Langley Station

Post in the Spotlight

Post in the Spotlight is a award handed out every three months. A post that is entertaining to read and well written and is a post Langley Station is proud of.

What the peep is that?!?

A post where a couple of officers from the station find a abandoned baby on the strip. Later its discovered the little girl shares DNA with the station's Commanding officer.

Great writing, the scenario flows naturally and the idea of Suddenly, baby! is very amusing.

Written by Megan DuBois, Oshesaon ch'Thiasross, Emily Dalziel and Kate Banninga.

First dive into the ocean.

Where a number of the crew go on a ride with the station's newly acquired under water shuttle. I like the post because of the spontaneity of it. There was no planning, they just had an idea and started writing it. Which resulted in a very nice to read post. This story will surely be the first of many involving the Sea Ray and I can't wait to read what she will discover in the ocean's on Lyshan.

Written by Lance Vincent, Anuki Toku, Piraash zh'Thiasross, Oshesaon ch'Thiasross, Suzie Quinn and Tuula Voutilainen.

Dream or Nightmare

In this post a unconcious patient tries to figure out if he is dreaming or not.

It’s really difficult to write this sort of dream sequence, and he did really well with it. Conveyed a really strong sense of emotion.

Written by John Sheppard

Business Matters

A post where Domin Wolfe is having a conversation with his brother about the business he left behind when he joined Langley Station.

For giving a great inside in the less visible side of El-Aurian family relations.

Written by Domin Wolfe

Blood Pact

A post run with emotion, where the crew of the Canterbury have to deal with the sudden departure to their new Captain.

Written by Kate Banninga, Ronald Hawk, Anahera Chernova and Megan Dubois