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Lieutenant JG Suzanne (Suzie) Quinn

Name Suzanne (Suzie) Rebecca Quinn M.D.

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 27
Place of Birth Cork, Ireland

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Suzie has a slight built with her height and weight. But no one should underestimate her in anyway. Her blue eyes show a bright colour when happy but darken to a very dark blue when angry or upset.

Suzie also has a tattoo on her upper right arm of a flower pattern, a remnant of her early childhood days.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Michael Quinn
Mother Margaret Quinn
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Bridget Quinn (Maternal Grandmother)

Personality & Traits

General Overview As Suzie was raised in Ireland, she is fluent in the Irish language.
She has a natural personality which has had the words bubbly and hyper attached to them. At times doubts in her capabilities can creep in but she works hard to never let it interfere in her job. She's fought to get to where she is...she can't let this go.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Ability to remain calm when under pressure
+Bubbly nature can help put some people at ease
+Is very passionate about being a Doctor and taking care of her patients

-Bubbly nature can sometime result in her hiding her true feelings and emotions, a kind of natural reaction to block out the negative
-over protectiveness of people she cares about, patients or colleagues, can sometimes result in aggression.
Ambitions To enhance her career through experience, research and pushing her boundaries to grow into
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, Horse Riding, Dancing

Personal History In 2368, Michael and Margaret had a daughter,Suzanne Quinn who was born in an area called Cork in Ireland. Not long after giving birth to Suzanne, Margaret received the news that she would be unable to have any further children. At this point, both Starfleet Doctors themselves, they decided to bring Suzanne up in Ireland. In order to cover up their pain, they left Suzanne with her maternal grandmother to raise her and both reported back to their assignments onboard the USS Rook.

The only came back to visit their daughter every few years and even then they would only stay around for a week before disappearing again. With her parents alienating her, Margaret grew up with the attitude she was unwanted and why should she bother. She made no effort in school and used to get into trouble with the other sex.

At the age of 18, Suzanne's grandmother passed away. Loosing the only woman who loved her enough to raise her, Suzanne realised she was wasting her life. Deciding she wished to prove herself to her parents that she was better then what they made her feel, she made the decision to join Starfleet. In her first year of studying general studies, Suzanne realised that the one and only area she wished to go forward in was medical, it was where her passions lay alongside her own parents. Although the whole idea of following in her parent's footsteps caused her to be at war with herself; the young woman couldn't help but feel that she had found a deep love for being able to take a sick or injured patient and working hard to make them better or to heal their injury.

Suzanne realised she had found her one love in life and she would never allow anyone to take this away from her. She turned her life around, making the efforts to study and leaving her old life behind her, including interactions with the other race. Suzanne had come to realise that she was a better person then that and never again would she allow herself to slide down that route again.

After 4years at Starfleet Acedemy, Suzanne graduated with high grades having shone in all of her classes. Following graduation, she was awarded the rank of Ensign.

At this point, Suzie found herself accepted into the prestigious halls of Starfleet Medical where she was allowed to further follow her passion in study of medicine for a further two years. These two years allowed more hands on experience beyond just the books offered in the Academy; preparing Suzie for the universe ahead of her.

Following completion of Starfleet Medical, Suzie received a rank promotion to Lieutenant JG before she found herself starting her two years medical rotations in order to decide her specific area where her heart might lay...becoming a fully fledged Medical Doctor.

For the first year, Suzanne was placed on the USS Venus, an explorer authorised for the carrying of families. Through this stationing, she gained vast experience in the areas of surgical and pediatric medicine.

Although she loved what she was doing, Suzanne found that she still hadn't been able to happen upon the one area she felt was her genuine niche.

When an opportunity presented itself for the Ensign to transfer to the USS Pioneer for her 2nd year of residency in the counselling department, Suzie found herself jumping at the opportunity to gain an insight into the psychology end of medicine and to further involve herself with a ship's crew in relation to aiding in their mental well being.

But after 6 months, Suzie once again found herself getting itchy feet. It wasn't that she wasn't enjoying the opportunities she was being offered and the experience she was able to gain; it was just that none of it felt right.

It was at this time, for her final 6 months of residency, that Suzie was offered one final opportunity to transfer once more but this time her rotation would land her on a heavy cruiser where trauma would be the forefront.

Finishing out her 2 year rotation in early 2394 on the USS Yorktown, Suzie graduated to the fully fledged Medical Doctor; majoring in Trauma, minoring in Surgery.

An opportunity presented itself to transfer to the Obsidian Fleet flag medical ship the USS Nightingale which Suzie grabbed the opportunity to take. The coming year was to offer her vast experience across the board in trauma, day to day medical, surgical and search and rescue operations. It all added to Suzie's experience. Although she had picked her full qualifications she still had a vest for life that caused her to feel unsettled; striving still for more.

It was this that caused her to take the opportunity to transfer to Langley Station; different to the ship's she had been on before and offering the opening of more avenues and experiences than she could have wished for.
Service Record 2386 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy

2386-2387 - Cadet Freshman - General Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2387-2388 - Cadet Sophomore - Basic Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2388-2389 - Cadet Junior - Intermediate Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2389-2390 - Cadet Senior - Advanced Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2390 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. Admitted to the Starfleet Medical Academy as an Ensign.

2392 - Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy and entered the the Residency Programme as an Lieutenant JG.

2392-2393 - Lieutenant JG - 1st Year Medical Resident alternating between surgical and pediatrician rotations - USS Venus

Spring 2393 - Transferred to the USS Pioneer

Spring/Summer 2393 - Lieutenant JG - 2nd Year Medical Resident on psychology rotation - USS Pioneer

Autumn 2393 - Transferred to the USS Yorktown

2393 - 2394 - Lieutenant JG - 2nd Year Medical Resident on trauma rotation -USS Yorktown

2394 - Finished 2 year medical residency as a qualified Trauma Doctor, minoring in Surgical. Transferred to the USS Nightingale as a Medical Officer.

2394 - 2395 - Lieutenant JG - Medical Officer USS Nightingale

2395 - Transferred to Langley Station.

2395 - Ongoing - Lieutenant JG - Medical Officer Langley Station

Station Data

Quarters Level 18-24 Q
Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A