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Opening Ceremony - Part 3

Posted on Sat Mar 30, 2019 @ 8:51pm by Cazanjian Zurale & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 6:58pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Deck 38 - Function Room 1
Timeline: Mission Day 31 at 1930


Having decided to make a late appearance to the opening ceremony, Hannah spotted someone she knew standing on the edge of the room. "Hey, Chief, not one for parties, either, ah?" she said.

"Do I know you, ma'am?" Charles asked.

"I'm Hannah Reeves. I was Marine XO on the Arizona," Hannah replied.

"Of course, Lieutenant Reeves, you've changed your hair colour. It suits you," Charles said. "And I like parties. These ceremonies are too stuffy."

"Thanks," Hannah replied with a smile. "I agree with you there. I rather be with a small group of friends dancing and having a few laughs."

"Sounds like fun," Charles replied.

Even though it had been an open invite, only a few of the people from the colony came up. This is stupid. Nadiya stood alone near the buffet, her wild curls kept in check with a rather utilitarian braid. Why did you come here? Just because some Starfleet nobody came to the farm? She remembered the officer and had idly been looking around to spot him. Once more with empty promises and sweet talking? She took in a deep breath and sipped her drink. Stop it, Nadiya. If you want to run, this is going to be part of it.. The purple dress she was wearing really complimented her complexion, and aside from the fact that she disliked dresses and felt that her figure wasn't feminine enough to pull them off she was happy she had made an effort to dress up. The long dress flowed freely around her legs as she headed for the buffet table. It was kind of eerie as she entered the queue. Every Starfleet officer here was in a white dress uniform, some civilians were mingled in with a wide range of attire. She had even seen someone with a holstered sword earlier and wondered when Security would come and drag them away.

Cazanjian Zurale found such events as tedious now as when he had been with the Obsidian Order. But at least then he’d had a purpose. A few glasses of kanar did wonders to loosen tongues for an alert operative to overhear. Now, however, he was simply a backwater constable, here representing the colony below. His fitted black tunic suit was hardly as impressive as newly polished Cardassian armor, but that life was long ago.

There was a tug on Cazan’s sleeve and the tall Cardassian looked down at the little Human boy beside him. The boy’s face was freshly scrubbed and his unkempt blonde hair given a vain attempt at a comb down. His blue eyes looked up at Cazanjian and he pointed toward the refreshment table.

“Yes, you may partake of the food,” Cazan said. Then he snatched at the collar of the boy’s tunic. “No. Running,” he warned.

The boy nodded sagely and walked somberly off.

Cazanjian sighed and followed, mostly to keep an eye on the boy. He didn’t even know why he had bothered bringing the child up here. The boy should have been watching the prairiguana flock.

“Nadiya,” Cazanjian greeted the rancher perusing the choices at the table. “What appears to be good?” It was certainly a spread the likes of which was seldom seen on the planet below among the simple farmers and ranchers of the colony. Cazan even raised his eyebrow at the regova egg stuffed with minced zabo steak and yamok sauce. He didn’t often get such Cardassian fare much anymore.

“Boy!” Cazan snapped. “Just one!” he warned as he reached for a bunch of sweets.

"There's just so much of this that I really don't know what to choose. Imagine having this kind of spread every day." Nadiya was overwhelmed and also slightly pissed at Starfleet. It had been a long time since the Federation had given them the light of day, and the tech and resources they had to create these kinds of banquets had all not been available to them in that time.

“It does seem a bit...excessive,” Cazanjian agreed. Not that a gul or a legate was much better, but Cazan didn’t usually talk about his past, not with his fellow colonists. That would lead to questions he would rather not answer. “But then you know Humans better than I do.”

"I wonder how true that is." Nadiya remarked, more to herself than to her Cardassian neighbour. She looked around and saw so many different people, they looked so exotic, so much different from what she was used to in her day to day. Perhaps she had been making the wrong decision for all these years. She should've left when she still had the means to start over somewhere else. Now she was stuck on that barren rock.

Hannah had convinced Charles to accompany her to the refreshments tables. They arrived in time to see a young Human male being chided by a older Cardassian who appeared to be his guardian.

Hannah assumed correctly that they were colonists. The Cardassian was talking with a Human female, so she decided to hold back on introducing herself and Charles to them.

