Hawk's past

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission

Story where the station's XO goes to investigate something from his past.

Mission Group S01E02: First Unity
Start Date Thu Jan 1, 1970 @ 2:00am

Mission Summary


Hawk has a communication from an old friend from the dominion war. In this communication he is told that there might be some survivors from a mission Hawk led, that are still stranded on the planet where he left them presuming them dead.

Ron without official orders begins to plan a mission for their rescue, asking Kate for use of a runabout and potentially a small team.

When they arrive at the destination planet, they discover a group of Jem’hadar warriors that have survived and somehow lost their dependency on the white. (Science/Medical type team member might be useful to explain this.) As well as a former crew member of Hawks team in the dominion war.


  • The team or part of, could be captured by the Jem’hadar which is when they meet the lost former crew member.
  • The team could recuse the former crew member from the Jem’hadars Hands.

  • The former crew member could have learnt to survive on the planet hiding themselves away from the jem’hadar.


  • Explore Hawks character and past


  • 2-5 willing characters.

  • About 4-8MD

  • A ship or runabout