Langley Station

S01E02: First Unity

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Included Missions

Under the Sea

Post Count: 11

The current mission for the Sedna

First Unity

Post Count: 392

The main storyline for the station and colony.

Survey Surprise

Post Count: 4

The current mission for the Canterbury

False Accusations

Post Count: 13

A dead body is found on the Station!

Project Destiny

Post Count: 10

The stories with Kate's family, starting with the discovery of her niece.

Hawk's past

Post Count: 13

Story where the station's XO goes to investigate something from his past.

Irrevocably Changed

Post Count: 22

The story of the arrival of our Romulan refugee

Probing of the Alien Dutchman

Post Count: 4

The sensor detect a derelict spacecraft of alien origin. A team is send to investigate.

Who shot first

Post Count: 4

Fighters detect pirates in the edges of Langley’s space, triggering a need to respond with force.