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I need to get this off my chest - Part Two

Posted on Tue Oct 30, 2018 @ 7:46am by Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 26 - Security Office
Timeline: MD26 1000 Hours


"We need to talk," Kate said as she walked in the security area. This situation with Eliza was getting out of hand and she decided to open her cards with her Security Chief and friend. Without waiting for a reply she left Anahera standing and walked to Ana's office.

"Of course, make yourself at home." Ana said following Kate into her own office.

"Diangelo," Kate said after Ana had closed the door behind them. "just pointed a weapon at my face,"

"Okay, I'll handle it myself she'll be in the Brig, asap." Ana said. "And between you and me I hope she puts up a fight."

"No," Kate said, a bit louder then she had meant. "That's exactly what she wants. And therefor we won't do it." Kate waited a moment, trying to remember exactly why she came here. If she'd wanted Eliza in the brig she would already be there right now. "Eliza isn't your typical Starfleet officer." she stated the obvious. "I specially requested her for this position. But it's getting out of hand and I don't know what to do?" Kate took a deep breath. She hated acknowledging she needed help.

"I worked that out for myself." Ana said. "She reminds me a little of myself, and I'm not sure I like that." Then becoming serious for a moment, she added. "Kate, I know that was difficult for you to ask for help, but I'm always here for you." Then back to business again. "Now, if you told me a little more about Diangelo's situation, we could work something out."

Kate laughed, she had made the connection as well. "If you weren't her boss I probably would never had gotten her here," Kate said. She paused a second to decide what she was gonna tell. She'd never spoken about this with anyone before, except her family. "You know the company my family has, right. The one I worked for before joining Starfleet. Well, I worked for them again during my recovery time. But then another part of the company. A hidden part of it. "

"I flattered." Ana said. "Yes, go on." She said encouragingly, knowing how difficult this was for Kate. Kate didn't like to ask for help.

"During my recovery I worked for them. An Op went wrong and Eliza ended up in Prison. It took me most of the year to get her out. Only when I was offered this position I finally succeeded in getting her out. She doesn't remember anything of her time working for the company. I'm not sure why that is. Not that she would have recognized her. I only monitored her teams progress from home." She continued.

"Since you're being truthful me, I suppose it's my turn." Ana said. "I'm aware of your family's company and it's hidden operations, in fact I knew your grandfather and he asked me to watch your back. I am truly sorry, I was unable to save you from the Borg."

Kate stared at her friend while she was trying to make sense of what was just said. "How do you mean he asked you to watch my back? My grandfather didn't want me to even join Starfleet."

"Yes, but he also knew you wouldn't take no for an answer, so he enlisted me to look out for you." Ana explained. "At first I saw it as a job, but getting to know you, I began to see you as a friend."

Kate shook her head and started pacing the room. "That klootzak," Kate mumbled. "How long have you been spying on me for him. From the moment I joined the Atlas as a cadet?"

"Pretty much." Ana said. "It was better than rotting in a Federation prison, so I jumped at the chance." She explained. "But I didn't know you then, my friendship wasn't an act."

She ignored the friendship comment again and focused at the reason she was here. "I do feel even more awful about the details I've kept from Eliza. Knowing first hand how it must feel for her. Any suggestion how to tell her."

"Well, first of all, I suggest you tell her in a place where she will be comfortable, calling her to your office, will only make her feel defensive." Ana said.

Kate looked at Ana. "We just were in my office and she pulled a gun on me. So yeh, I don't think that is a wise choice. So, your office?"

"Yes, that would work, I'll be armed just in case." Ana said.

Kate pressed her comm badge and ordered Lt Diangelo to Ana's office. After a confirmation came that Eliza was on her way Kate noticed Ana got up from the chair behind her desk and took a position nearer to the door. Kate raised her eyebrows, but Ana ignored the unasked question. Minutes later the door opened to reveal the station's Assistant Chief of Security.

Standing just outside of the doorway wearing her usual blue outfit minus the rain coat and weaponry instead of her duty uniform. With her arms crossed and also having her eyebrow raised Eliza shook her head with a little amusing chuckle. Not because of the woman called her, who was standing near the desk or the reason as to why she was called there, since Eliza knew it was all but inevitable. No. It was the other one. Ana who was standing closer to the door. “Hey, babe. You here to drag me to the brig…,” Eliza asked and paused while casually stepping into the room and leaned against the front of Anahera’s desk with her rear and looked at her while holding both of her arms half way up, slightly smirking playfully, appearing not to have a care in the world. “or did you have something else in mind?”

"Throwing you in the Brig is still on the table, but we have something to discus with you first." Ana said.

