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Physicals and Finnish cuisine

Posted on Sat Aug 31, 2019 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant Tuula Voutilainen M.D. & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent
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Mission: First Unity
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 1130


Vincent was in his standard uniform; the Sea Ray One sat on the Hangar deck waiting to take the initial Dive to test her under presssure and get the hull a bit more settled to the pressures of water versus Space and the Sky. All three were of importance yet he had flown Sea Ray here from the design Bay so the Space test is completed. A quick foray around the planet's skies in varied orbits before landing fulfilled the Atmospheric testing and on the Morrow the open sea test. It is all a process to make sure Sea Ray One is healthy.

The over-riding necessity is to get the Pilot checked over as healthy so he can be cleared for duty to fly Sea Ray One? For this he had to simply go to the Doctor and get another physical; the one before he left his last command and another for the new one. Pilots and Divers ; like those who do EVA work, Vincent would be under pressure in the oceans and not too different from the rigors of orbital work in pressure suits.

Entering the Sick Bay Vincent sought out the Chief Medical Officer; mainly because her picture was the one he had for reference; her Holo-image sure left little in the way of him mistaking anyone else from her, her hair was not the typical style of Star Fleet. He located her easy enough and made his way to her.

"Hallow Doctor Voutilainen." He greet. "I am Lance Vincent; new Marine Biologist coming unbidden to my mandatory Medical check to take my duty station." He smiled brightly. "Do you have time to check me over or do I need to make an appointment?"

Tuula took a quick glance across sickbay. She had a patient cancel, so this was a rare moment of calm that was the sickbay of a bustling port station. "I suppose I can squeeze you in," she said, figuring that since the patient at least seemed to be polite, it wouldn't be too much of a challenge. "Come, make yourself comfortable on one of the biobeds while I fetch your medical file. Vincent, right?"

"Thank you Doctor." He removed his jacket and slung it over a chair by the biobed closest to him. "Lance Vincent, Under Life Sciences." He added as he took a seat.

"Right, of course," replied Tuula as she spun in place and headed to her office to pull up his file. She gave it a quick skim on her terminal, not finding anything too concerning or particularly interesting. After a few moments reading, she reached for the skull shaped mug on her desk and took a sip of her lukewarm coffee, catching the patient's eyes for a brief second as she held the skull shaped mug in her hand before returning her gaze to the terminal to load the file to her PADD.

"So," she said, rolling out of her office, PADD on her lap, towards the biobed on which Lance was seated, "your file seems to indicate that you are in good health," she added, placing the PADD on a medcart next to the biobed, "have you had any health issues or concerns lately?"

"Got stung by a type of alien Man of war about a month ago, the toxins were purged and I was okay to dive a week later." He explained. "Aside from that I managed to keep away from those flu symptoms and I try to keep healthy." He shrugged. "Diving is my life and a big part of my job so I try to play smart."He look her in the eyes. "I like doctors and such but try to avoid Sick Bays if you know what I mean Doc?"

"Makes sense, though not all of us are so lucky as to be able to avoid needing medical attention," replied Tuula as she pulled out her favourite medical tricorder; the black one that she had personally engraved with a skull on it. "Though it is great that you are doing something that offers physical activity. Too many people these days have sedentary lifestyles, which results in health issues later on."

Vincent admired the fact the Doctor was doing her job even in a wheel chair; she had some spirit in her from what he observed. "I do check in a lot; sometimes over doing it with risk of the bends and some haste in the decompression in all the excitement." He shrugged. "Hope you won't hold it against me if I end up on your doorstep needing some time in a chamber?" He shrugged. "But I promise to take care so you don't have to see me about too often."

"Let's not get too hasty," replied Tuula, focusing on her tricorder as she waved it up and down the patient's body. "Sickbay is a nice place, if you have to stop by later, I could show you my collection of antique medical equipment in my office. It's not every day you get to see an authentic US Civil War bone saw."

"You mean the manual type?" He was partly joking. "That should be a sight to see." He did mean that. "I can make some time later, the Sea Ray is not due for her sea trials until tomorrow and being new guy on station I can use a friendly person to keep me from getting bored or lost in my research with mapping the surveys and all." He nod. What time you you think this History lesson can begin?"

"Perhaps around 1700, that is, as long as I don't have to do any emergency surgeries," explained Tuula. She had a busy afternoon planned, though she hoped to squeeze in a bite to eat between appointments and any emergencies that always tended to come up when she least wanted them to.

