That's okay. One of my engineers signed for them," he said studying the woman. There was a temporal glow around her. He hadn't seen one in nearly two hundred years, so it took him a moment to realise it wasn't just bad lighting.

Another gift of their evolution, the ability to sense changes in time, and the effects of such actions on life. He remembered maybe twenty years ago an alternate timeline and how he knew it was not right. After a while it seemingly reverted itself and his skin stopped preverbially itching. Domin also had a chat to his friend, Guinan, and she told him all about it.

Bringing his mind back to the woman in front of him, he was sure she expected something to be said about her age. If she was lost, was she playing dress up, or words to those effects. Simply he said, "How does it feel to be young again? If you don't mind me asking."

Megan blinked and stared at the big man. “I--” she stammered. She didn’t usually get that kind of comment from someone on just meeting them. “Aside from blowing up my marriage and making me younger than my daughter? It feels wonderful,” she said. “Well, the unstable hormones and periods aren’t so great,” she had to admit.

Domin laughed a little as he caught the woman off-guard. "I can see how reverse aging could cause a bit of a problem," he mused. "I don't know if I could go back to my 200s again," he added as he drifted off into his mind a little. Some memories of that time were turbulent, as it was really his species’ time of still developing emotionally. Intellectually they were well developed, as their education fifty to sixty years, but sometimes emotions are the crutch of most species.

“Ah, but I’m not aging,” Megan said wryly. “As far as I can determine, I’ll be sixteen forever,” she said resignedly. “Unless something kills me.” She sighed. “Still, I guess I’m better off than the rest of my team that went through the tachyon storm.”

To say she was a little morbid was putting it mildly, but then again, if he had suffered what she had he may have the same attitude to life. He smiled and placed a large hand on the woman’s shoulder. If anything, he did understand loss. "I am sorry for your team, Lieutenant. Time is a cruel creature," he said, looking down towards her youthful features. "At least your daughter still has a mother, even if she is not as she once was." He could see the intelligence behind her eyes, as well as the frustration of how she appeared.

Megan shrugged it off and gave Domin a bright, teenage smile. “But as you said, new beginnings,” she told him. “I fought like hell to keep my place in Starfleet, though they put me way out here. I intend to make the best of it. Now if only there was some non-perv guy that would take a second look at me,” she said with a laugh, making light of the situation. “Someone old enough to shave,” she joked.

Domin nodded as if deep in thought. "If it makes you feel any better, I see people for who they are, not what they look like. I've found over five centuries that appearances are deceiving, even in the most obvious of situations." Looking around the room, the people and the work they did made him pause. "But it's good you have fight in you. You look like you don’t take crap from anyone, and Starfleet would be at a loss without you. They need more people that aren't afraid to fight back."

“I’m doing my best,” Megan said with a nod. “I love my job, even if it does keep me away from my family. Heloise said they’ll come out and visit, though. Heloise is my oldest,” she explained. She pulled out a holo-pic to show him a picture of an attractive middle aged couple -- the woman obviously an older Megan -- and two beautiful daughters, one an older teen with red hair, the other a blonde girl just on the cusp of womanhood. “That’s from the year before my accident. Heloise is in uni now, eighteen, and Eden is twelve. And my ex, Andres.” There was still a bit of longing in her teenage voice.

"A beautiful family, something to be proud of. I have never found the time to settle down, to marry. It seems my jobs or missions at the time have always taken me away from that life," Domin replied, remembering his work on the Borg with both his own people and Starfleet, as well as the other things he had occupied himself with over 500 years. "I can see where your daughters get their beauty from though," he said with a smile, noting her lower mood as she mentioned her ex-husband.

Merci,” Megan said, putting the holo-pic away again. “They are beautiful,” she said proudly. “And yes, Starfleet keeps me away from them more than I’d wish. Andres and I met when I was at the Academy. We were both pretty wild, and getting married was kind of a quick decision. Seemed romantic at the time, before I deployed to my first assignment. Neither of us really knew how hard a long distance relationship would be, but we kept coming back together, and we stayed for the girls. This,” she gestured to her teenage body, “I guess was a bit too much.”

"The universe works in mysterious ways, mon ami. When you think you've got everything understood, your path laid before you, it has a way of casting its ripples through it and pointing you in all sorts of directions." That was something he never really understood until he was much older. Even approaching six hundred, he was unsure about its workings and was positive he would never truly understand it. In his mind he saw the woman before him as that, a woman. She was intelligent, resilient, and fought for her place in a world that still saw people that were a little different as something to be unsure of. Otherwise they would have let her back to her position in Starfleet without all the hoop jumping.

Megan shook her head, brushing back a lock of her brown hair. “I don’t want to get my hopes up,” she said. “Better to just...start over. A new life. Look forward. Right?” She didn’t sound at all confident, much more like the teenager she exhibited than the confident, established woman she had been before her accident.

"That's what I did. The Exodus from El Auria was one of the worst experiences of my life. The loss of my world, my people as I knew them then, family, and then for us to be scattered for so long," he said as his mind drifted, his tone solemn as he remembered the great losses he had suffered during that time. "However, for those of us that survive, life goes on. Sometimes the only way is forward, as looking back isn't an option anymore."

Megan smiled. “Well, you didn’t come here for a pity party,” she laughed. “I am sorry I kept you. Thank you again for the delivery. It was nice to meet you, Lieutenant.”

Domin laughed. She was sweet and quite right. "Not at all, Lieutenant. It was a pleasure to meet you too. Here's hoping I have more parcels to bring up here as an excuse to see you once more," he said with a little nod of the head. With that, he departed the research centre and headed back to more familiar surroundings.


Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
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Langley Station

Lieutenant Megan DuBois
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