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Location Command Section - Level 8

Captain's Ready Room

The captain's ready room is the personal office reserved for the commanding officer of Langley Station. It can be accessed from Main Operations as well as a separate entry to the hallway.

Here, the captain can engage in administrative work with all relevant office equipment at hand without interfering with bridge operations while having instant access to the bridge in the event of a crisis. In addition, this room was usually the preferred place where the captain could hold private discussions and/or receive classified communications.

The room contains a desk with two chairs opposite it, a couch and some cabinets. Slightly hidden is a replicator. Kate’s Ready room in designed in orange wall color and a thick dark red carpet. She gave it a personal touch by adding family photos on the side table and artwork she likes on the walls.

Executive Office

On the opposite end of the hallway the station’s XO has his own office. It contains a desk, two seats opposite it, a couch, some cupboards and a replicator.

Yeoman's Office

Directly next to the turbolift is the office of the executive team's Yeoman's. It is a shared office with two desks and a couple of cupboards.

Other Offices

Level 8 contains a number of extra offices. One is in use by the Command Master Chief and the others are availible to visiting Captains or Admirals. The Second Officer can also deside to use one of these offices, although most choose to use their other office, near their department.