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First dive into the ocean.

Posted on Wed Jul 31, 2019 @ 11:01pm by Lieutenant Tuula Voutilainen M.D. & Lieutenant JG Lance Vincent & Lieutenant JG Suzanne (Suzie) Quinn M.D. & Warrant Officer Anuki Toku
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Mission: First Unity
Location: Research Labs
Timeline: Mission Day 49 at 0930


Vincent began getting the small duffel filled from the equipment in his small lab, the Special Tricorder and probe adapted for greater pressure and saturation tolerances. The bulk of his gear was still in Sea Ray One; aka the Runabout, but this little bit of gadgetry was just his favorite. He had on the Dry Suit that matched coloring of the Standard uniform with a proper jacket over it in Science colors. He had the jacket unzipped as he started through the central walkway of the labs.

=^= Lieutenant Jay-Gee Vincent To Research Department, I am taking Sea Ray One for her Maiden Dive into the ocean... anyone want to come along can be on the Hangar Deck in ten minutes.? =^= Vincent announced so all could hear. =^=Nice little voyage to make sure all the seals hold? =^= He was joking as he had brought her here from the shipyards across space to Langley.

He continued along the way to a Turbo Lift and his short ride to the Hangar Deck where the Runabout was waiting.

Runabout Sea Ray One]

Vincent had the Runabout going through Start Up from the Control Chair; the Main Hatch is open and waiting anyone that happens to wish to ocome along.

Piraash practically shoved Oshesaon into the runabout, such was her enthusiasm. Seeing the lieutenant at the controls Piraash grinned and quickly scrambled into the co-pilots seat. "Hi there" She stuck out her hand in the human greeting which had become so familiar to her "I'm Piraash, this is Oshesaon. I'm super excited to do this! Underwater! So cool! Like, nobody ever does this pack home, Andorian seas are super dangerous!"

Behind Piraash, Oshesaon smiled "Forgive her Lieutenant, when Piraash is happy her mouth tends to run away." He smiled, antennae flicking to focus on the human. "Your file said Marine Biologist. I am a Biologist too. Piraash here is our resident Anthropologist." His hand came to rest on Piraash's shoulder.

Vincent shook Piraash's hand with a grin enough to be polite before he let it go.

Aunki came running into the vessel. "Warrant Officer Anuki Toku, Zoologist. I apologize for my tardiness, Lieutenant." He said as he came to a stop behind Vincent.

"No to worry man." Vincent chuckled. "Still warming the Engines to a purr."

"Thank you." Anuki said with his people's approximate of a smile and took a vacant chair.

"I think it is time to button her up." Vincent said he got up to go and close the hatch. "Take a seat and we will be leaving momentarily.

Just before he was about to close the aft door on the modified runabout, Lance was confronted by a wheelchair just outside the back with a woman seated on it, arms crossed in mock indignation. "Lieutenant," called out Tuula, looking up at him inside the runabout, "I hope you weren't planning taking people out for a dive without a physician present to monitor the crew for signs of decompression sickness."

Vincent chuckled for a second and shook his head. "Minor oversight..." He smiled and bow slightly. "I would never leave a lady waiting on the docks." He made sure the ramp remained ready for her. "Please join us."

"That's more like it," replied Tuula as she pushed herself forward and up the ramp into the runabout.

"Allow me." Vincent helped the Doctor to a prime spot near a portal and made sure she had a secure place to observe.

Suzie hesitated as she ran the palm of her left hand up and down her right arm. She was acutely aware that with Tuula’s presence and seniority; in her role as a Medical Doctor the woman was surplus to requirement. But the chief had said experience and upskilling was essential. If she just parked herself into a quiet corner, Suzie figured that she wouldn’t get in anybodies way.

“Ah...hi?” Stepping forward, the Doctor smiled nervously at the runabouts occupants; the nerves very clear to be seen by all.

