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The new CMO

Posted on Tue Jul 2, 2019 @ 5:06am by Captain Kate Banninga & Commander Ronald Hawk & Lieutenant Tuula Voutilainen M.D.
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 5:30pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 8 - CO's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 32 at 1000


With her niece safely with the daycare service Kate had gone to her office to get some work done. It had been two days since Lotte had been with her and she hadn't been able to do much work, although she was getting around by now. Learning her needs and how to take care of a baby. As the door chimed she looked up.

As the door swept open, a straight backed, dark hair man was revealed. The Stern ‘on duty’ face on Ronald Hawk broke into a friendly smile. “Captain,” he nodded as he took a single step over the threshold, but not far enough that the door should close behind him.

"Hawk," she said as she saw her XO. "Great timing, I've just heard our CMO just got arrived as should be on her way here. I thought we'd better save both of us some time and meet her together."

“Are you sure it won’t seem as if we are ganging up on her, ma’am?” Hawk asked as he took another step into the office and allowed the door to hiss to a close behind him.

"Well, I think that won't be that unusual. She's not your standard officer, from what I heard. I'm actually a bit exited to see if the rumors are true." Kate said. "Help yourself," she said as she pointed to the replicator. She'd just retrieved a large coffee herself. It seemed she was in even dire need of coffee the last few days then she had been before.

“I have been reading her file,” Ron said as he walked toward the replicator. “It was a, well, an interesting read,” he continued as he reached the replicator, before ordering himself a cup of Chinese matcha. “But I have never held to much thought in rumours. It is rare that they carry too much weight.”

Kate leaned back in her chair while Ron was getting himself a drink, took a sip of her coffee and closed her eyes for a few second to enjoy the taste. She needed this so much. "I've always learned there is often a kernel of through in rumours."

Having taken a small dainty cup of deep green liquid, Ron crosses back over toward his Captain’s desk. He placed his cup down and sat on the edge of a chair opposite Kate. It was only now he replied; “The problem is distinguishing the truth from fiction.”

"True, very true," before she got a change to say more the chime signaled someone was at the door.

As the doors slid open with a whoosh, Tuula pushed herself forward in her chair towards the desk, glancing at Ron before her focus returned to Captain Banninga. She was dressed fairly conservatively, at least by her standards -- of course, she was rocking the heavy eye makeup, dark lipstick, and dyed hair. However, her hair was worn down, covering up her head tattoo and obscuring part, but nowhere near all, of her neck tattoo. "Good morning, captain," she said, in a positive tone, one that was practiced as she wanted to make good first impression. "Commander," she added, nodding towards Ron. "Doctor Tuula Voutilainen, reporting in... I guess I'll be your new CMO."

Kate tried not to stare. Even with the rumors preceding this woman. She was nothing like she'd expected. The wheelchair was the least strange thing of the woman. The partly green hair, the heavy make up and a partly visible tattoo were all not something you'd see with many Starfleet officers. They'd probably be happy she was wearing a uniform. "Uhm..." she started but didn't know what to say at first, not wanting to sound to harsh. "Welcome to Langley Station, doctor."

“Thank you; I look forward to serving with you,” replied Tuula, having detected the apprehension in Kate’s voice. Of course, she was used to it by now; that and the stares from her superior officers. Usually, she liked to think that people stared because they were jealous at her awesome hair and makeup. “I know what you’re thinking, captain,” she started, clutching the wheels of her chair, “but I am fully qualified and with some simple accommodations, can perform even the most complex surgeries, as the letters of recommendation in my file can attest.”

“I’m sure you are more than capable,” Ron interjected. “However, you might consider a more professional appearance?” If he hadn’t read about the doctors capabilities from her file, then Ron couldn’t help but feel that he would have requested a different doctor if he required treatment. Nothing about this woman screamed ‘skilled surgeon’.

"What, you don't think the streaks of grey make me look dignified?" countered Tuula, as she ran a hand through her hair, inadvertently displaying the large tattoo on the side of her scalp for a split second.

“I assure you doctor, it’s nothing to do with your dignity. I know that medical uniform guidelines differ, but I have got to wonder whether you may cross some of those boundaries.” Ron said, showing his love for the rule book.

"I... don't follow," replied Tuula, feigning ignorance of the hair and appearance regulations that she tended to bend, if not outright break. "This hair colour is naturally occurring on Cort," she explained, justifying her choice in hair colour as a natural tone based on the existence of the bright, multi-coloured plumage of many Boslics. "Besides, my neck tattoo has personal cultural significance, and is barely showing when I wear my hair down anyways."