"Should I bring popcorn or something for the show?" He said with a smile. "Even in museums on Earth they had popcorn."

"I suppose..." mused Tuula before returning to her readings. "Hmmm, vital signs normal, so far so good. Say, you're in the research division; have you met my twin sister yet?"

Looking her up and down he tilt his head and thought hard before answering. "I think I would have noticed had I met her, but I am new and have not met many of the staff yet." Vincent Grinned. "I came to get my Physical before you sent anyone after me." He admitted. "I have only really met the Deputy of the department thus far."

"Oh," said Tuula. "Lie down for a moment." As the patient complied, Tuula pushed herself over to the controls of the biobed, preparing for a quick full-body scan. "Her name is Jaana. She's in stellar cartography; she's super nice and really smart. I'm so glad to be stationed to the same assignment as her; it's great being close to family."

"Maybe I will look her up and tell her you sent me." Vincent chuckled. "Will I get thrown out or will she tell me a cute story about the two of you?" He asked while waiting for the scan. "I am involved with 'Inner Space; I do not know if I can keep up with conversation about Outer Space?"

"I'm not sure," mused Tuula, not looking up from her scans. Jaana tended to be quiet and keep to herself, and if she didn't know better, she would think that her sister was sometimes embarrassed by her presence. "I'm sure she has her share of stories; whether she wants to share them us up to her."

"I would stop by and introduce myself but she might think I am coming for some other reason than science and if I tell her you suggested I show up it will seem like a set up?" Vincent chuckled. "You can see my problem in trying to get to know your sister; without formal introductions or a reason to be there I am at a loss not to appear to have ulterior motives in showing up to her lab?"

"You'll have to find an excuse yourself," replied Tuula, "Normally, I try not to get involved in the romantic lives of my patients. Unless, of course, we start getting into medical conditions arising from that sort of activity," she added, before glancing up from her screen. "You haven't had any issues on this front, have you? Unexplained rashes, a burning sensation while urinating, anything like that?"

Nothing but a bout with the bends a bit ago; new diver and she was rising too fast and not quite accustomed to buddy system; she was a solo diver and did not like my slower safer pace and over did it." Vincent explained. "No real after effects but was uncomfortable for a bit."

"Actually, I was referring to..." started Tuula, before shaking her head and returning her gaze to her screen. "Never mind. Just use appropriate protection, and if you're bringing collars, cuffs and ropes into the bedroom, make sure you have a safeword. Mine is 'pineapple.'"

Vincent got a sly grin as the joke had gone better than planned, he managed to get the subject changed.

"I'lll keep that in mind." He told her.

"Good," replied Tuula, blushing from behind her heavy makeup. "You seem to be in good health, though I will need to take a sample for further testing. Routine stuff; you aren't afraid of hyposprays, are you?"

"Not particularly." He shrugged. "But you are taking more samples than the other Doctors I have had physicals with; do I at least get offered dinner first?"

Tuula stifled a chuckle as she held the hypospray aloft, examining it momentarily before depressing a button to put it into sample mode. Normally she tired of this sort of banter fairly quickly, but she was enjoying herself. "I'd offer, but most people aren't big fans of Finnish cuisine. While hearty, it can be a little bland. I prefer something a little more exotic myself. Hold still for a moment."

"When you mention not liking Finnish food are we still talking the metaphoric or real food prefernces?" Vincent asked while remaining still.

"I... I'm not sure" Tuula paused for a moment, blushing from behind her heavy makeup. Ignoring the question for a moment, she focused on the task at hand, taking a small sample of the patient's blood. "There, all done," she added, pulling the sample cartridge out of the back of the hypospray, giving it a quick tap on her PADD to label it with the information in the medical file before placing it on the medcart. "There, all done. That wasn't that painful, now, was it?"

"Not painful at all." Vincent grinned as he sat up. "Now about the Finnish food metaphor or finicky tastes?" Vincent managed to keep a more or less straight face as he asked.

Tuula smirked, glancing down at the floor so as to conceal her blushing. "I'm sorry, I don't date patients," she said matter-of-factly. "Colleagues and fellow officers, on the other hand..."


Lt. Tuula Voutilainen
Chief Medical Officer

Lt. JG Lance Vincent
Marine Biologist


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