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The Swimming Hole

Posted on Wed Oct 9, 2019 @ 7:25am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent

Mission: First Unity
Location: Ocean 800 meters off shore
Timeline: Mission Day 47 at 1000

Vincent had to admit he was looking forward to this, a good swim in the ocean with the Ray as the dive platform. He had taken the Ray down earlier today after doing some scans and topographical charting to have the water depth no more than twelve meters at the lowest point. He had chosen a coral reef where he had sighted an abundance of sea life beginning to flourish. It was a small section of water front, but recovering well.

It seemed like a good place for snorkeling or the light rebreathers and some depth where there is still light enough to see. Fins, masks, and rebreathers were already out on the tables to be donned for a pleasurable swim. Vincent had on a pair of swim trunks, sandals, and a sleeveless cotton hoodie zipped three quarters of the way as he made his way to Chernova's quarters. He pressed the chime on time, as a polite gentleman does.

Ana hadn't been diving for a while, and the last time had been for work, not pleasure. She'd replicated a swimsuit that was flattering to her figure, but also practical. Changing into it, she strapped her diving knife to her leg and put on some boat shoes. She wrapped her towel around her waist like a sari and put a light shirt over her shoulders.

Hearing the door chime, she called, "Enter," as she slipped a rubber bracelet around her right wrist.

"Top of the morning." Vincent came in with a smile on his face. "I hope you like warm water, as I have a tropical setting. The Ray is parked and waiting for our arrival." He noticed how she brought her towel. "You look pretty and ready for a day of swimming," he complemented. "Shall we?" He offered an arm as gentlemen are expected.

"Thanks. You don't look too bad yourself," Ana said with a smile. "Warm water's fine. I was born in Ukraine, and I never want to feel that cold again," she said. She then took his offered arm.

"Warm water tends to breed more diversely colored fish and other sea life." Vincent started them off on their trek to the transporter. "Warmer water and photosynthesis helps with the more true colors to match the plant life of the coral reef. This one is doing very well in the planetary recovery, more remote as an island, and thus less harsh treatment so a faster recovery," he explained. "And if I sound too much like a doctorate in marine biology you will stop me, correct?" He grinned. "I just have a passion for sea life and all." It was not a far walk to the transporters, so light conversation for the moment.

"It's fine. I enjoy your love of the subject," Ana replied. "Have you seen the coral reefs on Bajor?" she asked.

"My science geek parents have. I explored a couple of larger water to land mass planets before getting the Sea Ray built," Vincent replied. "In my training I even found a highly intelligent dolphin-like race as a first contact. Real exciting for someone in my field." He chuckled as they neared the transporter. "Finding this reef was only by chance in a small portion of a dyno scan, almost too small to register, but I lucked out in a fly over."

"I'm more of an engineer than a scientist," Ana said. "In that I take after my father. He was a civilian engineer who helped to build what would eventually become Armstrong City, Luna."

"I am impressed. Mine are biologists like myself, only now they travel and do follow up research on planets surveyed," Vincent explained as they entered the transporter room, where he gave coordinates to the Ray before helping in gentlemanly way Ana up to transporter pad.

"Kind of a small middle of nowhere, isn't it?" The transporter operator noted their attire. "You sure you want to go in that outfit? I heard..."

"Terraforming at it's best," Vincent said, and nodded to energize.

Moments later Ana materialized on the Sea Ray's transporter pad next to Lance. Looking around, she said, "You've done a great job on this vessel."

"Thank you. I like to think she came out well," Vincent replied, and stepped over to a small hover cart he had some sundries upon. "Now we have the fun, as we have plans to meet Ms. DuBois on the beach. I took the liberty of packing for that as well, so that we could have a nice day in the water." He smiled and winked. "This is a special place, but I will explain that when we get to the beach." He triggered the transporter.

Megan was waiting for them down on the island beach. She wore a dainty blue bikini that showed off her lean teenage curves to good effect. A pair of large sunglasses hid half her face, and her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She had brought a few things, and so had a four post awning setup to keep the sun off, some beach chairs, and a portable cold storage unit for drinks and snacks. She was currently sitting and rubbing sun lotion over her lean legs.

The transporter placed Chernova and Vincent at the site with DuBois. The small cooler and some drinks, and a picnic style meal with the snorkels, goggles, and fins were on the top, Vincent figured that if they wanted to do some deeper diving they might reconsider, as the water around this reef was not as tainted as other places, and that is what made the area so amazing.

