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Checking with the Deputy Chief

Posted on Fri Jun 21, 2019 @ 8:57am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:11pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Research Department
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 1300


Vincent had his gear stowed on the Sea Ray, but really should go to his superior command officers. He had to flip a coin, and from what he had heard the coin came up tails, so he looked for the Deputy Chief of Research. She would be able to accept his transfer, and he hoped he did not get into any trouble for going right to the department on the same day he landed. It seemed like the thing to do, as he had already been greeted by the commanding officer of Langley.

He rapped lightly on her office door. “Lieutenant DuBois, I am Lance Vincent, Lieutenant JG, your new marine biologist reporting in, ma'am." He held up his orders.

There had to be some mistake. The woman behind the desk was barely a woman. She couldn’t be in Starfleet, much less a deputy chief of anything. She couldn’t be more than sixteen years old. A pretty young thing, her blue eyes and brown hair pulled back in a ponytail only emphasized how young she was.

“Welcome, Lieutenant,” the teenager said, gesturing to the chair in front of the desk. “Have a seat. Welcome aboard. How was your trip?” she asked, holding her small hand out for the padd with the orders on it.

"The trip was great." He passed his orders to her. "The Sea Ray seals held and she performed as expected." He took the offered seat. "I am really looking forward to the sea trials." He nodded. "I also want you to know I am glad you all took the option of having me and the Sea Ray on your team."

“Well, it presents a unique opportunity,” Megan said, looking over the orders. “Lyshan is far from an ocean world, but they are considerable. And no one has ever really surveyed them. Not that we could cover the entirety with one ship. That would take a lifetime. But it will be an interesting test of the submersible refit.” She signed off on his orders with her thumb print and handed back the padd. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?” she asked. “And ask any questions you might have.” Megan prepared herself for the barrage of questions about her age that usually came when people first met her in uniform.

"My parents were biologists and I grew up on the beaches of Aruba on Earth," Vincent began. "I was a smart beach bum through school, and while marine biology is fascinating, I did not want to rediscover what was on Earth. Like most people who join Starfleet, I wanted to see the universe, just in my case I wanted to search alien seas, as in most planetary surveys aside from colony support no one really surveyed the oceans." He had to think for a second. "I thought it would be fun, so I joined." He shrugged his shoulders. "I explored a bit with amphibious shuttles, but they did not really have what it took to do the job, so I thought of the runabout and a couple of engineers and I designed the Sea Ray class," he ended. "Now here I am."

“Well, the runabout is a larger and more versatile class,” Megan said. “With a science module you could have the basics of a good lab on the ocean floor. I wouldn’t mind some sea floor samples myself. My specialty is planetary geology,” she explained. “A sea core sample would be most enlightening.” She flipped her ponytail a little, looking very much the teenager. “An evaluation of the fisheries would also be useful, to expand on the colony’s food choices.”

"I can do that for you," Vincent replied with a child like smile. "I like playing in the oceans. Watching the fish and getting core samples is an essential part of my job." He smiled. "I am going down the deepest trench on the planet in a couple of days if you want to ride along?" He put the offer out there. "You are always welcome. About one third of the runabout is dedicated lab space."

Megan brightened. “That does sound fun,” she admitted. “It depends on if I could get the time off here. Or bring my administrative paperwork there,” she mused. “How long do you plan to be down? It will still be pretty cramped quarters. Good thing I’m small!” she said with a laugh.

“I have been asked to get some soil samples near colony site to determine the possibility of sea farming," Vincent replied. "That will take about a day; the deeper dives up to three days, and then resupply and take orders for anyone needing sea bed or water samples from across the grid." He smiled. "But for you, I would take you out long as you can get away..." He raised an eyebrow. "How heavy is that paperwork?"

Megan sighed and smiled. “Well, less now that we have gotten a CMO. Commander O’Connor was covering Medical as well when we didn’t have one. But now Lieutenant zh'Thiasross is going to go into seclusion for maternity leave soon, so I will have to help cover her work. Admittedly she’s an anthropologist, so there isn’t much, but she’s built up good relationships on the colony that I should like to maintain. She just won’t be available for general science help.” Megan shrugged her slender shoulders. “I think I can get a couple days free, at least,” she said with a smile.

"Always willing to share in the fun..." Vincent corrected himself. "I mean, the workload, ma'am." He chuckled. "Be a few days, as I have the three dive trials and then check and tighten where needed, then a day of rest before taking the next project . Not quite a week, but close. I will let you know finals after the dives evaluation of the Sea Ray."

“Sounds like a plan, Lieutenant,” the teenager said cheerily. “I’ll have to replicate myself a swimsuit,” she said with a chuckle. She hadn’t been to the beach since her accident.

“So do you have any other questions for me, Lieutenant?” Megan asked. “I don’t want to keep you from the work you have to do. Sounds like it’s busy.”

"No, ma'am, just wanted to check in and make introductions." He gave her a friendly bow. "If you will excuse me, I should get to doing my job." He smiled. "I will let you know how the Ray does on her tests and when we are doing that little soil run."

Merci, Lieutenant,” Megan said. “Feel free to stop in if you need anything.”


Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Chief of Research

Lt. JG Lance Vincent
Marine Biologist


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