Langley Station

Irrevocably Changed

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The story of the arrival of our Romulan refugee

Mission Group S01E02: First Unity
Start Date Thu Jan 1, 1970 @ 2:00am

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Title Timeline Location
A Moment Of Weakness
by Ragnar Mellark
Mission Day 45 at 0000 Romulan Freighter Falcon
Tired. Aimless. Somewhat Paranoid.
by Ragnar Mellark & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Mission Day 42 at 1000 Federation space
One Fateful Night...
by Ragnar Mellark
Mission Day 0 at 0000 Chaltok IV in Romulan space > Federation space

Mission Summary

Regnar's story - Starts MD 47