Langley Station


[Old] State of the Station

Posted on Sat Nov 11, 2017 @ 8:20pm by Commodore Kate Banninga
Edited on Fri Mar 23, 2018 @ 2:43pm

The station is not finished. When the Federation decided to send a spacestation to the Lyshan System, they send an old and used station there. Small repairs and update were done prior to the move in order to make the station function properly, but nothing more. The station looks old and is in desperate need of cosmetic changes.

Only the sections with a high priority are in working order, as well as the basics for the research divisions. Room assignments are tricky. Sometimes officers even need to double up because there are not enough rooms ready yet.

There are a few large problems that will be inactive for a long time:

• Transporters not operational, so shuttles would need to be used for going to the planet. (we ignore the one post where a transporter was used.)
• Academy, JAG, TFA not active
• Arboretum not operational
• Replicators in the apartments not operational
• Only crew ‘s mess is open
• Not enough apartments finished. People need to bunk together
• Holodecks and holosuites not operational

Beside this every department could also come across smaller problems that could be fixed. From holographic displays in the science labs that don’t work to the brig’s forcefield that doesn’t have a energy cell.

I would like if everyone would try to incorporate the situation above in posts. Use this situation to start a jp together. It’s up to the writers if people will bunk together, but that would give you a great reason to interact with a character that normal wouldn’t interact with your character.