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Moonlight Drive (Part 1)

Posted on Mon Jun 10, 2019 @ 10:18am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Anzhelina Walker
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:07pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Shuttle Ampere on route to the Colony.
Timeline: Mission Day 32 at 2300

Anzhelina Walker sat in the pilot's seat as she guided the Ampere out of the station's perimeter. She put the autopilot on and turned to her passenger. "So, Lieutenant, why the late night trip?"

Megan yawned a bit and sipped some strong coffee. “A couple of my researchers overindulged a bit at the opening ceremonies last night,” she said. “They still haven’t recovered. So I’m covering their shift down at the research station.” They kept a small, local facility just outside of town where they could run tests without taking the long trek back to the station. “Mostly it’s babysitting duty,” she admitted. “Thank you for being willing to make a last minute run, Ms. Walker. And if you don’t want to make the flight back to the station tonight, we have bunks in the facility if you want to crash there.”

"It’s fine. I was already up. I took an anti-intoxicant and they always make sleeping difficult for me," Anzhelina said. "I was reading Gulliver's Travels for the umpteenth time when the call came in," she said. "I'll stay at the facility until your duty is over."

Bien.” Megan smiled. “Otherwise it might be boring, all by myself. Why an anti-intoxicant?” she wondered. “I mean, reading a book doesn’t sound like a big party.” She glanced over at Anzhelina as the planet grew closer.

"I attended the opening ceremony, before reading my book," Anzhelina explained.

Megan chuckled. “Ah, oui. The ceremony. I, too, perhaps indulged a tiny bit too much,” the teenager said with a laugh. “I don’t have such a high tolerance for alcohol as I used to.”

"Alcohol has strange effects on my metabolism. I guess that's what I get for having El-Aurian, Human, and Vulcan DNA," Anzhelina said.

“That is quite the mix,” Megan agreed. “I used to be much more a party girl. But that was more when I was at the Academy. I guess I need to practice, huh?” She grinned at Anzhelina. “Unfortunately I didn’t really bring anything with me, though it wouldn’t surprise me if someone hadn’t stashed a little something at the outpost,” she admitted.

Anzhelina laughed. "I'm not much of a drinker," she said. Changing the subject, she asked, "Do you know my grandmother? She's the station's security chief."

“Anahera?” Megan asked. “Yes, we are good friends,” she said. “You are her...granddaughter?” she asked with surprise. “She doesn’t seem old enough for a granddaughter!”

"It’s her El-Aurian genes. She must be about 230 by now," Anzhelina said.

Megan gave a whistle. “What’s that like?” she asked. “I mean, having a grandmother that was around when the Federation was founded?”

"I haven't really thought about it. It just seems normal to me," Anzhelina said. "My great-grandmother is still kicking around somewhere, and she was born in the 20th century."

Mon Dieu,” Megan said in amazement. “I do not know how someone could live that long,” she admitted. “I think I would go crazy. I am crazy enough being sixteen again.” She laughed, then looked at Anzhelina a bit uncertainly, wondering how much the younger woman knew about her. She certainly hadn’t mentioned the oddity of a teenage girl in a Starfleet uniform.

"You might even get to meet her. She has a habit of showing up like a cursed penny," Anzhelina said as she brought the shuttle into a landing.

Megan raised an eyebrow. “You do not like her showing up?” she asked as the shuttle settled on the green sward of tall prairie grass that served as the landing zone for the pre-fab structure that was the research facility located just outside of the Lyshan colony. It was dark in the colony, as well, the station synchronized with the colony’s time zone for ease of service. Megan unbuckled and began to gather her things.

"She's a conwoman and a thief," Anzhelina said as she shut down the shuttle's systems. "She only shows up when she needs money or a place to hide."

“So which is it this time?” Megan asked, pressing the control to open the side door and walking out onto the prairie. “How often does she show up? What do you usually do?”

"I assume she's on her way to the station to hide out," Anzhelina said, getting out of the pilot seat. "I haven't talked to her yet, but I have some sources that keep an ear out for me," she explained. "Since she found me, I've had visits every few years." Anzhelina smiled as she entered the cool evening air. "Most of the time I just ignore her until she gets the point and leaves."

Megan considered that as they walked the hundred yards toward the science station entrance. “Langley is the back end of nowhere, so a decent place to hide, but anyone who knows you are her great granddaughter would be sure to check here,” the teen said. “I mean, it’s kind of the first rule of looking for someone. Talk to family and known associates.”

Megan paused in front of the door for the security system to sense her comm badge. The doors swished open and she stepped inside. It was a touch stuffier inside than out. The team Megan was relieving was Vulcan and liked it warmer than normal.

"Well, we all have different surnames, which makes it a little difficult," Anzhelina said as she followed Megan in. "Can we turn the temp down a little?" she asked.

“Of course. Computer, lower temperature by ten degrees and raise humidity to standard,” Megan instructed as she put her things down on a table. This appeared to be a common room with a small kitchen, table, couches, chairs, and a holovision. There was a set of doors that looked like it led to a small room with two sets of bunks in it. “Make yourself at home. Put on some coffee, if you like.” She nodded to the kitchenette as two Vulcans emerged from the airlock to the labs.


Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Chief of Research

Anzhelina Walker
Civilian Pilot


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