"What Commander Hawk is trying to say that you're appearance as now isn't Starfleet regulations. And we require you to follow those guidelines, especially as a department head. How can you demand from your crew to wear their uniform according to code, when you're not doing it yourself." Kate added. "Agian, you're work isn't at discussion here. You are a great doctor from what your former superiors say."

“To be honest, I’m more concerned with the medical talents of my crew than I am with their appearance,” countered Tuula, before sighing and taking a deep breath. This was a fight that she might not be able to win, and definitely shouldn’t be having on her first day. Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, doubly so once you’ve established your credentials and proved yourself difficult to replace. “Of course, I can tie my hair back and I always wear a bandanna or surgical cap when I’m treating the wounded, as is appropriate in a medical setting.”

“Glad to hear it, but I expect my staff to adhere to all uniform regulations at all times here on Langley.” Ron scorned, arms folded. “I am sure it is a sentiment that I share with our Captain.” He turned to face Kate looking for an approval of his statement.

"You sure do." Kate said. "Not only are you a senior officer but also a representative of our station. What means I need you to look the part. In uniform, or at least a version of the uniform set apart for the medical department. As well as the other requirements."

By this point, Tuula was beginning to get annoyed and somewhat resentful at the focus on her appearance so far. Reaching into her messenger bag, she fumbled around for a second before producing a hair tie. With a couple swift motions, she pulled the bulk of her hair back and slightly to the left, snapping the hair tie over it and forming a loose ponytail. Glancing over at her reflection in the monitor, she pulled a few strands down to frame her face and add a little character to the quick and somewhat messy ponytail.

With her hair now up and pulled away from the right side of her scalp, her undercut and head tattoo were now plainly visible. "Better?" she asked, with her hair now off the collar as per Starfleet regulations.

Ron eyeballed the medical officers tattoo. He didn’t approve, and his face showed it. But it didn’t appear offensive, so technically she met regulation. Although Ron couldn’t help but think that whoever had written the rule book hadn’t taken head tattoo’s into account. “It will do,” he answered with a sigh. “Now shall we start again?”

"Sounds good," replied Tuula, before gripping the wheels on her chair out of frustration for a split second and taking a quick breath. "Hi. I'm Dr. Tuula Voutilainen, reporting in as your new Chief Medical Officer. You are no doubt familiar with my personnel file; You can see that I'm fully qualified to perform routine and emergency surgeries, and that I have experience serving in Assistant Chief Medical Officer roles for the past two years. As you can see, I am also an art collector," she added, rolling up one sleeve just enough to display a little ink for a moment, "and I like long rolls on the beach, studying Bolian anatomy, and absinthe cocktails," she continued, inadvertently peppering her CV with details from her online dating profile. "And I look forward to this new serving you in this new capacity as Chief Medical Officer."

"Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Voutilainen. It's good to have you as part of our senior staff. IS there anything you require from us?" Kate said, trying not to laugh or show any way that she couldn't help but admire the woman's audacity.

"I had submitted a list of accommodations in advance that I would require in my quarters and sickbay; I'm presuming that that has been taken care of," replied Tuula, before straightening her tunic. Taking a quick breath, she softened her tone. "Apart from that, as long as there are no surprises waiting for me in sickbay, I should have everything under control."

"I have to assume those accommodations have been taken care of," Kate said. "Although I haven't seen confirmation they have. If they haven't I expect you to let me know right away so I can personally make sure they get done as soon as possible."

"Sounds great." With that, Tuula took one more glance around the Captain's office. The conversation appeared to be heading towards its natural conclusion, and having transferred from one ship to another a few times in her career, Tuula was confident that she could figure out what to do. "Is there anything else, captain?"

Ron took a quick glance in the captains direction more to signal that he was about to speak than to ask permission. “There are a lot of people on board the station. That means a lot of patients to deal with in an emergency situation. I would appreciate it if you and your team could run simulations on the holodeck. It never hurts to be prepared.”

"Of course, I will manage the training regimen for the medical staff once I meet all the medical staff and get settled in," explained Tuula. She had learned not to commit to any specific timeline for this task; after all, real medical emergencies can and to happen, and they generally do so at the most inopportune possible time.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” Hawk replied in a surprisingly more chirpy tone.

"Great, I think that will be all for now," Kate said as she looked at her timepiece. "You are dismissed."


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Lieutenant Tuula Voutilainen
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Langley Station


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