"Well well, we have another lady for the scenic ride." Vincent said and crossed to the lady. "You almost missed the ride." He winked. "Why don't you have an empty chair and I'll have to check eh dock once more..." He glanced to make sure no one else was close. "well this should be the last call." He put fingers to his lips and let out a loud whistle. "All aboard..." He called out to the Hangar deck and chuckled. "Guess it is good to go now, enjoy the ride."

Vincent went to the Control Chair.

Suzie’s eats were still ringing from the whistle and her cheeks were still heated from the flirting as she made her way across the cabin and took the first seat she could find.

"Welcome aboard Sea Ray One." Vincent replied. "I am Lance, glad you accepted my invitation, not everyone likes or thinks the oceans are important compared to the stars." He chuckled. "Now we are in ; literally, Alien waters. The gravitational forces here are Class M so we can expect some close to earth type pressure as we dive water is more dense as you understand." He nod to them as he secured all the moorings and clamps.

"Today I am going to take us kind of deep to test the pressure seals at depth so if you never went under you are in for a treat our target is 820 Fathoms; about 1500 meters depth." The smile brightened while activating the Opening of the portals that were strategically placed for observations.

"Pressure on the hull is just a smudge under 2200 pounds per square inch on the outer hull." he shrugged. "We can hit the lights and let you look about for anything lurking at that depth it is going to be the ride down that will be prettiest, near surface aquatic creatures are more colorful as the sun filters down, deeper it is darker and the sea life less colorful..." He laughed to himself. "Sorry excited and I babel a bit."

Anuki looked out the nearest portal. I slight change in coloring, would show those familiar with Saurian physiology, that he was excited.

"I suppose now that we have the Sea Ray buttoned up we can make our exit." Vincent took the Runabout off the deck and eased her out of the Hangar area and into the space between station and the planet.

Suzie glanced through her own portal as she watched the shuttle maneuver into space and begin its approach to the planet. “I believe that with just one massive ocean, Lyshan will prove to be quite the treasure trove for exploration?”

Vincent had total control of the decent, he did it with such a manner it did not glow as he passed through the stratosphere; easing the Runabout into a mild dive. The readout were all the the green,; power, thrusters, and the integrity fields. Tapping the control surfaces he took a sloping spiral down to get a truly 360 degree view of the water below as he angled a bit sharper nearing the a couple of klicks above the ocean below to level it out for a few seconds to realized he had come up a bit short of his target while trying to give everyone a view.

"Give me a couple of more seconds as we had a minor oops with navigation; totally my fault." He chuckled. "Little bit too much scenic views." Vincent glanced around until a tone sang out of his console. "That should do it." He turned the Sea Ray into a forty five degree dive towards the ocean.

The Runabout gained speed as it dove towards the surface; growing in the view screen while the winds were playing with the surface waves growing in size. He seemed to have managed a point of impact between two swells.

The Sea Ray nose dived into the ocean...

After the submersible entered the water, Anuki looked into alien ocean, hoping to see some new life form.

The inertia Dampeners were built for this and no one was thrown from their chair, the transition was rather smooth with only a subtle bump as the Runabout was in the sky then ... not. Vincent leveled the craft out at a depth of ten meters. The nice depth for diving to see some of the more exotic sea life than the surface dwellers. He had chosen this landing area as it was near an island that had a coral reef, orbital scans had confirmed it when Vincent had done his homework for this dive. The depth dive would be several clicks away from the reef, Vincent decided a little side trip might introduce the passengers to the worlds that Vincent loved to explore.

Taking the Sea Ray closer to the Reef it was apparent the budding life all around. Among the multicolored types of kelp, the spires of algae forming mushroom shaped spires. The reef layers were covered by a varied level of Sea plants, swaying reed like structs of a neon color of green mixed with the photosynthesis of blues and reds all mixed in with orange and yellows making a sea floor of rainbow landscapes all moving with the current. Schools of smaller fish were migrating in small schools moving as one, the larger shelled creatures not unlike Earth Sea turtles who move very quickly under the water.

