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Ana and Lance

Posted on Tue Jun 4, 2019 @ 10:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent
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Mission: First Unity
Location: Ana Chernova's Quarters (Level 9-11 Q)
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 1500

Ana led Lance to her quarters.

Like other senior quarters, it consisted of a living area, a bedroom and a bathroom. But unlike most, the walls of her living room were decorated with a series of swords and other bladed weapons from a dozen cultures, races and times. In one corner there was a wooden cabinet in which Ana kept her alcohol.

Vincent had walk with Chernova to her quarters; Officers country as it is often called by the enlisted, the quarters were nice and roomy compared to the small ships that Vincent had been on board and especially the submersibles he had used for exploring. He stood in the center of the room and gaze around him; he found multiple reasons to both respect and be in awe of Chernova, she had taste in blades. He had to admit he is a bit like a kid in a candy store; a woman who cares for blades and has good spirits is a rarity in any culture. He was drawn to a set of sabers circa the 19th century Earth construction by the look of them. The brass hilt guards that were the Sabre. The Klingon equivalent was not far away; less of a bell shape to the guards as Klingons were an aggressive sword smiths as a whole but still the little over a meter long curved blade was distinctive to say the least.

"Milady Chernova, saying you are a woman of beautiful depth might be putting it lightly." He commented in a complementary way. "Got to love a woman who can see the artistic nature of a saber or cutlass and I am not sure of the Klingon word for that particular blade but I must say I am wholly impressed with your... blades." He grinned as he look to her.

"I'm glad you like them, they took me some time to acquire." Ana said with a smile. "I'm quite proficient with most of them as well." She said.

"I am finding more and more respect for you Miss Ana." Vincent pointed at the saber types. "Mek'Leth swords and sabers right?"

"Yes, my favourite is the 19th century Russian cavalry sabre." Ana said. "Its a family heirloom."

"I am finding there is more to yo than meets the eye." He had the realization that Miss Ana is a longevity race, he thought of not judging a book by the cover. "A family heirloom, you have seen a lot by the looks of this collection." he complemented. "I am a great admirer of the Saber and the Russian's Cossaks used Titanium did they not in their construction?"

"In the handle, yes, but not the blades, titanium alloys, while strong and light, don't hold an edge, so would be useless in combat." Ana explained. "The shashka was first used by the Caucus Cossaks and later became the standard weapon of almost all Russian forces. Some were even found in the ruins of Berlin, following Earth's World War II." She said.

"Fine swords." Vincent remarked. "And do we get to complement your choice in spirits?" He asked. "We did go through combat together , of a sort." He joked. "Might have OPs check your system?"

"OPs is a bit short handed, I'll probably end up fixing it myself." Ana replied. "But enough about that, I promised you a drink." She said opening the cabinet and retrieving a bottle and two glasses. "I hope you like your bourbon from Kentucky. A did a job for a friend and he gave me some bottles, by way of payment."

"Is there any other good Bourbon?" Vincent snickered. "I mean New Orleans has a whole street dedicated to it but Kentucky still holds the recepet for the good stuff." He remarked. "You like swords and fine Spirits, do you have any negatives?"

"Depends on what you see as a negative. For instance, I'm a killer and an ex-con." Ana said.

"Getting to know your bad side would be a negative." He replied jovially, knowing that Star Fleet would not enlist current killers or convicts in the Security program; at least he hoped not? "One might say even hazardous? Aside from that I delve no deeper as I like to look at the positive parts of a lady."

"You're all right, I'm not a psychopath, I never killed for pleasure. Revenge, profit, in self defense, but never pleasure." She explained.

"Key note is to keep the Lady happy, safer that way." Vincent winked. "That is my usual operating orders, keep the lady happy and the rest tends to itself."

"Always good plan." Ana said pouring a glass for herself and one for Lance. Then handed it to him.

"Thanks." He grinned. "To the lady and her finer points." He offered a toast.

"You're welcome." Ana said. "Hey, is that a double entendre?" She asked.

"You are a hard one to give a complement I can tell." He tilt his head. "Double entendre and all, same sentiment."

Ana laughed. "To my finer points, it is then." She said raising her glass.