"Good day, Megan," Vincent greeted. "Thank you for the awning," he said with a wide grin. "I knew here was something I would forget to pack for this." He chuckled. "But I did bring the snorkeling gear, as the water is shallow around here and should be a perfect day for a dive."

“I figured we didn’t want to turn into lobsters,” Megan said. “Anyone want lotion?” she offered, holding up the bottle. “I’ll rub you down.” She paused and then giggled like a teenager. “Sorry. That came out wrong.”

Peeling off his shirt, Vincent did not hesitate. "I am not a contortionist, so a little on my back would be welcomed." He glanced to Ana. "I could help you with that, if you like, the lotion on your back, I mean?"

Megan giggled. “We can all do each other,” she teased.

Ana felt the warmth of the sun on her arms and face. "I knew a contortionist once. She slept in a small box when she wasn't in my bed," she said.

"I think the second to be more comfortable, if I were asked an opinion. A box is a little too confining, says the man who virtually lives in the Sea Ray," Vincent joked. "Still, it is a moving box, at least."

Ana laughed. "I liked it better when she was in my bed too," she said.

Mon Dieu,” Megan sighed. “I can only imagine a contortionist…” The teenager got a dreamy look in her blue eyes for a moment before shaking herself out of it. “Okay.” She squeezed out some lotion into everyone’s hands and then started on Ana’s back.

Vincent was able to get Megan's back, as she was closest and all. "Teamwork and buddy diving. This has to be the perfect day so far," Vincent admonished.

Ana enjoyed the sensation of Megan hands on her back.

As Vincent gently knead the lotion into Megan's back, he spoke, "This is actually an exciting dive. I hope you realize that this little slice of fauna and ecosystem is like finding the Holy Grail," he explained. “Megan should know that the water on this planet is heavily tainted from the war. The Dominion targeted the water and food supply around inhabited areas. If the people died then there could be terra-forming and a new planet for the Dominion." He tried to get rid of some light kinks he had noted in her back while he talked. "The oceans were not targets, but the run-off had tainted the currents and spread it from the attack sites. Remote islands like this were, and are, uninhabited and thus not targeted. With twenty years of nature doing her healing we have this little oasis that is among the first signs that a cure can be found. Not nature, as it would take centuries to rebuild at this rate, but there is a hint it can be done if nature can rebuild this little haven," he told them with the thrill of a kid and his best discovery.

Ana was aware of what the Cardassians were capable of, and the Dominion and Breen had only made things worse. She'd been unable to fight against the Dominion, as she was a 'guest of the Federation President' at the time. "As a wise man once said, Nature always finds a way," Ana said.

"I understand that totally," Vincent agreed. "I am using this as a pet project and see how the kelp and coral reefs are filtering the toxins," he told her. "There might be something we can add to efforts already in motion to get the water and such on the way to recovery, but it might take a while to really get it where there is a connection that may help."

“Planets are very resilient,” Megan agreed. She moaned lightly and rolled her head back as Vincent worked the knots out of her back. Her deft fingers worked similarly over Ana’s. “We should take some coral samples back to the science station,” she noted. “Observe them in a controlled environment. Mon Dieu! Right there!” she urged Vincent.

Vincent added some extra pressure to penetrate the muscle group Megan had said she wanted. "Today is a fun dive. I can do work on the morrow," he said while working her back with deft fingers.

"Though this is enjoyable, let's get into the water," Ana said.

"Do you want to wade out or dive off the Ray?" Vincent asked. "I brought fins and face masks either way," he offered. "This little gem should be worth the price of admission."

“We can start with the shallows here just wading,” Megan suggested. “After lunch we can get the scuba gear and go out on the Ray for the deeper parts.”

"I have the fins and masks in the bag." Vincent opened his big duffel bag. "For the ladies, clear fins and the face mask style dive mask to allow better viewing." He smiled as he took out the ladies’ sets. "I have my usual." He took a black mask and fins for himself.

Ana put on the mask and held the flippers in one hand as she waded into the water. It would be nice to be diving without that bulky, cumbersome pressure suit she'd had to wear last time. The water on her legs felt nice, warm, but refreshing. "Last one in, buys dinner!" she called to the others.

Megan laughed and splashed in after Ana. The teenager dove into the surf, swam a ways, and then surfaced, pushing back her brown hair before floating and putting on her flippers. “The water is amazing!” she laughed.

