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Moonlight Drive (Part 2, Conclusion)

Posted on Mon Jun 10, 2019 @ 10:19am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Anzhelina Walker
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:09pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Shuttle Ampere on route to the Colony.
Timeline: Mission Day 32 at 2300

"Okay, how do you take your coffee?" she asked as she entered the kitchenette.

“With whiskey?” Megan joked. “No, cream and two sugars,” she said, then she went over to talk to the two Vulcans that she was relieving, getting the report from them. There was nothing exceptional. Everything was running fine. They handed her a padd with the instructions on what to do with each experiment at what time. She ran her eyes over it and nodded. Everything was set with an alert, too, to remind her -- or wake her, should she nod off.

Anzhelina prepared Megan's coffee and one for herself. She then brought the coffees over to the table and and sat down.

“Thank you for keeping me company,” Megan said, stirring her coffee and then taking a sip, looking over the rim at Anzhelina. “Keeps the mind from running in circles.” She gave a sad smile. “Or from interrupting my daughters with a call during some final exam.”

"No problem. Like I said, I can't sleep and I'm glad for the company too," Anzhelina said. "I don't have any children or siblings. Mr. Beauregard is closest I have, but he's busy," she said.

“Mr. Beauregard?” Megan asked, sipping her coffee. She slipped her tunic off since it was still a little warm from how the Vulcans liked it, leaving her in her uniform undershirt. “Is that your beau?” She giggled at the little joke.

"No, he's a close friend. He works on the station as a shuttle craft engineer. Oh, and he's a sentient Sehlat with cybernetic front paws and an eccentric dress sense," Anzhelina explained.

“A...sehlat?” Megan said with surprise. “ did that happen?” She shook her head. She supposed it was about as far out there as a forty-year-old woman in the body of a sixteen year old.

"Apparently sentience is possible, but rare in sehlats," Anzhelina said. "I rescued Mr. Beauregard from a group of military scientists who were trying to turn him into a weapon," she explained. "Since then we've saved each other's lives on numerous occasions."

“That will make one pretty close,” Megan said. “I had a cat growing up.” She sipped her coffee. “So I don’t need to make rounds for another hour. What do you want to do in the meantime?” she asked, stretching her lithe teenage body in her chair.

"I was going to read my book, but if you want to talk some more, that's fine by me," Anzhelina said.

“Oh, don’t let me keep you,” Megan said with a smile. “I brought some books, too, and I can check on what time it is on Earth, maybe talk to my daughters or my ex.”.She blushed a bit. She really should just learn to cut Andres loose and get on with her life.

"You talk to your ex?" Anzhelina asked. "I don't talk to mine. He's currently rotting in a Cardassian prison. The Detapa Council repealed the death penalty, more's the pity," she said.

Megan winced. “That sounds like a story,” she said. “Andres has custody of the girls,” she explained. “Well, Heloise is at uni, but she’s back with her father on breaks. So I kind of have to talk to him.” Megan took a breath. “And...I still have feelings,” she admitted with a sigh. “We were together for twenty years.”

"I can understand that. You built a family together," Anzhelina said. "My ex, Zolta Ran, and I were together for three years before him and his bit-on-the-side tried to kill me so they could steal the shipment of Alzarian blood diamonds we were hired to protect from raiders," she began.

“Ouch.” Megan winced. “Did you know about the other woman?” she asked. “I put up with Andres trysts because I was gone for long stretches,” Megan said. “He was always...virile. Having his wife gone for months at a time would have driven him crazy. I can’t say I was perfectly faithful, either,” she admitted. “I had my share of shipboard flings. But we always came back to each other when I was home. At least until this…” She gestured to her teenage body.

"I knew about her, but I didn't know they were sleeping together until I had two disruptors pointing in my face," she said. "Mr. Beauregard managed to get the drop on them and the skank ended up trying to breathe vacuum."

“Oo,” Megan said. “Harsh. Andres at least had the decency to give his personal assistants vacation time when I was home,” Megan said with a wry chuckle. “And he kept it discrete from the girls.” She paused. “Well, Heloise might suspect. She’s old enough to have figured things out. Eden, I hope, is still innocent.”

"Well, your girls have both their parents, which is a good thing. I hardly got to know mine," Anzhelina said. "I lost them along with my grandfather when I was eight," she said. "I lived with a foster family after that, but it’s not the same."

Megan reached over and pressed Anzhelina’s hand. “It is never too late to start,” she said sympathetically. “It wasn’t easy being away from my girls, either.”

"Perhaps I should start by reaching out to Ana," she said.

“It couldn’t hurt,” Megan said with a soft smile. “What is the worst that could happen? Maybe take her to dinner.”

"Perhaps," Anzhelina said. "But it's been so long," she said.

“All the more reason to not let it go on,” Megan said. “You have a long life, but it can still end suddenly. And then there will be regrets. Just start simple. Dinner, or grab a coffee. I’m not saying she has to move in with you and you spend evenings doing your hair and talking about boys,” she said with a giggle.

"You're right," Anzhelina said. "I remember her combing my hair when I was younger, but back then I was too young to think of boys as anything but icky," she said with a smile.

Megan laughed. “I’m not sure I ever remember a time I thought boys were icky,” she admitted. “Guess I got boy crazy early.” She sipped her coffee. “If it goes badly, you can always pull the parachute, maybe try again later. Who knows? She may be in the same situation as you, wanting more and unsure if you do. Someone has to make the first move.”

"I know. I'll contact her in the morning," Anzhelina said.

Megan smiled and finished her coffee. She stood up and stretched. “Guess I should make my rounds,” she said. “Be back in fifteen, and feel free to crash, if you want.” She nodded toward the bunks.

"Okay, I'll mind the store," Anzhelina said opening her book.


Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Chief of Research

Anzhelina Walker
Civilian Pilot


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