Vincent clinked glass with Ana and drank the liquid; letting the warmth going down his throat as it is the sign of really good spirit. The taste was sweet and arid at the same time. This was a good drink and he savored that first drink. The few seconds that he just let the warmth of it flow through him, he smiled at the way it made him feel.

"Now that is what I call a good drink." He grinned and look her in the eyes. "You are a very good woman, glad you were not hurt and I am impressed the way you move." He grinned a little more. "Your moves were a sight to behold." He nod and took a second sip of the good Spirited liquor.

The Security Chief smiled. "I'm glad you liked it." Ana said. "You did okay for yourself."

"You are too kind." He chuckled as he thought of his being behind that console for cover. "I do better on a surf board that laying on the deck behind cover." He chuckled. You would not consider some sparring with sabers would you?" He glanced back at the blades. "Might be fun to see what other kinds of moves you have in store?"

"That would be fun." Ana said. "I'd like to see your moves too." She said giving him a wink.

"It is a date then, crossing blades and watching each other's moves." He lift the glass. "I will try to keep up."

Ana laughed pleasantly. She was beginning to feel comfortable around Lance. It didn't hurt that she also found him physically attractive. "I look forward to it." She said.

Vincent took another sip from his drink and watched the smile of Ana; there was always an attractive aspect to a lady when she smiled or laughed. It was moments like these that Vincent remembered the universal rule that jovial is always desirable. "I have some dives I need to do with the Sea Ray to acclimate her to the depths. What say we get some sparring in when I get back in a few days?" He nod. "I would like to treat you to lunch afterward and compare notes?"

"Sounds like a plan." Ana said. "I'll drink to that." She said taking a sip of her drink.

"And to a place to have fine Kentucky Spirits." He added."

Ana raised her glass in agreement before asking. "Do you ever go diving without the Sea Ray?"

"Quite often, I have been known to dive out of her parked by the dock or out in the water near a reef." He gave her a wink. "If you want to see some beauty I know of a Coral Reef I have my upon diving?"

"Exploring a coral reef would be wonderful." Ana said. "My last diving experience consisted of leading a security team in invading an underwater defense station." She said.

"This reef is safe enough you would come unarmed in a bikini and be safe." He joked. "I had a First dive near it while checking the seals of the Sea Ray. Thought it would be a good place to snorkel and do a 30 meter dive upon. I want to have enough light through the clear waters to look at the sights. "Let me know when you are free and we can even take a skiff out to it or use the Ray as a dive boat?"

"Won't girlfriend get jealous, with me taking up so much of your time?" Ana asked.

"I am new to the station, like one of my favorite song said ; it wouldn't be fair to leave your best girl home on a Saturday night." He smiled. "But no, I have no best girl at the moment, I was a bit busy in helping design and build the Ray, she was my Mistress for the project and now she is done." He chuckled. "And I like your company."

"Me too." Ana said. "I'm very good company." She teased.

"You keep it interesting." He joked and drained his drink. "So does swimming or sparring tickle your fancy for our next bit of fun?" He asked.

"I think a swim would be nice change of pace." Ana said. "Plus, I'll get to see you in some tight shorts."

"I'll supply the swim gear and Dive knife; you supply the Bikini?" He suggested.

"Okay, what colour bikini should I bring?" Ana asked.

"I was taught never to tell a Lady what she should wear; I think any color would be stunning so I leave the choice to you." He answered. "The water is tropical and sunny weather projected the next week. I have three dives to acclimate the Sea Ray in as many days so you are welcome any time. The dives are not long and I will have the rest of the day to ..." He thought of a good thing to point out. "Give you the grand tour of the reef."

"I'll surprise you then." Ana said.

He crossed to her and took her hand gently to put his lips to it as a Gentleman does before looking into her eyes."Then I should bid you good night." He winked.

"Good night, Lance." Ana said. "Sleep well." She said.

"Sweet dreams." He nod and started out, placing his empty glass. "Thank you for the good Spirits." He joked before going out the door.

"You're welcome." Ana said.


Lt. Cmdr. Anahera Chernova
Chief Security Officer


Lt.JG Lance Vincent
Marine Biologist.


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