Langley Station

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Calling on the Captain

Posted on Fri Sep 27, 2019 @ 5:21pm by Lieutenant Domin Wolfe & Captain Kate Banninga

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 8 - Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 45 at 1000


As he walked down the corridors towards the office he gave curt nods to officers and those he passed by. They looked at him as if they wanted to tell him things and truth be told it was a facet of his species he could never avoid. Being El Aurian people opened up to him, told him things he didn't really need to know or cared to delve into. However, that was the burden of his species, and sometimes he wished he could turn it off.

Domin began to roll his shoulder, it tended to get stiff after long journeys due to his injury. Granted it was nearly 200 years old now but still the reminder kept the memory of the Borg alive within him.

He entered Operations and headed over towards the doors that would lead him to his commanding officer. Cracking the bones in his neck he pressed the chime and waited for clearance to enter.

"Come in, " sounded from the other side of the door upon which they opened. Kate looked up from the padd she was reading to see a tall muscular build stand in the door frame. She subconsciously raised a brow upon seeing him, as she wasn't aware of any new arrivals to the station. And she definitely hadn't seen him before on the station. His presence was hard to miss. She looked at her watch before saying. "Good afternoon, how can I help you?"

The Captain was a striking woman so for a moment it gave him pause as he registered her question. "Afternoon Captain." he began. "I'm Lieutenant Domin Wolfe, and I've been assigned here as your new Operations Chief on Langley. Just coming to introduce myself." he said softly. Looking her over a bit he remembered she had a run in with the Borg and if you could see her now from where he was standing you would never have guessed it. He did wonder how she managed to cope with it afterwards mind you. He knew it wouldn't have been easy as he subconsciously rubbed his shoulder, the place when Borg tech still lived buried inside.

"Welcome on board, Lieutenant." Kate said as she searched through a number of padd's on her desk. Knowing her assistant the padd containing the Lieutenants information was somewhere on here. "Take a seat. Do you want something to drink?" Having found the padd she was looking for, she stood up and walked to the replicator. "Coffee, hot"

"No thank you ma'am." Domin replied taking a seat by the Captain's desk. "You have a magnificent station here, Captain. Your staff have been most welcoming since my arrival." he added.

"I'm very happy to hear that. I am very proud of what we managed to create here over the last few months. Off-course there are always improvements." she said.

"Definitely, Captain. I think the moment you stop trying to improve upon something is when standards start to slip. However I have been quite pleased at the current standards I've seen so far, albeit I have not checked in with my team here." Domin said with a thoughtful look. "Is there anything you need me to look at urgently ma'am?" he asked.

"Your department has been without a chief for a while now. My XO has been working together with the assistant chief to make sure thing stay on track. I think you'll need to ask that to either one of them for a better picture of what the exact status of the station is as well as what needs to be done. Urgently or non urgently."

Domin nodded as he listened to her. It was pleasing to know that the XO had been keeping such close tabs on the Operations/Engineering department on board. There was less chance of things slipping if someone more senior was overseeing it. "Very good Captain. I am meeting with Commander Hawk later on today so I will be sure to ask him. If there is anything you need looked at personally ma'am, don't hesitate to call me."

"I will remember that." she said. "And if you need any assistance from me, don't be afraid to ask."

"I wont Captain, thank you." Domin replied. He was going to like it here. He rose from his seat and gave the CO a quick snap and awaited his dismissal.

"You are dismissed," Kate said so they could both continue on with their work.


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Chief of Station Operations
Langley Station


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