Langley Station

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Posted on Mon May 6, 2019 @ 9:31am by Lieutenant JG Marcella Solari & Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Captain T'Lisa Anderson
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Mission: First Unity
Location: Canterbury/Brig
Timeline: Mission Day 9 at 1000

Ash lay lightly dozing on the bench of the security cell, trying to ignore Rilasa as she paced back and forth in the cell next to him. “Can you sit for ten minutes, Le Pen?” he asked, maintaining their alter egos. He knew they wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. He hadn’t had time or resources to create fully backstopped undercover identities for them. They had basically plastered on existing crew of Langley Station onto them, with Rilasa using her ability to holographically change her appearance. The identities hadn’t needed to last; they weren’t supposed to have gotten caught.

“How can you be so calm about this?” Rilasa demanded.

“Because there is nothing I can do right now. No sense in wasting the energy. Have you really never been caught before?”

“No. I’m the best.”


“I could probably get us out,” Rilasa said. “Overload the force field. My systems can take it.”

“Not without you taking a lot of strain. And how would you get off the ship?”

“Steal a shuttle.”

“Because that went so well. And how many people would you hurt on the way?”

“As many as I needed,” Rilasa said coldly. “I need to get to Nali. This is my best chance.”

“Don’t be stupid, Le Pen.” Ash sat up. “Enrily isn’t going to hurt Nali. She’s perfectly safe.”

The mousy, slightly pretty brunette Human in the blue tunic and khaki pants clenched her fists. “To be so close… You don’t know how frustrating this is, Corrigan.”

“No, I do,” Ash said quietly. “She’s my daughter, too. Even if you never told me,” he said reproachfully.

The pair grew quiet as they heard the outer door to the brig open. “Too early for lunch,” Ash observed. “Time for interrogation?”

“Should be a breeze,” Rilasa said. “The Federation doesn’t torture.”

“You’d be surprised. They could stick a talkative Bolian in here with us.”

T'Lisa entered the brig. "How are our guests?" she asked the brig officer.

"Sir, they've be arguing since they beamed aboard and the female keeps pacing like a caged animal," he reported.

"Thank you, Ensign. Dismissed," she replied.

"Aye, sir," he said, and left.

Addressing the prisoners, she said, "Now, my Security Chief will be here shortly, so why don't we get the introductions over before she arrives." She waited a moment then said, "I'll start us off. I am Captain T'Lisa Anderson of the Federation starship Canterbury. And you are?"

"Sorry, I'm late," the Canterbury's Security Chief said as she walked in with a few padds in one hand and a coffee in the other. Her uniform jacket was half opened and her hair was more out of the bun than in it. It was clear she hadn't seen her quarters since the day before. Usually she was perfectly dressed on duty, but not this time. The only thing that was the same as always was the phaser attached her her left upper thigh. "We needed some more time to process all this interesting information." She handed her captain a copy of the padd containing the info.

"In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm Lieutenant Solari. I'm the ship's Security Chief and we really need to talk."

The man smiled. “Pleasure to meet both of you lovely ladies,” he said with a handsome, flirtatious smile. “No need to get dressed up on my account, Chief,” he teased the security chief.

The woman rolled her eyes, but remained silent.

“Clearly there has been some sort of misunderstanding here,” the man said. “I’m sure we can sort this out and we can all get on our way. I am terribly sorry we inconvenienced you lovely ladies.”

T'Lisa was not impressed by the man's so-called charms. "Which part was the misunderstanding? The stealing the shuttle? The impersonating a Starfleet officer? You trying to enter Cardassian space? The illegal weapons you had onboard? Or your failure to answer our hails?” she asked.

"You're forgetting the harming one of the station's biologists," Marcella added.

“Ah, now you can’t prove that!” the man said with a smile. “And if you check your records, that shuttle was legitimately checked out, not stolen. The paperwork should have been processed by now. Honestly, theft? That’s so declasse. I don’t know anything about illegal weapons, and our comms were acting up. Did I miss anything? Oh, right. The impersonating a Starfleet officer. Except I am a Starfleet officer, so I’m not impersonating anyone, right?”

"Now, there was a problem with your transporter signature, so I had my ops officer contact the real Ensign Daniel Corrigan. He's currently on Langley Station having a coffee break," T'Lisa said. "Would you like to change your plea in light of this new evidence?" she asked.

“Oh, you mean impersonating a specific Starfleet officer?” the man said. “I admit, it was a sloppier job than I normally do. I didn’t have the time and resources to do it better. But you have to admit it was still pretty good,” he said proudly.

The woman in the other cell rolled her eyes and sat down on the bench. “Wake me when he’s done prattling on.”

"You're not as charming as you think you are, and your companion seems to agree," T'Lisa said. "Speaking of which, why are you two together?”

“Oh, you just need to get to know me better,” the man said to T’Lisa. “Le Pen does. She just hides her affection behind cynical indifference, but she’s an entirely different animal in the bedroom.” He grinned.

The woman didn’t really have anything to say to that. “We’re together because we have a mutual goal,” she said.

"And what would this mutual goal be?" T'Lisa asked, ignoring the man's comments.

“None of your business,” the woman said, crossing her arms and glaring at T’Lisa.

“I’m afraid you don’t have the clearance for that,” the man said with a winning smile. “So why don’t you take your shuttle and let us go. Better yet, it would be great if you could drop us across the border, maybe with the shuttle. We can return it on the way back.”

"That would tie things up in a neat bow, wouldn't it?" T'Lisa replied to the man.

“It would,” the man replied laconically.

"Unfortunately, that would make me an accomplice to any crimes you commit, and I'm not prepared to go to prison for you," the captain said. "So unless you have a better way of convincing me, I hope you will enjoy your ride back to Langley Station."

“Who said anything about crimes?” the man said. “And, frankly, we would be out of your jurisdiction and not your problem,” he pointed out. “When do I get my phone call?”

“Phone call?” the woman asked.

“Earth expression,” he explained to the seemingly Human woman.

"Very well," T'Lisa said tapping her comm. badge. "Lieutenant Muller, could you activate the comm system in the brig. One of our guests wants to make a call."

"Aye, sir," came the sultry voice of the Chief Operations Officer. "Activated, Captain."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." T'Lisa said. Then addressing her prisoner. "Give Lieutenant Muller the 'phone number' and she'll 'dial' for you."

The man smiled. “She sounds interesting,” he commented. “Please put through a call to Commodore Artemis Pierce of the USS Nemesis,” he said.


Ensign Daniel Corrigan/Lieutenant Commander Ash Danrisa
Security Officer/Intelligence Officer
Langley Station/USS Nemesis

Antoinette Le Pen/Rilasa Graeca
Biologist/Intelligence Asset
Civilian/USS Nemesis

Commander T'Lisa N'Livek
Commanding Officer
USS Canterbury

Lieutenant Marcella Solari
Chief Security Officer
USS Canterbury


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