The young boy stuffed one of the sweets into his mouth, then grabbed another before flicking his nose at the Cardassian in a rude gesture. The Cardassian flicked the boy’s ear with a finger, making the boy wince and dance away before darting off into the crowd, running directly into Hannah.

The Marine engineer pivoted on her ankle in order to keep her balance as the child collided with her.

"Careful, little one, where's the fire?" she asked.

The boy looked up at her with wide eyes, cheeks stuffed with cookies.

“My apologies,” the tall Cardassian said, taking the boy’s ear between two fingers and pulling him back away, to his side. The boy winced but came obediently. “I told you not to run here.” He looked back to the Marine. “He isn’t used to being around this many people.”

"It's fine really, I understand. I was the same way at my mother's banquets when I was about his age," she said with a smile. "My mother was foreign minister in my homeworld's government and was always entertaining dignitaries from the local star systems." She turned to the boy. "I used to take a handful of cookies and eat them while hiding under a table," she told him.

The boy’s eyes flicked toward the tables and then back at the woman. “Don’t give him ideas. I’ll never find him again,” Cazanjian said, putting his hand on the boy’s shoulder with an iron grip. “And where were you from?” he asked Hannah.

The boy squirmed a bit, but then settled down to eating his cookies. Cazanjian handed him a glass of the punch.

"I was born on a Federation colony of Beta Ganymede III, but my mother is originally from Rigel V," Hannah said. "Despite the elongated ears, I'm neither Vulcan or Romulan," she added.

“Human? Cazanjian asked. “Or something else. I wasn’t aware Humans had pointed ears.”

The boy promptly sat on the floor in the middle of everything and drank his punch, looking up at Hannah with big blue eyes.

"My father is Human, my mother is a Rigellian Vulcanoid, like the Romulans, the ancestors of my mother's people left Vulcan because they did not agree with Surak's teachings, but they embraced their emotions and used sex to control pon farr."

“Ah, I see,” Cazanjian said. “I can see why someone might make the mistake of thinking you Vulcan, though I suppose I do not see the appeal in...cross-species relationships,” he said with typical Cardassian distaste.

"Each to their own," Hannah said. "So where did you find, the boy?" she asked.

Cazan looked down at the Human child. “He showed up sleeping on my doorstep,” the Cardassian said. “I kicked him to get him to leave, but he kept coming back. I decided if he was going to be an annoyance, he should at least be put to work.”

Boy grinned and bit into a cookie.

"A logical plan," Hannah said. "What work does he do for you?"

“Mostly he watches my herd of prairiquanas,” Cazanjian said. “And a bit of housework and work in the garden.”

"So, you have a farm?" Hannah asked.

“I do,” Cazanjian said. “It’s mostly scrubland, so a ranch more than a farm, but I have a few small plots for growing some crops. What about you?” he asked Hannah.

"There were gardens and fields on my family estate. My brother and I used to play in them as kids," Hannah said. "But I don't own any land of my own. I'm an engineer, if you need any help with fences or generators."

Cazanjian gave a wry smile. “We can use all kinds of help in the colony,” he admitted. “The Federation seems only too eager to help. Many are...skeptical, given that we were left to rot for decades.” If only they knew his own role in their plight, but Cazanjian was too good a Cardassian to let that appear on his face.

"I'm just a simple Marine. Why Starfleet and the Federation didn't come here sooner is above my paygrade. The thing is, we are here now and we are willing to help," Hannah said.

“That is what you will have to convince the Lyshanans of,” Cazanjian said with a nod, sipping his punch.

"I know. Perhaps you could put in a good word for us," Hannah said.

Cazanjian smirked. “I am a Lyshanan, too,” he pointed out. “You will have to convince me as well.”

"Very well. What do you have in mind?" Hannah asked.

“Planetary surveys and soil samples are all well and good,” Cazanjian said. “And likely necessary. But they are slow. They take time. What you need is a grand gesture,” he told Hannah. “Something to really announce your intentions and manipulate public opinion. Something that says ‘We’re here to help’, something more than just bland speeches.”

"I understand," Hannah said. "I'll give it some thought and discuss it with Captain Banninga," she promised him.

Cazanjian gave Hannah a polite bow of thanks.


1LT Hannah Reeves
Langley Station
[PNPC Anahera]

Cazanjian Zurale
Lyshan Colony
[PNPC Megan]


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