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Sorting out two departments

Posted on Fri Mar 23, 2018 @ 1:01am by 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Sat Nov 24, 2018 @ 9:56pm

Mission: First Dawn
Location: Langley Station - Level 2 - Engineering
Timeline: MD11 1000 Hours

Having spent the past several hours scouting out the repairs and other issues that an Operations Chief would need to be aware of, Rosilita figured it was time to head down to engineering and sort things out. Not surprisingly, upon entry, she noted that this place was as bad as the rest of the station. Normally she'd just ask the computer, but with internal sensors down she started peering around at all the yellow shirts, she tried to pick out ranks. She couldn't see much and in truth she had no idea what rank she was looking for. Knowing her luck it'd be an ensign fresh out of the Academy with acne still pock marking his face. "Can anyone direct me to the lead officer here?" she finally said in a loud enough voice to grab some attention.

"Okay, continue fitting out the officer accommodations with the parts you have, I'll have some more sent up, when they've been replicated. Reeves out." The Combat Engineer, having completed her call, turned to see a woman in operations gold and approached her. "I'm afraid the Chief's been reasigned, I'm 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves, can I be of assistance, Lieutenant...?" She asked.

Rose was a little taken aback by the one who approached her. "Chief of Operations Sueryo," she said quickly then followed up. "I wasn't expecting a marine in engineering. How'd you end up here?"

"Well, I'm a Combat Engineer with a specialty in defensive systems. I was assigned to Langley to review the colony's defenses and help get them up to snuff, but someone got their wires crossed and I've arrived several months too early." She said. "Anyway the CO is a friend and she asked me to help out in engineering until, the new CEO arrives."

'A friend of the Station Commander, just what I didn't need,' Rose thought to herself. 'These were one of the days that you regretted getting out of bed.' Aloud she said, "Well that does explain some things. I don't suppose structural engineering is included in defensive systems?"

"Some but, not on this scale." Hannah replied. "Mostly walls, gun emplacements, and bunkers." She found the Lieutenant's manner brash and had the feeling that she was about to be blamed for something.

"Mmm... And instead they got you up here playing piece together the station. Must've been quite the surprise," Rose quipped.

"You could say that, but isn't it part of life that we've chosen? We go where we're needed." Hannah replied.

"Which brings us back to why I'm here, the repair priorities and supply crunch said repairs are entailing. I've been on station only a few hours and am neck deep in SNAFU. Do you mind being the bearer of bad news for me? she asked as politely as she could.

"As I told the CEO, before he left, the main systems are complete, it's mostly accommodation areas, nonessential systems and trouble shooting, with the exception of all transporters, both personnel and Cargo, which are on the back burner as we await non replicatorable parts. He said to concentrate on the accommodations, while we wait on parts." Hannah said "If you want a full rundown of things, I can give you access to the Engineering database."

"For engineering, maybe yes," Rosilita said knowing that this would go over like a bar of gold pressed lead with a Ferengi. "However, Operations is a very different beast. A station this big and this out of shape, we've got a lot of issues. I'll start with accommodations since you brought that up. We'll be scavenging the working life support systems from the outer accommodation sections so we can bring life support up to full power for cargo bays 2, 3 and 4 as the secondary and tertiary systems are nearly total junk. We need the cargo bays to receive supplies far more than spare rooms right now."

"I agree, sounds like a good idea." Hannah replied.

Rose relaxed a bit, "So can engineers need clear out of the outer habitat area in six hours so my teams seal the area off and start taking the systems apart? I'm afraid, the replicators you repaired in there will have to be taken apart beforehand as you've used up all the spare parts and we need at least one of the industrial replicators repaired using said parts."

"I'll get it done." Hannah said. Glad to have someone who knew what they were doing to talk to.

"Well that's the important points from me. I'll have priority list to you soon from my end. Anything on your end you want to touch on?"

"Not now, but I'll keep you informed of any change." Hannah replied.

"Good," Roselita said lightly. "I'm looking forward to working with you lieutenant."

"Thank you." Hannah said, not sure if she felt the same. Time would tell, it always does.

Lt. Jg. Roselita Sueryo
Chief of Operations
Langley Station

1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Acting Chief Engineer
Langley Station


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