Langley Station

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Arrival on the station

Posted on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 8:45pm by Commander Timothy Rouse & Lieutenant JG Ellen Rouse-Washington & Captain Judith Rouse & Andrew Rouse & Captain Alenis Meru

Mission: First Unity
Location: Enroute to Langley Station
Timeline: Mission Day 43 at 0500


Judith grabbed the beverage she had just replicated and headed back to her seat. But before she could reach it she tripped over something, almost tripping the content of her mug. "Oh come on Tim, can't you retract those legs of yours for a change."

Being awoken by his sisters grumbling he looked around to figure out where they were, and was quickly reminded of the tight shuttle they were all on board on their way to their new posting. He chuckled when he heard the reason for his sisters grumbling. "Where else do you suggest I put them." With only one bedroom on the shuttle they had all decided that Meru and Andy should take it. Meru was still recovering from that ordeal with Vike and needed a proper bed instead of the couch. Ellen, who was sleeping with her head in his lap, started to move. With his hand already on his wife's arm he couldn't help but stroke up and down, in the hope she would stay asleep. "Why aren't you sleeping, by the way? Something wrong with the auto navigation?"

They had been crammed in this shuttle for almost two weeks now and he was getting sick and tired of it. Andy was flying up the wall out of boredom. At least they had a holographic headset on board that could entertain him for a few hours a day. Next time he would arrange his own transport instead of having his father in law arrange it.

"Nothing is wrong, I just couldn't sleep. I was thinking of my new posting." she said. She had thinking about this ever since she heard what new posting was waiting for her on Langley Station. She took a deep sight before continuing. "I don't think I can do it. It's been so long since I was a marine. I thought that chapter of my life was closed."

"Apparently the brass thought otherwise," he said. He hadn't been happy when he heard his little sister would be returning to the marines, but working closely together these last few years had tought him that she was good at her job and he needed to stop treating her as a baby. Something Ellen often reminded him of. "They wouldn't have given you the job if they didn't think you would be ready for it. Are you afraid because of your body?"

Judith looked at her brother who was winding a tread of Ellen's hair around his finger. "Yes and no. Since that last operation I can do everything I used to do." She shook her head. "I still can't believe it. They always said my back couldn't be fixed but then that doctor found some experimental treatment and now I even win from you with running." Tim had helped her get back to shape after the recovery. "I'm just afraid I'll relapse. Just like last time on the Ares. I thought I was recovered enough to go back to active duty again but less then a month later I have another accident and had to walk with a cane for the next couple years." A cane she had ceremonial burned after she didn't need it anymore.

"And this time that won't happen. You've had more then enough bad luck for a lifetime. Crashing with your plane, getting crushed by a beam and then I'm not even talking about the Mardok thing. You deserve to be happy again, and you are happy being a marine." Tim said. "My little sister being a Company Commander. Wow, who would have thought that 20 years ago." he said with a smile on his face.

The discussion was interrupted by the partition to the bedroom opening up, revealing Meru in some casual civilian clothes, leaning over slightly and holding Andy's hand to guide him towards the door. Seeing his mom and dad, Andy escaped from Meru's grip to sprint forward, only to fall down near Ellen's feet.

"I think he's getting tired of being cooped up in this shuttle," explained Meru as she picked him up, letting out an audible groan as her arm was still tender. "And I can't say he's the only one. Ko-ko has been rattling her cage, and I could really use a nice walk."

"I think we can all use a nice walk. At least its only a little longer." Tim said.

Hearing her son's babbling woke Ellen up and she sat up straight and pulled her hands trough her hair. With Ellen no longer in his lap Tim stood up and took Andy from Meru. "Good morning sport, did you have a nice sleep?" he asked. As an answer his son put his head against his fathers shoulder and put his thumb in his mouth while nodding a yes. "Let's get you freshen up and dressed. We'll be arriving on the station in only a few hours." Tim said to Andy while they headed for the bedroom where he could change and dress Andy.

Meru followed Tim, ready to assist where necessary, as one of the responsibilities of her official role of godmother to Andy. "So, I guess I'll be helping you with this a little more while we're out and about on the Sedna," she said. With Ellen and Judith both assigned to the station, that left Meru with some babysitting duties to take care of while Andy is staying on the ship.

"Ellen and I have discussed that and with Andy going to school soon it might be better if he stays with Ellen on the station. That way he can get used to the people there. And the Sedna isn't really made for families. From what I read we're the only two with a private room. What would I do with Andy while on duty? And we won't be gone from the station for that long."

"True..." replied Meru. At least, she hoped to not be on too many long missions. The Sedna was a much more powerful ship in a smaller package than the Portland, however it lacked some of the rustic charm of the old Miranda class ships. "Though with her studies the long shifts in sickbay once her residency begins, I'm sure we can accommodate Andy on the Sedna from time to time." Meru looked down at Andy, holding his hands as Tim searched for a clean set of clothes. "Isn't that right, Andy? You can come visit daddy on his ship from time to time?"

Leaning with his hands on his father shoulder the little man put a leg in the pants his dad was holding up. "Can I shoot bad people with you, aunty Meru?" He asked his godmother.

"Hopefully there won't be any bad people where we're going," replied Meru, holding back a chuckle at what she imagined Tim and Ellen were saying about her. "But if you're good, I might let you scan some gaseous anomalies."

A big smile appeared on the boys face at that. "Yes, yes, yes." Tim laughed while wondering how long it would be before he would discover how boring that actually was. He lifted his son from the table and together headed for the others.

"Well, looks like we have a new science officer in training," mused Meru in response.

"Nah," he said as he smiled at Ellen. "He's gonna be a fighter, right?" Ellen shook her head. Their son was way to interested in fighting. "Like daddy and aunt Judy, right."

Andy nodded his hand actively up and down. He made a fist with his hand and showed how he would with his imaginary sword. Then looked at his mother. "And then fix them, like mommy does. So they can fight again. Except for the bad people, they can't fight again."

Judith joined her nephew on the ground and joined in his fight which resulted in a tickling contest. Tim took sat down on the couch again and pulled his wife close to him, enjoying this moment. When his family was all together. He would really miss having them around when the Sedna would go away.

Seeing the Rouse family altogether enjoying a moment, Meru hovered for a moment, taking in the joy of the scene. Seeing the family engrossed in the moment, she retreated and left them to it, heading for the front of the shuttle to take a seat in the pilot's chair, just to check on the automated flight systems.


Captain Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Sedna
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Judith Rouse
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Langley Station
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Langley Station
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