Langley Station

Project Destiny

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Status Completed Mission

The stories with Kate's family, starting with the discovery of her niece.

Mission Group S01E02: First Unity
Start Date Thu Jan 1, 1970 @ 2:00am
End Date Sat Nov 5, 2022 @ 9:30pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Change of Hearts
by David Banninga & Fiona Hawk
Mission Day 62 at 0930 Langley Station - Visitor Quarters
Long Lost Lovers
by Commodore Kate Banninga & David Banninga & Lotte Banninga & Fiona Hawk
Mission Day 61 at 2000 Langley Station - Tier E - The Terminal
Strange meeting
by Commodore Kate Banninga
Mission Day 54 at 1000 Langley Station - Spacedock, Tier E - The Strip
by Commodore Kate Banninga & David Banninga & Lotte Banninga
Mission Day 30 at 2130 Langley Station - Deck 10 - Room 8 Kate's Quarters
What the Peep Is That?!?
by Commodore Kate Banninga & Lotte Banninga & Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant JG Emily Dalziel M.D.
Mission Day 30 at 2030 Langley Station - Tier E - The Terminal

Mission Summary

Title: Project Destiny

Storyleader: Kate

Episode: 2

Start MD: MD 30

End MD: MD ??

General Overview:

This story is a prologue to the independent run sim Project Destiny. Project Destiny is the clandestine section of Destiny Inc, the company Kate and her twin brother have inherited from their grandparents. They do various assignments around the galaxy. From gathering intel to providing security. They are basically a legal version of guns for hire. In this prequel David get to learn things about their parents passing that weren't as they have known them for years.

What happened so far:

A baby girl was abandoned at the station. After DNA research it was discovered that she is related to Kate, Langley Station's Commanding Officer. While the girls father, Kate's twin brother David, travels to Langley Station to pick up his daughter Kate takes care of her.

In the mean time Kate and her XO Ron decide to open up a sports bar together, which eventually leads to discoveries of a family relation between them.

Other information:

If you have any question or have a idea for a story or a mission, please contact Kate.