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The Cardassians Arrive.

Posted on Tue Oct 2, 2018 @ 2:35am by Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross & Ambassador Jasca Ocett & Glinn Dillam Nissec & Gil Ake Iamlot & Gil Saall Jezan & Ragoc Noss Pin & Gor Zaalta Rijel
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station
Timeline: MD12 1000 Hours

AC: The Cardassian Diplomatic Mission consisted of the Ambassador (Dalin Jasca Ocett), 2 diplomatic aides, and 3 diplomatic Security officers, led by Glinn Dillam Nissec.


Ambassador/Dalin Jasca Ocett, head of the Cardassian Diplomatic Mission to Langley Station, stepped off her transport with her routine in tow.

As they stepped on to they Station, they were met by a pair of Starfleet Security officers.

"Welcome to Langley Station." One said. "Can I see your identification, please?"

Glinn Nissec, the gruff Cardassian Diplomatic Security Officer stepped forward. "This is Ambassador Ocett, and you will address her as such, terh─ân." He said making the last word sound like an insult.

"I apologize, Ambassador. Your transport is early, we weren't expecting you for another half hour." The Security Officer said.

"Thank you, you'll have to forgive, Glinn Nissec, Ensign, he is my Security Chief, and while he is excellent at his job, he can be a little gruff." Jasca said.

"It's quite alright Madam Ambassador." He said. "If you'll follow me Lieutenant sh'Thiasross, the Station's Chief Diplomatic Officer, is waiting for you in the Diplomatic Offices."

"Of course, Ensign, led the way." Jasca replied.

Ishresse was happily enjoying her meal when her console chimed. Her antennae stayed focused on the food before her while her eyes drifted to the screen. She dipped a piece of dark bread into a thick grey-green sauce and popped it into her mouth as she read the memo that the Cardassian Ambassador had arrived early.

Her stomach growled angrily, demanding more sustenance for both her and the child she was carrying. As she sent a message to have their quarters made ready Ishresse dipped some more of her bread in the sauce. She sent out a second message, politely inviting the Cardassian Ambassador to meet with her, as she popped the second piece of bread into her mouth too.

The Ensign led the Ambassador and her routine to the Diplomatic Offices. He then went up the reception desk and informed the aide that he had the The Cardassian Diplomatic Mission with him.

The aide nodded and quickly darted into Ishresse's office, a moment later he returned, "Lieutenant sh'Thiasross is ready to receive you Ambassador."

As the Cardassians entered the room Ishresse found a napkin and wiped her face, "Sorry about the food everywhere, I'm pregnant, I need to eat lots." she cleared her throat and smiled at the Cardassians, "I am Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross, Chief Diplomatic Officer here on Langley Station. It is my pleasure to welcome you here."

"I'm Dalin Jasca Ocett, and there is no need for apologizes, Lieutenant, we Cardassians see pregnancy as a blessing. Congratulations." Jasca said.

Ishresse smiled, her antennae waving happily. "Thank you. We Andorians also see pregnancy as a blessing, a sacred union of the four." She gestured to the comfortable seats arranged around a low table as she moved out from behind her desk. "Would you like to sit, and we can talk."

"Of course." Jasca said taking on of the seats. She then turned to her party. Glinn Nissic, Garresh Pin, your with me, the rest of you go and prepare our quarters." The others acknowledged their orders and left while Nissic and Pin took seats either side of the Ambassador. Returning her focus to Ishresse. "I'm am aware of some Andorian culture, I served aboard a Starfleet vessel, the USS Dalton as a Operations Officer, during an officer exchange between our militaries." She told her. "Your culture is rather interesting."

Ishresse took a seat opposite the Cardassian woman. "I thank you again" she smiled "Although I'm afraid I cannot say the same, I've been doing some reading but I know very little about Cardassian culture, aside from your language which I learnt from a Glinn named Tazak while I was aboard the USS Virgo. He was very nice, although we've struggled to keep in touch. Last I head he was a Gul now, commanding a ship called the Nendar." Ishresse shifted around on her seat, pushing one of the cushions into a position to better support her back.

"I'm glad that you are interested in other cultures, unlike myself, some of my own people can be quite insular." Jasca said. "As the humans might say, the Dominion did quite a number on Cardassia and has made some of my people a little gun shy."

Ishresse nodded in understanding. "War leaves marks on all. But that is where we diplomats come in, wouldn't you agree? To prevent wars and heal the scars left by them?"

"Exactly, I joined one of the rebuild teams, in Cardassia City. It was cathartic to help bring the city back to her former glory and to help those who had lost so much." Jasca said.

"A noble task" Ishresse smiled softly at the Cardassian ambassador "I can't say I've every helped to rebuild an entire city, but I have done my fair share of disaster relief. I feel that rebuilding brings out the best in people. Disasters bring us all closer, despite the devastation and high emotions."

"Indeed." Jasca said. "I've been trying to get my old friend, and Security Chief, Glinn Nissec here to see things that way, but I'm afraid he's quite old fashioned, aren't you, Dillam?"

"As you say, ma'am." He replied.

Ishresse's antennae turned to face each other in a sign of amusement "The humans have a saying; The old ways die hard. I believe it means that change is difficult for some. Would you agree Glinn Nissec?"

"I would, Lieutenant." Nissec said. "But my job here is to protect the ambassador and follow her orders, my own beliefs don't come into it."

"Ah, you're a man who takes his work seriously." Ishresse's antennae leaned toward him with interest. "I feel that you would get along well with my Th'se, he takes his work seriously too."

She gave him a soft smile before looking back to the Cardassian ambassador. "Is there anything that you need from me immediately? In regards to your work as ambassador here?"

"I will require a secure comm. channel to my homeworld." Jasca said."I trust that will not be a problem?"

"Of course not." Ishresse slowly climbed to her feet and collected a PADD off her desk. She returned to the small conference area and with a sigh she sank back into her seat. She began typing out a note to ensure that the Ambassador got that which she requested.

"Good. Thank you, Lieutenant." Jasca said. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant, I would like to have tea with you from time to time, if you are agreeable."

Ishresse nodded "I would enjoy that, although it would be tea and a large meal on my part." She blushed slightly, her blue cheeks going a shade of purple "Pregnancy and all that." At the thought of food her stomach growled and she placed a hand gently upon it. "If there is nothing else you require Ambassador, my aide will show you to your quarters."

"Thank you, Lieutenant, until we meet again." Jasca said rising and leading her people out of the room.

Nissec nodded, but said nothing.

Pin left meekly.

Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Langley Station

Ambassador Jasca Ocett
Cardassian Ambassador to Langley Station

Glinn Dilliam Nissec
Head of Security for the Cardassian Ambassador

Gil Ake Iamlot
Cardassian Ambassadorial Security

Gil Saall Jezan
Cardassian Ambassadorial Security

Ragoc Noss Pin
Aide to the Cardassian Ambassador

Gor Zaalta Rijel
Aide to the Cardassian Ambassador


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