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How do you like Deep Soil?

Posted on Mon Jun 17, 2019 @ 4:51pm by Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent & Lieutenant JG Neera Bixx
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:11pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Research Section
Timeline: Mission Day 49 at 1500


Vincent had come back to put the findings of the Initial Dive into the computer system; well make sure the relayed information had gotten this far? His dive had gone down to 1500 meters on the sea floor. While down there he had managed to pick up some soil samples that he thought might be fun to analyze. Since he was already down there he hoped the Soil Expert might like some more samples to play with?

He was careful to make his way with the said samples in their containers from varied depths of 100, 500, 1000 and 1500 meters depth. Vincent had planned to go down a trench to a depth of 7500 on the morrow and 12,227 Meters on the third day. Crush depth of the Sea Ray allowed him to touch down at the deepest point of this planet he was glad there is some 'wiggle Room' on his estimates.

He knock on the door frame of the Soil Expert Lt. JG Bixx.

"Excuse me Ma'am." Vincent started with a smile. "I am the new Marine Biologist Lance Vincent, I took a test dive today and I brought some Soil Samples from varied depths for analysis. I thought I would save you having to send a probe to get similar samples and hope you could use them?"

"Oooooh, a man after my own heart!" exclaimed Neera, quickly reaching for one of the sample canisters that Vincent had brought. While the land on the planet was heavily polluted by Jem'hadar weaponry, she had thought that there might be a chance that the colonists could supplement their diets by farming aquatic plants on the ocean floor in areas where the pollution had been diluted. Her family business had done some of this on Bolarus, producing seaweed chips and algae-based nutrient sticks under the ocean. "I mean, not that I'm interested in a date. But don't be offended; I'm sure there are plenty of available romantic partners on the station for you. It's not you, it's me. Namely, that I'm not really into guys."

"Consider it a professional exchange, soil is your busness and I am in a place to get you samples so I did." Vincent chuckled. "Also, I thank you for being forward with the not liking guy thing." He joked. " I am doing the dive trials at varied depths from shallow to the lowest point I can find, I wanted to know if you wanted the samples from the bottom or any specific depths while I am out doing dive trials and will be coming back to base on a daily basis? Once Sea Ray is ready I will be taking her out to do studies and might be gone days or up to a week doing my own samples and such. So I thought I could bring you samples for the next two days on your request of specific sample and deliver quickly rather than later?"

"Sadly, oceanography on Lyshan Prime is a little lacking," mused Neera. "Though, I could create a sampling map of coordinates where I could be interested in soil samples. I'm particularly interested in the shallower areas, especially those near the capital. There is vast potential for undersea farming. My family did some undersea farming back on Bolarus," she explained, in a way that gave an impression that was a little more humble than the reality that she was one of the heirs to the famous Bixx-Mopp Corporation. "We'd make Auntie Moba's Old-Time Seaweed Chips; they were a popular snack in my hometown. I remember when dad would bring home factory seconds; it was like... what do you humans call your winter holiday? Christukkah? Kwanzmas? Something like that?"

"The holiday is Christmas." Vincent chuckled. "And if you give me map references I can cruise by and get the needed samples." He grinned. "The Oceans are my playground, I am more than happy to help with the survey, mapping out the seas are in my job description." Vincent agreed. "Also any specific depths you need I can accommodate as well just so you know?"

"Ah, Christmas, that's the one with the bunny," said Neera as she pulled up a couple files on her terminal as she spoke. "I'll send you some specific locations. Ideally, areas that are not too deep and located near populated areas are the best for underwater agriculture, for obvious reasons. Also, there has to be enough biomass that the soil is fertile."

"I can play Delivery Boy for the interests of science and progression." Vincent smiled. "Gives me a reason do take the Ray out on some specific dives that will show I am serving a purpose for the department." H pointed out. "I would be interested in what types of Farming base materials you would be using?" His Biologist perked a bit. "The idea of under sea farming was of limited use on Earth as well, ergo, my study in it is limited I am sure to yours yet I would like to help if I can with the efforts?"

"Well, that all depends on the tastes of the colonists," explained Neera. "Though I can't imagine anyone not liking seaweed chips or seaweed-wrapped jumbo prawns." It was at that moment that Neera's stomach began growling. "I'm hungry... wanna grab third lunch?"

"Lead the way I am the sociable type that hate to eat alone." He smiled as he accepted the Offer. "You can give me some more about the kind of undersea farming you did, I fund the concept fascinating. We do that on a limited bit on Earth so hearing it being a business has intriguing possibilities."

The idea of underwater Farming did give a Marine Biologist a jolt; practical application of the Oceans resources that remain untapped for the benefit of the colonists is interesting. Vincent had been around the sea all his life and any new way to utilize the untapped stuff gave him that cat like curiosity.

"Excellent," replied Neera. "I've got a great replicator recipe for lutefisk; it's probably the pinnacle of human cultural achievement. Well, that and sushi. And hakarl..."


Lieutenant JG Neera Bixx
Soil Scientist


Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent
Marine biologist


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