Langley Station

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The Yorkshire Man and the Klingons

Posted on Sat May 11, 2019 @ 3:34am by Chief Warrant Officer Andy Dalziel
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Mission: Farther Adventures
Location: IKS Q'roSS onroute to Langley Station
Timeline: Mission Day 0 at 0000

Andy laughed heartily and slapped G'art on the shoulder. They were in the Q'ross' mess hall among the other off-duty Klingons. The human engineer had managed to hitch a ride on the Klingon vessel as he had been able to aid them in repairing their warp engines.

"More blood wine, UnDay?" Arnax asked.

"Aye." Andy said. "Fill it up, my friend."

They started singing drinking songs and Andy tried to teach them On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at.

"It is foolish for a warrior to die on account of a lack of headwear." G'art bellowed and took a gulp of his bloodwine.

"True." Andy said. "But love makes fools of us all, does it not?" He said.

"Indeed." G'art replied with a hearty laugh.

"Gagh?" Someone asked offering a plate.

Andy took a handful of serpent worms and stuffed them in his mouth.

The whole room burst into laughter.

"You enjoy Blood wine, Gagh and drinking songs. You are an unusual human, UnDay son of UnDay, of the house of Dee'Al." Commander K'tal said. "You are welcome on my ship anytime you wish."

"Thank my friend, you are a most gracious host." Andy replied.

"Commander, we are approaching Langley Station." Came the voice of the Operations Officer.

"On my way Lieutenant." Commander K'tal replied.


Q'ross Bridge

Moments Later

"Klingon vessel, this is Langley Station Operations, please state the purpose of your visit?"

"I am Commander K'tal of the Imperial Klingon Starship Q'ross. We are here to deliver a passenger." K'tal replied.

"Okay, Q'ross, please use docking port 3." Langley Station Operations replied.

"Understood." K'tal said and signaled his helm officer to follow the instructions.

"Chief Warrant Officer Andy Dalziel, meet me at the Docking Hatch and prepare to disembark." K'tal said over the ship's intercom.


Q'ross Docking Hatch

Andy stood at the docking hatch, carryall over his shoulder. He felt the shudder through the deck plating as the ship docked with the Station.

Commander K'tal approached him and handed him a d'k tahg with his house's emblem on it.

"Thank you, my friend, I will treasure it always." Andy said.

The hatch opened and the Klingon Commander said. "UnDay son of UnDay, of the house of Dee'Al, Qapla'!"

"Qapla'!, my friend." Andy replied as he left the ship.


Langley Station Docking Area

Stepping onto the Station, Andy was met by a Security Team.

"Chief Warrant, your orders?" The ranking Security Officer asked.

Andy took a PADD from his carryall and handed it to the Security Officer.

The man looked over it and handed it back. "This seems to be in order. Chief Warrant, the Sedna is yet to arrive, but quarters have been allotted to you and you are welcome to partake in all the amenities offered by the Station." He said.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, so where will I be staying?" He asked.

"Your quarters' assignment is on your PADD. Ask the Computer if you get lost. Have a good."

"And you." Andy said and then went off in search of his Quarters.


Chief Warrant Officer Andy Dalziel
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sedna


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