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Mission 7: Troubles on Trill

Posted on Wed May 29, 2019 @ 8:29pm by Commander Timothy Rouse & Lieutenant JG Ellen Rouse-Washington & Captain Judith Rouse & Andrew Rouse & Captain Alenis Meru
Edited on on Tue Sep 8, 2020 @ 7:58am

Mission: Archive - USS Portland
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

After the battle in the nebula, the Portland limps back to Trill for repairs and some much-needed shore leave. But nothing is ever that simple, as the crew of the Portland has to deal with an AI symposium, angry parents, and the Captain’s desperate plot to not miss her spa day, as well as a looming feeling that with such heavy damage to such an old ship, that their time together is coming to an end…

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