Ana put on her flippers and dived beneath the waves. Small fish swam past her in a myriad of colours and shapes. Raising her head out of the water, she said, "There's definitely an abundance of life in here. I hope you've got some names ready, Lance."

“Well, we can’t do any real classification until we take samples,” Megan said. “Get them to a lab and run DNA and look inside,” she said, rolling over onto her back to float and enjoy the sun on her lean teenage body. “I can definitely put that on the zoology agenda.”

It seemed that Vincent was buying dinner for three, which he did not at all mind, as he was in the water and his favorite pastime. It was said on Earth 'If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.' He was never working, but not a bum. He swam close to the ladies and tread water as he spoke.

"Remember, this is fun, no work talk." Vincent laughed. "I have taken some samples of the soil, the varied bits of the coral in the reef and some water saturation rates," he assured. "This is a day to..." he splashed water over Megan. 'Play and have fun."

Diving under again, Ana twirled around underwater chasing a small school of fish. As she flew above the reef, she noticed something shiny among the corral. Stopping to explore, she discovered a small metallic capsule. Taking it, she brought it to the surface to realise it was a corroded power cell for a Cardassian disruptor. "Looks like the Cardassians found this place before you, Lance. I just discovered a piece of their trash," she called out, holding the cell aloft.

"Leave it to the Cardassians and Dominion forces to be litter bugs," Vincent said; trying to pawn off the situation. "Guess I will be diving to clean up the trash tomorrow." He chuckled. We can put that in the Ray, and it gives me something to use for the tricorder to survey the area." He smiled. "Unless you want to make a game of collecting trash samples?"

"Let's make it a game," Ana said. Then with a laugh, she added, "I'm in the lead," and dived back under.

Megan chuckled. She dove after Ana. She didn’t want to spend her beach time collecting trash, so she didn’t look too hard. It seemed pretty clean to her at a glance. Her lithe teenage body sliced through the water with ease.

Vincent dove under the water he so enjoyed. His lungs had been trained and worked to be the best efficiency possible by a Human with diving experience. This was his advantage over Ana. He could stay down a little longer, and he also wanted to see if he could locate any other artefacts that might cause harm to the delicate ecosystem.

Megan wasn’t an experienced diver, so she stayed closer to the surface until she got more confident. Even then, she made more frequent trips back for air. It was relaxing, and the water felt good on her bare skin, kissed by the sun. The reef was amazing, colorful, beautiful, and the fish seemed to have little fear.

Ana surfaced again. She felt so relaxed, the water supporting her body and the sun warming her bare skin. She laughed as she splashed the others when they came up for air.

Vincent caught a face of sea water. He was back at home with his friends. The legs came closer to the surface and the strong paddling would more than compensate for the amount he had gotten from Ana, with interest.

"That is what we want to do here," Vincent remarked. "Make the oceans so people can play in them again."

Megan gave a girlish scream and giggle as she was splashed by Ana. She retaliated by grabbing the other woman and trying to dunk her, wrestling her in the water, laughing.

Ana fought back playfully. She was enjoying herself. She felt her stress melt away.

Megan’s dexterous fingers moved along Ana’s sides, tickling her as they wrestled in the water.

Ana squealed like a young girl as Megan's fingers touched the sensitive flesh under her arms.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Vincent did a first tickle down Megan’s sides, as she could not counter him.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Megan squealed, kicking and writhing as Vincent tickled her, too. “Non! Non! Non!” She grabbed onto Ana, her body pressed tightly to the other woman’s, unable to keep from laughing.

Vincent did not want the women to drown, and it is only funny if in short funny bursts, so he allowed them to catch their breath.

Megan laughed and coughed. “Scoundrel!” she scolded Vincent, still laughing, and splashed him with water.

Vincent had to laugh out loud, as this is how he grew up; playing in a place he also studied with people that he found fun to be with. Plus having two lovely ladies in swim attire to play with and enjoy the day seemed like old times.

"You have noticed my good point then." He splashed water back. "The question is, does the scoundrel share the information or keep it within he and his pretty ladies?" He knew he would have to officially report it, but the game is always more fun than the reality.

"I prefer 'rogue'. I've definitely been roguish in my time," Ana said with a smile.

“Oh? And just how roguish?” Megan asked with an alluring tease. She floated on her back now, her lithe teenage body enjoying the sun in her tiny bikini.

Ana just smiled devilishly, and winked at the younger woman.

Something in that little look was the only hint Vincent would get, and he had no idea what the female mind comes up with at times like this.

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