Langley Station

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A Little Bit of Playfulness

Posted on Sat May 11, 2019 @ 12:28am by Ketacyn Aumar
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:02pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station/The Terminal
Timeline: Mission Day 31 at 2200

Ketacyn leaned on the bar a bit, enjoying the brief respite in busy-ness provided by the speeches. She flexed her legs a little and pulled up a stool. Her particular bar was a bit popular, the patrons of the official opening ceremony drawn to the attractive young woman. She glanced over at her partner Tiral at the next bar, the copper-haired Vulcan standing straight with arms crossed over her chest. She caught Tiral’s gaze and gave her a wink. The Vulcan just gave a hint of a smile. At the other bar, a well-figured Caitian with stark white fur was stretching, catching a few eyes. Ketacyn gave her a little finger wave.

“You owe me,” the Caitian mouthed silently. Hepzibah wasn’t normally a bartender. She was actually a mercenary and smuggler, but Ketacyn had wanted some help with working the bars, so she had pitched in as a friend.

“I do,” Ketacyn mouthed back, giving her a wink.

Hepzibah laughed.

As the speeches ended and the attention of the attendees began to drift, Ketacyn found herself busy again, smiling, teasing, flirting with many a customer.

The chief counselor, Nehini Naix, drifted into the bar, wanting another sweet wine, and to glance upon the beautiful Ketacyn. Though she was possibly dating another, it still didn't hurt to flirt a little, as long as it didn't go beyond innocent flirting.

"Good afternoon, Ketacyn. More of that sweet wine you offered me."

“Of course,” Ketacyn said with a sultry smile. “Nice to see you again, Nehini. Is there anything else you need?” She placed the drink in front of the counselor and leaned on the bar again, presenting a very nice view once more. “I hope all that wasn’t too boring.”

Nehini's black eyes moved across the woman’s very nice view of her breasts, taking her drink to take a few sips. "Mmm, not at all. I have everything I need right now. Delicious wine, and an even more sweeter view." She raised her glass up at Ketacyn before she took another drink. "I admit I enjoy this station and bar."

“Well, this is just a temporary kiosk,” Ketacyn said, mixing another drink sending it sliding down the bar to the man who ordered it, her eyes never leaving Nehini. “But if you want to stop by The Lonely Star some night, I would be more than happy to make sure you enjoy it.” Her full, kissable lips gave a sultry smile.

Nehini laughed softly as she kept her eyes on the beautiful woman in front of her. “I would gladly want to visit The Lonely Star sometime, it will be my pleasure, but curious why it’s called The Lonely Star? Is it so lonely there?” She frowned a little, making a pout with her lips, but her eyes were still happy.

Ketacyn smiled, reaching up and running a soft finger over those cutely pouting lips. “I cater mostly to those lonely travelers that come in on transports and cargo haulers, wishing to drown away their sorrows and loneliness, people who need a good listening ear,” the El Aurian said. “But it doesn’t have to be so lonely.” Her finger trailed along Nehini’s jawline. “Not if you have a friend.”

As Ketacyn’s finger trailed close to Nehini's mouth, the Betazoid captured it in her mouth and started sucking. Then she pulled away with a chuckle. "Better be careful where you place your finger." She grinned. "Speaking of friends, I would love to be yours and spend some time with you. If I was dating another Betazoid, I wouldn't mind also getting to know you better, but other races don't agree with multiple relationships as Betazoids do, and don't care to hurt my possible partner, so for now how does friends sound?"

“Friends is just fine,” Ketacyn said. “With benefits, even, should you change your mind.” She smiled coyly. “In my business, you can’t have too many friends. So who is the lucky someone?” she asked, refilling Nehini’s glass of wine.

Nehini tilted her head a little, watching as the beautiful woman refilled her glass. "Thank you, for the wine and your friendship." She picked up her glass and took another sip before she responded to her question. "Her name is Ambassador Jasca. I just met her recently, and we planned a date. Nothing official yet."

Ketacyn tilted her head, thinking. “The Cardassian ambassador,” she noted. “Yes. Very attractive. What drew you to her?” she asked curiously, sitting herself comfortably against Nehini. “And she could hardly fault you for a little fling even before you were in a relationship,” she pointed out. “Cardassian relationships are often political in nature, with an understanding on both sides that certain allowances will be made, as long as they are discreet and the family is maintained.”

Nehini raised her eyebrow toward Ketacyn when she sat herself very comfortably against her. “You seem to know a lot about Cardassian ways. I am still learning myself...and she is beautiful, just as you are beautiful.” She touched her face, lightly caressing her warm skin. “Your offer is very tempting, but I feel we should first get to know each other a little better before we enjoy ourselves in the bedroom?” she asked with a teasing smile.

Ketacyn laughed, nipping teasingly at Nehini’s fingers. “That isn’t what those who come into my bar say,” she teased back. “And yes, I do know a bit about Cardassian relationships. I’ve had my share of Cardassian lovers. I’m not as young as I look,” she said with a smile.

Nehini wiggled her fingers, a grin on her lips. "You certainly like to nibble, don't you Ketacyn? Perhaps you could show me more of your nibbling if we join, but first I must get to know Ambassador Jasca and find out if she is open to the idea of us three together.", She smiled as she removed her fingers. "For now, let us chat and drink." She raiised her glass and took one last sip.


Ketacyn Aumar
The Lonely Star

Lieutenant JG Nehini Naix
Chief Counselor
Langley Station


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