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Jaana's Mental Check Up

Posted on Thu Dec 12, 2019 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant Jaana Voutilainen PhD

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 16 - Counselors office
Timeline: Mission Day 68 at 1000


Looking at her timepiece Jaana was annoyed at seeing how late it already was. She already wasn't looking forward to the meeting she was about to have, but really hated it because she still had so much work to do before her small trip next week. She locked her terminal and headed for the Counseling Offices for her mandatory mental check.

Nehini was straightening her office when she heard the sound letting her know that someone wanted in. "Come in", she answers as she moves around to her desk and sits down, a smile coming to her lips as she sees her it is. "Ah, Jaana, is it? Welcome to my office. Please sit down, make yourself comfortable. And I thank you for coming as fast as you have", the counselor stands up to grab herself a hot drink.

"I don't really have a option do I?" she hadn't meant it to sound so rough, "I mean, I know I need counseling, that I can't stay healthy by just continue doing everything myself. I just don't like being taken from my work to have to talk to someone about my feelings." She added a slight smile to that as an apology for her initial tone.

Nehini heard the roughness in her voice, but after so long of hearing it from patients since she started being a counselor, it didn't affect her as it might have years ago. Instead she shrugs as she sits down with the hot drink taking several sips as she stares at Jaana. "You can talk about what makes you comfortable, Jaana, even if its just to tell me how your day went. Or how is your work going? Oh! And do you want a drink or some food?"

Jaana couldn't help but laugh. The whole reason for her being here was her problem with food. "My work is good. I'm preparing for a extended mission on the Canterbury. It's going to do a survey of a number of near by planets, and they've asked me and a number of other scientist to join them."

Nehini presses her lips together as she realizes her mistake, knowing that Jaana had bulimia, and perhaps that wasn't the best question to ask. But she was so used to asking everyone who came in. "I am glad for you, that your work is going well, and it sounds interesting, though I am sure its not all fun", she smirks. "And forgive me, I am so used to asking everyone who comes in here if they want anything. I could still get you a drink if you like? I make the best smoothies!"

"A smoothie actually sounds good. I should order them more often, but I just keep forgetting to order them." Jaana said. "They're a great way of getting the nutrients and vitamins I need. Even when I'm busy with work and forget to eat."

Smiles as she jumps up to make two smoothies, actually doing it from scratch as she gathers up the fruits. "Great! And you can eat as much as you want, and it don't hurt you like other foods can. I like Banana and strawberry with mine, but what do you like?", Nehini asks as she makes her smoothie first. "So tell me, how do you feel about this extended mission?"

"Same for me please." Jaana looked around the room, trying to get comfortable. "I don't know to be honest. I'm excited. But I have noticed I've been less flexible then I've been on earlier postings. I actually prefer it if things stay the same. Same surroundings, same people. But I just have to step over that feeling I guess. From a work aspect the mission is very exciting. I get to map out the surrounding systems in more details then the map we already have in the computer. Who knows what we can discover."

Nehini gathers extra strawberries and another banana as she makes a second smoothie for Jaana, listening to what she had to say about the extended mission. "Most on board here feel the same as you, which is a relief in some ways as no one is affected by it in a negative way, but I can't say how it affects me as I am simply a counselor, and not out there in the front and center as you are", she brings over both smoothies after blending them together with added ingredients, and sits down, handing Jaana her smoothie.

"Enjoy", she nods toward her as she takes a drink.

"Thank you, I will." she said and she took her first sip. It was sweet and lovely. "Tastes good."


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