Lyshan System

Lyshan Colony is a small colony devestated by the war, even though it has been 20 years by now. Starfleet has recently placed a station in its orbit to assist with healing the colony to its former glory as a breadbasket world.

Lyshan Colony has seen better days. During the 2350s and 2360s the colony was the premier breadbasket world of the sector. It provided food for stations and other colony worlds in a growing metropolis. The volcanic soil combined with the river delta provided the colony with rich farmland on par with any in the Federation.

However, all good things end. As the Cardassian Wars came to an end, the Colony was transitioned into the Demilitarized Zone. Most of the population left to return to the Federation, while about a quarter of the colony stayed. They held strongly to the belief that the planet was theirs and they couldn’t be forced to leave their homes. A Cardassian military force was stationed on the colony as a way to keep the peace, it wasn’t a pleasant time for the colony but the Cardassian in charge kept things from going as badly as other colonies.

That all ended the day the bombs fell. When Cardassia joined the Dominion, their new overlords swept through the DMZ with the intention of dismantling the Maquis. As Lyshan was home to a few rumored members, the Dominion decided to make an example. Jem’hadar flooded the area, devastating the farmland, the climate, and the population of the planet. When the Federation retook Lyshan at war’s end, the staggering toll on the colony came to light. It’s promising future was all but erased and the population was now just 10% of what it was before the war’s opening salvos.

The Federation decided to focus its efforts elsewhere and virtually left the colony to its own devices. A few teams were dispatched to assist, but with the Hobus disaster, the rebuilding efforts on Cardassia, and the Klingon Empire facing collapse, nothing stuck. The remaining colonists became self-reliant, suspicious of outsiders. They have grown into a hardy bunch, seeking out an existence to the best of their ability, though times are tough. Their farms don’t grow food like they used to, larger beasts are known to make appearances where they used to avoid, but the people keep going.

The heart of the colony is all that remains. The rest is either left in disrepair or has been leveled. There are a few places of note, but the colony is a mere echo of what it once was.

The Colony consists of the following:

  • Center of Town:
    • Colony Government Office (Governor, administration)
    • Sheriff’s Office (Small office converted to Sherrif’s desk and a small detention area)
    • Tavern
    • Garage (Repair for equipment and vehicles)
    • Clinic
    • Various housing units
  • Outskirts
    • Landin Pad (Dirt clearing lit by spot lights, with a shack used for site administration and air traffic control)
    • Leftover farms (Scattered family units)

Colony History

Lyshan Colony was one of the Federations more successful colonies, founded in 2320. The breadbasket world provided the federation with a good source for food. For years is prospered, then in 2370 the colony was placed inside the demilitarized zone after the Federation-Cardassian Treaty. The colonist weren’t happy about this, and there are rumors that the colony was one of the sources of the Marquis, although this was never proven.

In 2373, when the DMZ was overrun by the Jem’Hadar and the Cardassians joined the Dominion, the colony became Cardassian territory. When the Dominion started wiping out the Maquis the colony was attacked and utterly devastated. The Dominion opened their attack with a chemical agent that devastated most of the good agricultural areas before moving forward with the ground assault. Many colonist lost their lives.

The war ended two years later with the signing of the Treaty of Bajor. The next twenty years were hard on the colonist. Food was scarce, their planet was devastated. Resources were hard to locate. That didn’t stop the colonist from continuing living on their planet. With lots of perseverance they made it through.

In 2385 the colony suffered from a flood. Large parts of the colony were flooded and many colonist were injured.

Then in 2394, Starfleet remembered again about the rich colony and decided to build a research station in orbit of the planet. That would serve as a military waypoint for the region and help rebuild the colony to its former glory.