Langley Station

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An Executive Meeting

Posted on Sun Sep 29, 2019 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Domin Wolfe & Commander Ronald Hawk

Mission: First Unity
Location: Deck 8 - XO's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 45 at 1200

Dom had stowed his gear in the quarters he had been assigned upon his arrival a few hours ago. Beforehand he had made the time to look at the list of repairs needed, and just maintenance in general. As was to be expected there was a plethora of things to do and this would definitely be a place to keep him busy for a while.

As per Starfleet protocol reporting in was on the agenda, not only that it was a courtesy he tried to follow now being back in a hierarchy system. He straightened out his uniform, which to him was always a bit too confining due to his large frame, and pressed the chime of the office doors. He had read up on the XO, a Lt. Commander Hawk. He'd fought in the Dominion War, was wounded at some stage and made his way back into the fold after his experience. This was something Domin respected, it takes strength to fight back.

Ron had just reached the replicator as the chime sounded. He sighed heavily in aggravation that a light meal might have to wait. “Come,” he called out prompting the computer to automatically allow access to the officers visitor. He eyeballed the door as it opened and took note of the Lieutenant brandished in gold uniform on the other side. “Lieutenant Wolfe, I presume?” The Commander asked rhetorically before nodding toward the replicator, “can I get you anything?”

Noticing the demeanour of the man Domin realised he must have interrupted something he was about to do, or had planned for. Domin nodded to the rhetorical question and replied to the one offering refreshment. "No sir, I'm fine thank you. If I am interrupting something I can come back? I was really just letting you know I'm aboard and if you had any repairs that needed expedited." He said as he took a few steps inside, the doors closing behind him.

“Coffee, Black, Kenyan blend,” Ron ordered turning back toward his desk and directing his full attention toward Domin. “As much as I love the fact you want to get straight on with your duties, I actually have a few questions.” He gestured toward the seat opposite.

"As you wish sir." Domin replied and made his way over to the seat. He waited for the Commander to sit first then he followed suite. "Ask away." he added.

"So, Mr Wolfe," Ron began, "why are you here?"

"Simply sir, I like being mixed in with many species and a station in this location has that. Also my mission investigating the Hobus disaster had came to an end and I missed getting my hands dirty." Domin replied.

Ron looked at the bald man ahead of him with an air of disbelief. "According to your file, you were stationed at Fleet Operations on Earth," he remarked. "Surely there can be no finer assignment than that? Or have you burnt that bridge?"

"Not at all sir." Domin replied with reassurance. "I worked in Fleet Operations for over 20 years, 12 as a civilian advisor. It was very much with a Borg focus I must admit given my past experience with them and I valued my time there. We had some ideas that filtered through in to the Sovereign class and other ship classes but they let me out every so often and I realised I missed the vastness of space as I spent so long in tech labs and seminars." he continued. "I have been told there will always be a place for me there. I just hope that if I return it will not be due to a Borg resurgence."

“You won’t find much space explorations here, it might have escaped your notice but Langley is a static station,” Hawk sneered. “The only vastness you will see is the same collection of stars from your window.”

Domin laughed into himself, he found the XO quite a sharp witted young man. "I hadn't escaped me sir. Sometimes the exploration of space is brought to you by those that surround you. True I am on a static station but the species that visit, the people I meet here will be more than enough exploration for me. Exploration doesn't have to be the physical movement of an individual or object, but of oneself and the experiences they have." he said with a smile. "Plus it'll be a different set of stars than ones I have seen lately."

“Well,” Ron said as if searching for his next sentence. “I suppose I can’t argue with that. Besides given the size of this station I am sure you will have plenty of Maintenance shafts to explore.”

"I just hope I can fit into them, sir." Domin replied with a chuckle and a shrug of his broad shoulders.

“I’m sure you will manage,” replied Ron still keeping the same deadpan tone. “So, What makes you, You Lieutenant?” Ron had used this line or something similar so many times since becoming an executive officer, but it worked for him. He could find out much more about an officer from this very simple sentence than he ever could from a personelle file. Of course he anticipated the usual confusion. The puzzled looks as if they wondered if he had even read their records, or having them simply quote off what he had already read. But still the line remained unchanging for everyone he welcomed.

"My past experiences have made me the man I am today. From living in a utopia much like Earth, being part of the defining 05 team that put the Borg to sleep, the loss of my world, travelling here and starting my own company to helping Starfleet with their Borg defences. I feel I've done a fair bit in 5 centuries, and I'm no where near done." Domin replied.

“So it’s your achievements that are you who you are?” Hawk asked suspiciously. “Very admirable. But what of those experiences that work against you?”

"Like the destruction of my planet? The scattering of my people?" Domin asked rhetorically, he had mentioned the destruction of El Auria in his prior statement. "Losing a planet, your own, your home. Is one of the worst feelings imaginable, and we live a long time." Domin said looking remorseful. "We had heard The Borg had worked around my code, and we tried our hardest, quickest to make another. Although this time it was a 'kill' code, that proved to be intangible. My world fell, as did my father and youngest brother." he continued. "From that I came here, tried to warn your people of the impending dangers of The Borg. However, the thought of mechanical men that would absorb you and your planet sounded like the words of a deluded mad man and I was ridiculed and ignored. So I stopped. Decided to do something for me and support what family I'd managed to save. Two of my siblings joined Wolfe Methods, one Starfleet and another went into Xenobiology."

He paused for a moment.

"I have indeed achieved many things in my life, most of which I am proud of. However I am not without my losses, my failures. The measure of any being must be to pick themselves up after tragedy, learn from it and see that it doesn't happen again."

Ron stood up clapling his hands together suddenly and in a manner that perhaps wasn’t fitting for the current tone of conversation. “I couldn’t agree more Lieutenant! I think you will make an excellent fit for the crew here,” he exclaimed. “Is there anything you need?”

Domin was caught aback by the mans sudden burst of movement and change of demeanour. It was welcome but most surprising. "Just a run down of any major repair issues, or anything that is a priority at the moment Commander? Get the lay of the land as Humans say." Domin replied with a smile.

“I will get a list to you by the end of the day,” Hawk smiled in return. “I trust you have settled in well enough?”

"Thank you sir. I have, as much as throwing my bags into my quarters and takin a look around. Big station to get familiar with." Domin replied thinking back to his journey and it's uneventfulness.

“Make sure you get your quarters in order, we will need you well rested for the amount of work you will be taking on,” Ron ordered more than suggested. “Living out of bags will not help.”

"I'll be fine sir." Domin replied confidently. "Definitely make sure I am well rested for this job."

“Then you are dismissed, Lieutenant.” the Commander announced still standing, feeling a sense of longing for his lunch.

"Sir." Domin said standing and giving him a quick stand to attention before turning face and walking out. So far the two senior officers he had met were pleasant, here was hoping the rest were too.


Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Chief of Station Operations
Langley Station


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