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Pew pew Phaser sounding.

Posted on Mon May 27, 2019 @ 2:21am by Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:05pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Security area.
Timeline: Mission Day 50 at 0900


Vincent was making his way to the Phaser range, he had a rating that is soon coming due and he is not one to have the Security types come looking for him. He did not carry them much; especially since he worked where Phasers were not so efficient. Yet there is the regulations dictating that he be the one to keep his ratings up to date.

He went to the Security Section and looked for the chief, lightly rapping upon her Office Door frame. "Excuse me ma'am, Lieutenant Jay-gee Lance Vincent. I am here to request someone test my Phaser rating?

"You're in luck, Lieutenant, I have some spare time." Ana said. "Please accompany me to the phaser range."

"Ladies always first." Vincent stepped aside to allow her passage to lead the way.

The phaser range contains a holomatrix that can be configured to reflect multiple scenarios. The room adjoins the Armory.

"May I ask a question of another subject loosely attached to the Phaser Range?" Vincent followed while taking in the efficient manner and use of space. "Can this range also support training in other weapon types, ballistic ones are my concern, underwater spear guns and pressurized ballistic are among the arsenal we use in my neck of the service?"

Loving submarines meant not enjoying vast space to move and an appreciation for the economical use of space, if this range could help him support the practice and training of others with the weapons of his trade he would be grateful to the Lady in front of him, and if she can use them as well as those Ballistic Anti-Borg Rifles Vincent may have had Lady Luck give him a good turn?

Ana thought for a moment. "Not at the moment, but I'll have the SI fields strengthened to accommodate them, if you'd like." She said.

"It would save me putting a target in the back yard of the outpost on the surface and have your trained people just in case." Vincent replied. "So what kind of testing you going to put me through?"

''Its target practice." Ana said. "You'll pick a phaser from the armory. Enter the room. During the test small target will appear and you have to shoot them before they disappear." She explained.

"That sounds simple enough." Vincent went to the open part of the armory to get a Phaser and checked the charge to be full. "This should do." He said with a smile and checked the setting for practice setting. "Is your test like that red blue Phaser game some of the guys from Security like to boast they could kick my Biology to the curb?" He asked while returning to the range.

"Similar, but that game has two players." Ana said. "If you're ready, we'll begin."

Vincent took in a breath and let it our and nod. "I am ready now ma'am."

"Computer activate program-phaser test-Chernova-1." Ana ordered.

The computer chimed and the program began.

Colored discs appeared in front of Vincent.

Vincent noted three colors that were appearing before him; red, yellow and blue were what he recalled as standard colors, red being the opposing target the Blue his color and Yellow was open shooting. So the first level was a blue dot appearing followed by a red then finally a yellow. Being the beginning level Vincent took the Blue within a split second; avoided the red and nailed the yellow without hesitation.

The next came with quicker and moving in sweeping motions as Vincent took out the blue instinctively and the yellow as it streak across his line of sight. the pace was gaining as he got each level; multiple targets in each color were coming into his visual range and he had to quickly hit the blue and yellow while the red targets did not vanish as quickly and added a bit of a need to acquire his targets and avoid the distraction of the red targets passing close to the intended targets at random times.

A yellow target appeared to Vincent's left. Before he could shoot it , it fired at him. Missing him by microns. It then disappeared.

That's not supposed to happen. Ana thought. A blue target then fired at her. She took cover and ordered. "Computer freeze program."

"Unable to comply." the Computer responded.

"Vincent find cover," she called as she drew her own phaser, rose to her feet and rained hell on the rogue targets.

Vincent dove out of the twin line of yellow lances; tucking to roll hear a control console ahead of another lance that just missed him.

"You did not tell me to avoid the yellow." Vincent took his phaser while in a crouch and scanned the colors for which shot where? "Yellow has it in form me, what color did you draw..." He saw two yellow and quickly put them out of his misery.

"The blues are after me and this isn't part of the program." Ana said as she shot another blue. "Something's gone wrong." She called. "I'm going to try and shut it down manually."

"Is there a control panel or arch to hit?" The Yellow lance nearly hit Vincent causing him to duck back a bit. "Can we hit the emitters?"

"The emitters are shielded." Ana said. "I'll make for the control panel." She said as she ran to her destination. Targets on her tail.

Vincent took his place and when a Blue appeared he fired at it. The beams did not have a chance for a shot. HE took out only the blue that targeted the Comander. The yellow lances cut through the seam of his jacket , not hitting him but the malfunctions counted it as scored hit. He kept his focus upon the blue targets to give his 'partner for this incident' the safety she needed. The near hits were getting a better bead on Vincent but he had dto take the chance to keep her rear clear of danger as a beam cut across his back and tore into his tunic as well as his jacket but no flesh ... yet.

She slid into a wall, like a baseball player sliding into 'home'. Slowing her speed with her feet. The Security Chief ripped of the inspection panel and looked inside.

The Blue colored targets were multiplying, the computer calculated that she is a threat to it; adjusting his position slightly to get some cover he still stayed where he could get shots between the range and the Commander. While those micro seconds gave the computer time to think and plan Vincent was concentrating his aim on anything blue. He was almost a constant beam firing as three more appeared and he had to assure he ht them. Ignoring the yellow beam that went across his right sleeve. The computer targeting was keeping him 'bracketed' and getting his position and exacting distances calculated...

"I have your back Ma'am!" He said as more of a vow than statement.

Ana tried the manual over-ride, but it had no effect.

Vincent dropped to a prone position when his left arm felt hot as the beam caught him. He finally hit the blue that had eluded him for a stray shot at the Commander. Once on the ground he had more cover but also a slight obstruction. He would have to chance that the Commander had that same cover from fire at that angle. The Phaser in his hand was rapidly draining and he guessed half the charge expended at his rate of fire, 2/3 if he was wrong. "

Visualizing the schematic for the wall's power conduit in her head, She counted along the wall and protecting her eyes, fired.

Its power disrupted, the room returned to its stand by mode.

A last shot hit an empty wall; he was in such a rapid fire he let one slip before lowering his phaser he felt had to be glowing from the focus crystal.

"Do I get a passing grade, Commander?" He half chuckled as he spoke.

"I think I can arrange that." Ana said. "Okay, Lieutenant, let's get a drink."

"Not synthale right?" He asked while rubbing his left arm. That stuff is nasty."

"How about some fine old bourbon whiskey?" She asked.

"Perfect." Vincent nod his approval. "I have to respect a lady with good taste in her spirits."

Ana smiled and led Vincent to her quarters.


Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
Chief Security Officer
Langley Station

LT JG Lance Vincent
Marine Biologist
Langley Station


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