Kate looked from Ana to Eliza and shook her head. "Really Ana. Please tell me you didn't," she said while looking at Ana with a look that told her she had figured it out. "This is really making the whole situation even more complicated then it already was." She continued to sit down.

Ana had the good sense to look chastised. "We were discrete." She said.

"She wouldn't know discrete if it kicked her in the head." Kate said while pointing at her. "You're her superior officer! Come on, Ana"

"I know, but I won't let it affect my work." Ana said. "Also, I thought we were here to talk to her, not me."

Kate shook her head. "Let's park that discussion for now. Take a seat, both of you."

"Take a seat? No I think I'll just stand right here." Eliza replied crossing her arms as she looked over her shoulder at Kate with a slightly annoyed frown.

Looking at Eliza she said. "Earlier we talked about me knowing things about you that I shouldn't. Well, there is something you need to know. My family owns and run the Banninga company. Their is also a hidden side of the company. And you know that side of the company, although might not know its connection to my family." she paused a few second. "The company you worked for before ended up in jail. But that's not all."

Eliza's expression slowly changed to a more serious one with each word that came out of Kate's mouth. "That’s not all? Why am I not surprised..." The woman replied shaking her head. “Are you going to tell me that your company needed someone to fall for what happened, or that someone just made a small mistake that simply ruined someone else’s life?” Eliza couldn’t believe the words, however if this was simply payback on Kate’s end for shoving a gun in her face then she just made a grievous error that could result in blood being spilled.

But before Eliza decided to go on a warpath, she wanted to humor this little story that Kate had in store for her even if she felt like throwing punches right now. Still shaking her head a little while remaining to lean against Anahera’s desk she raised her hand and looked at it while turning and flexing it, sighing softly. “I suppose you’re going to tell me that I’m not even completely human, because if you are, I’ll save you the trouble and just say, who knows I’m not even sure myself.”

"You felt human to me." Ana said trying to defuse the situation. "Also Kate wasn't aware of everything her family's company was doing."

Kate looked Eliza in the eye as she continued. "I was called in after the ops went wrong. That's when I was told of everything. And that's also why I've given you this opportunity. No matter everyone telling me I'm nuts. I might not be the one at the buttons when it went wrong, but I do felt responsible because I couldn't prevent you from going to jail. It took me all this time to get you out."

Placing her hand softly on Anahera's cheek and briefly making eye contact with the woman, while smiling as their night of passion ran through her mind again, it was something different than the moments she had shared with anyone else. However she had to snap out of the dream for a moment and face Kate again as she had spoken. "I'm sorry Kate but I don't call this an opportunity for me..," Eliza said pausing for a second. "I call this an opportunity for Starfleet, having someone to cleanup their mess again before being thrown aside again if something goes wrong."

Ana enjoyed Eliza's touch as she had enjoyed the passion last night. "Eliza, I've been through something similar to you, I was rotting in a Starfleet prison, when Kate's grandfather pulled a few strings to get me out on the promise that I'd enlist in Starfleet." Ana said.

Hesitating for a brief moment Eliza finally spoke. “I’m just very unsure about all of this, they are really going to have to convince me..,” the woman said and looked at Kate, more specifically she was looking at the uniform she was wearing. “I’m not sure if this team play is a thing for me, i'd rather shoot first and ask questions later.” Eliza sighed and replied honestly.

"Unfortunately for the next few months you will need to stay here and work. That's part of the deal I manage to arrange. After that you're free to go." Kate explained, getting a bit annoyed that she couldn't see that this job was a way better deal then staying in prison. "I understand you're not the typical Starfleet officer, and I don't expect you to be. That's not what I am and Ana is definitely not your typical Starfleet officer. What I need for the leaders of the Security department is a team that makes sure they got a team that can handle every situation that can arise, that can keep the people on this station safe and preferably without breaking to many rules in the process. Do you think you can do that. With Ana."

“Maybe you don’t understand me, what I had in prison was paradise compared to this. I didn’t have to follow orders, could do whatever I want, eat, sleep, entertainment you name it. I was a queen of my own kingdom until you came along and threw me into this little zoo. Eliza replied to the woman while making the comparison between the place she used to be in and this one, she did feel like an animal being trapped and caged. “ But if you want me to dance like a monkey and jump through your hoops Kate, that’s fine. I’ll play along but when I get the chance I do whatever I have to do, understand?”

Kate didn't reply right away, needing a few seconds to think of that reply. She didn't understand it, but she probably never would. "I can agree to that compromise."


CAPT Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

LT Eliza Diangelo
Assistant Chief of Security
Langley Station

Lt. Anahera Chernova
Chief of Security
Langley Station


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