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Making New Friends

Posted on Mon May 6, 2019 @ 9:18am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Juliana Farber
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Mission: First Unity
Location: The Strip/Veronica’s Secret
Timeline: Mission Day 11 at 2000

Megan walked along the shops on the Strip. Mostly she was window shopping, no real intention other than to get out of her lonely quarters. The few friends she had made since coming to the station were all busy for the evening, and sitting and drinking wine alone in her quarters seemed a bit too...alcoholic for her taste. So now she wore jeans, sneakers, and a cute top, her chestnut hair pulled back in a simple ponytail as she walked around the Strip, among the bustle of people, but still...lonely.

Megan stopped outside a Veronica’s Secret shop, looking at the lingerie in the window. It made her sad. She didn’t have a reason to buy pretty underthings anymore. God, maybe she did need that wine. Her thoughts went to Andres, her ex. School term would be finished soon. He had said he would bring the girls out to visit. She worried her lower lip. There was still definitely attraction between her and her ex, but her being sixteen had troubled him. And her being around when she knew he was with his personal assistant troubled her. When she had been in Starfleet, that knowledge had been remote, forgivable. She couldn’t meet his needs. She’d dabbled with the casual relationship in the fleet herself. But when she was right there, in the house, he could have her when he wanted, but he went to Dana anyway. Well, there had been plenty of fights. It had been better to just separate. And then Starfleet had reinstated her, and she was off to Langley.

But Andres was coming. Maybe… No, it was silly. She shouldn’t try and start things with her ex again. Why did she need a man to buy something sexy? To feel good in something silky? Megan pushed open the door to Veronica's and stepped inside.

"Do you have this in dark blue?" Juliana asked the attendant, holding up a size 4 teddy in Bajoran silk.

"I'm sorry, Mademoiselle, at the moment we only have that particular item in scarlet, black, and white," the attendant replied.

"Okay, when will you have it in dark blue, then?" she asked.

"Our next shipment arrives in two to three months," the attendant said.

"Three months for some frilly, bloody underwear!" Juliana shouted. "This truly is the arse end of the galaxy."

Megan smiled on seeing one of the girls she had met at the club last night.

“Does it have to be blue?” Megan asked, coming up next to Juliana. “I think the black would look good on you,” she said, taking the teddy. “Hey,” she greeted the blonde. “Nice to see you again, Jools. Shopping for someone special?”

"Thanks, Megan, but I really had my heart set on the blue," Jools said. "You too. No, I just thought I'd buy something for myself, so I could feel a little sexy. Silly, right?"

“Not at all,” Megan said with a smile. “That’s what I’m here for, too.” Well, that and the fact that her ex was going to be visiting soon. She really shouldn’t hold out hope for Andres. “Maybe we can find something else until your blue one comes in? Or you can help me pick something out. It’s good to see you again.” She smiled at the blonde teen.

Jools smiled. "Let's see if we can find something to cheer each of us up," she said.

Megan grinned. It felt like she was a teenager again, out shopping with her friends back in Montreal. “Magnifique!” she said. “So what have you found so far?” she asked as they headed toward the racks and tables of lacy things. “I have not been in here before.”

"I've been here a couple of times. Their selection isn't that big, but they're only lingerie store on the station," Jools said.

“Beggars and choosers, oui?” Megan noted. “We are the back end of nowhere.” She went through a few lacy items and picked something out. “This is blue,” she said, holding up a nice bra and panty set, first to herself, and then to Jools.

"It's a nice colour, but It's a bit skimpy and I'm not sure I want to show that much skin," Jools said.

“Oh? Why not?” Megan asked, lowering the set. “You have a beautiful body,” she complimented. “You would look gorgeous. Try it on and see how it looks?” She held the set out to Jools. “After all, it’s just for you, right?”

"Okay," Jools said, taking the set and entering the closest changing room.

Megan picked out a few things for herself as well and went into the changing room next to Jools. “So do you go out clubbing much?” Megan asked as she pulled off her blouse.

"Yeah, when I feel like it," Jools responded, kicking off her shoes and unzipping her jeans. "I take it you do?"

“That...was my first time.” It was only a slight lie. Megan hadn’t really been out clubbing for several years, well before her accident left her a teenager. “I thought it was pretty fun. It was nice to meet people my own age.” She slipped out of her shoes and jeans.

"I went to the club because I thought I could make some new friends," Jools said.