The orange white and black fish moved about the bush like swaying plant life anchored to the rocks and some larger predatory types were in the more open water. weaving about the bases were several fish with small mouths sporting sharp teeth that move like snakes only thicker in their oval bodies. Obviously a cave dweller type life form.

"Beauty is everywhere in the oceans of the universe." Vincent remarked with a smile.

Anuki studied the sea life intently with great interest. The animals were similar to those he was familiar with, but also possessed a kind of uniqueness.

"Reminds me of snorkelling in the Caribbean on spring break from the Academy," mused Tuula, her face still nearly pressed against the porthole as she took it all in. That memory was a long time ago now, before the accident that left her in her chair. While she had learned to swim again, anything beyond simple laps in the pool was still a bit of a challenge.

"I have dove and snorkeled off in those waters, beautiful ecosystem." Vincent glanced back to the doctor. "I have a tank equipped with a small motor, still experimental but if you want to ever try diving again? We had it designed for longer dives and even rescue of divers to help bring them up." He explained. It is something you can think about if you want to really see this reef?"

"Perhaps..." mused Tuula, "I'd want to try it out on a controlled environment like a holodeck or a pool first though.

"You name the pool Doc and I will bring the gear anytime." HE smiled at the thought of practice with the equipment. Be more than happy to let you get used to it if you like. I would really enjoy knowing someone could get a chance to swim and it will help check the controls and such."

"I reminds me a little of my home." Anuki said. "I live close to the ocean, there are coal reefs there too, and I have swum among them many times." He said. "Possessing both lungs and gills, I have no need for artificial means."

"How would you like to come along on some of the deeper dives my friend?" Vincent asked Anuki. "I am sure you can swim much deeper than me and get some samples while exploring?"

"I would find that most enjoyable, thank you, Lieutenant." Anuki replied.

"I am having some soil sample requests for water and soil samples to see the possibility of Sea Farming." Vincent turned his chair to face Anuki. "I think two of us would make that quicker if you are game?"

Anuki smiled. "I am in. I like to take any chance I can to swim, Lieutenant."

"About five days." Vincent nodded. "Three days of trials, a day to check her over and then a day to relax before hitting it again." He nod to the man. "So we have about 24 hours worth of diving to get done."

"That will be doable as you humans say." Anuki said.

"Well with that problem solved what say we take her down to 500 meters and let her adjust and look about a bit?" Vincent said as he set up the dive commands and angled the Sea Ray along the sea shelf to a drop off then started down into the darker depths. He activated the Main lights ahead of them as well as the spot lights near all the portals to glance at passing sea life on the way down.

While still at an early depth a Manta Ray like creature sped past the front crossing west to east. The Sea ray had scans of the creature as well as Holographic images for the records.

"If you want to..." Vincent remarked. "You spot it , you name it. Just log it into the computer which will file it away under the similar type of species appropriate to the creature named."

Anuki stared into alien depths. He hoped to see some new life forms. Just as he was about to move to different portal, a flash of colour crossed his view. Whatever it was it was moving at a high rate of speed. He trusted that the craft's sensors would have caught it and would check them later.

"Please do not mind any groaning of the Sea Ray while we dive, it is only the outer hull adjusting to the increasing pressure as we go down." Vincent warned as he angled the Runabout deeper into the depths. "Pretty soon we will be 1500 meters down; one point five clicks or Kilometers , which ever you wish to measure by?" He had a smile on his face. "Really only a little above 10% of her crush depth but a fun ride when you think of it." The darkness was engulfing all the water around the spotlight's illumination. "I will stay close to the sea walls so you can tell we are diving."

The rest of the short voyage was into the depths to the desired depth where the Sea Ray did not creak nor make any sounds undere this light pressure compared to her maximum depth,

The dive is considered a success.



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