Langley Station

Roimata Eon

Name Roimata Eon

Position Visitor

Second Position Familymember

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Date of Birth (Age) 16 November 1962 (432)
Place of Birth El-Auria

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68 m
Weight 52kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A voluptuous woman.


Children Anahera Chernova
Father Mikaere Eon [DEACEASED]
Mother Ruiha Temo [Missing presumed DECEASED]
Brother(s) Nikau Eon [Missing presumed DECEASED]

Anaru Eon [Missing presumed DECEASED]
Sister(s) Hine Eon [Missing presumed DECEASED]

Ngaio Eon [Missing presumed DECEASED]
Other Family Anzhelina Walker (great-granddaughter)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Cunning.

+Good actress

- Liar

- thief.
Ambitions To have fun.
Hobbies & Interests Acting.

The finer things in life.

Alien cultures.

Languages Fed. Std (English), El-Aurian, Ukrainian, Russian, Romulan/Vulcan, Bajoran.

Personal History Roimata grew up to become an Exobiologist. In the 22nd century she was part of a team examining human life on Earth. Her colleagues were content to observe from orbit, but she felt that to really understand a society, you have to become part of it. She took a shuttle and settled in an area known as Ukriane.

Station Data

Quarters Level 46-50 Q
Office N/A
Duty Level N/A
Security Level Level One