“Well, you did,” Megan said with a smile, now naked in front of the mirror. She studied her young teenage body for a moment, missing the more mature curves she’d had, but not the marks of two pregnancies or an extra thirty years. Damn, she had to admit she looked good, if way young. Mirrors were often jarring. “We should all get together again sometime,” Megan said.

Jools smiled as she put on the new lingerie. That done, she looked at herself in the mirror. She felt a bit self-conscious, but okay. "Sure," she said. "When do you want to get together?"

Megan considered. “I mean, I’m free most every weekend,” she said. “But then I’m home schooled.” There was that lie again. “I’m not sure what your school schedules are like.” Megan pulled on her lingerie. It looked good on her, she had to admit. “So do you want to show each other?” Megan asked Julia with a bit of a giggle.

Jools was still a bit self-conscious, but said, "Okay." and stepped out of her cubicle.

Megan stepped out as well, striking a sexy S-pose in the barely there lingerie. She ran her blue eyes with interest over Jools and smiled. “You look so hot!” she told her new friend in her best teenage voice. “That color is great on you, too. And mon Dieu! You work out?” She certainly was a looker, and Megan imagined she would be even more beautiful as she matured.

"Thanks," Jools said. "You look beautiful, but then you always do." She sighed."I wish I had your confidence."

Megan gave a wry smile. She hadn’t been this confident when she’d been sixteen the first time around. Brash, sure, but hiding the typical teen insecurities. She couldn’t deny she still had some of those, especially after Andres’ rejection.

“You’ll get there,” Megan assured Jools. “Grow into it, and all that.” She appreciated Julia’s figure a moment more, thinking if the girl was into it, she wouldn’t mind more than just a friendship. She pushed those thoughts aside. “I think you should get those,” she said.

Megan turned to go back into her changing room, glancing over her shoulder to Jools. “So if we get everyone together again, what do you think we should do?”

"Okay," Jools said, heading back into her changing room. Back in the changing room, she answered Megan's question with "Lazer tag."

“Lazer tag?” Megan asked. “What’s that?” She peeled off the lacy undergarments and started to pull on her own again. “Kids still play tag?” Wow, that made her feel old.

"It's a game from the twentieth century. One of my cousins told me about it. He's into that stuff," Jools said. "It involves two teams with lazer weapons and target vests, running around a maze, trying to score hits on each other. We could recreate it on a holodeck," she explained as she dressed.

“Lazer weapons. It sounds...dangerous. That sounds a bit like phaser tag.” Megan winced at the slip, pulling on the last of her clothes. Phaser tag was something they’d played in the holodeck as cadets at the Academy with phasers set to the target practice setting. They stung like hell, but you wouldn’t get really hurt. Usually the losing team bought the rounds of beer that night, and the winning team would miss class the next morning due to hangovers.

"That could work," Jools said as she finished dressing. "I'm going to get the lingerie you picked out. You have great taste."

“Great!” Megan said with a smile. “Next up, someone special for you to share it with,” she teased a little as she came out of the dressing room with her own selection.

"Yeah, but there aren't any shops for that," Jools said as she left her dressing room.

Megan giggled. “You just haven’t looked in the right place,” she said with a wink. “Where there is a port, there is always a brothel.”

"Yes, but that's just renting someone's body for the night. There's no emotional attachment," Jools said. "I need emotional attachment in a partner."

“So what are you looking for?” Megan asked as they went up to the counter. “What kind of guys do you like? Or girls,” she added, pressing her thumb to the padd to pay for her purchase.

"I want someone that cares for me," Jools said. "I'm attracted to red haired girls," she said. "So that cuts you out," she joked.

Megan laughed. “Maybe I’ll have to dye my hair,” she said with a flirtatious smile. “Maybe we can find you someone. I don’t know a lot of people our age on the station, but I bet there’s a red-haired beauty out there for you.”

Jools laughed too as she paid for her new underwear. "You fancy yourself a matchmaker?"

Megan shrugged. “I’ve never tried,” she said. Well, not since her Academy days. “What could it hurt, going out with a few girls?” she asked Jools. “Though I suppose you’ve already tried all the cute redheads in school?” she asked. “So maybe the pool isn’t as big.”

"Yeah, I suppose I'll have to wait until someone new arrives on the station," Jools said.

“Nonsense,” Mean said, taking their packages and putting her arm around Jools. “You haven’t tried all the non-redheads. Maybe they can dye their hair,” she said with a laugh as they walked out onto the Strip with their lingerie.

"Perhaps," Jools said with a smile.


Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Research Director

Juliana 'Jools' Farber


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