Langley Station

First Defeat

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When an archeological discovery brings terror and destruction...

Mission Group S01E03: First Defeat
Start Date Thu Jan 1, 1970 @ 2:00am

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Title Timeline Location
Sleeping Beautiful
by Lieutenant Thomas Wolf M.D. & Nala Keved & Gila Wolf
Mission Day 68 at 0915 Langley Station - Tier E - Medical Station
Anzhelina's Local
by Ketacyn Aumar & Tiral & Hepzibah P'Rurr & Antonin Beauregard Mr. & Anzhelina Walker
Mission Day 1 at 2100 The Lonely Star
The Counselor and the (Lieutenant) Commander
by Lieutenant JG Fallon Morgenstern & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
Mission Day 1 at 1900 Langley Station
Touching Base
by Lieutenant Megan DuBois
Mission Day 1 at 1400 Research Department
From Hot to Cold in Less Than 10 Seconds
by Lieutenant Commander Richard Fitzsimons & Commodore Kate Banninga
Mission Day 1 at 0030 Langley Station - Level 53 - Arboretum promenade
Long Distance Family is Best
Mission Day 1 at 0000 Guest Quarters - USS Myriad
Captain's Personal Log
by Commodore Kate Banninga
Mission Day 1 at 0000

Mission Summary

For weeks archeological teams have been exploring the sands on Lyshan Colony to discover it's history. But until now it revealed nothing. Then the team comes across an ancient weapon from a time long gone. As they are trying to unravel it's mysteries a countdown is initiated, planning to annihilate Langley Station in twenty hours time.

But is the weapon as ancient as it appears? And how does a weapon that's been dormant for so long suddenly activate? Is foul play at hand?