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Admiral James Washington

Name James Washington

Position Commanding Officer Deep Space 9

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Species Human

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

General Overview Admiral James Washington was a Starfleet Admiral in the late 24th century. Stationed on Deep Space Nine, he was responsible for command of the sector and was often the flag officer that the USS Portland reported to.

Personal History In many ways, Washington is the archetype of an old, stuffy Admiral. He has a short, closely cropped beard, whose colour matches his thinning white hair. He is somewhat overweight, a result of his sedentary lifestyle commanding a desk as well as his weakness for fried chicken.

Judging by his age, Washington was likely born in the 2320s or early 2330s, making him in his sixties in the early 2390s. He is widowed with three children, all of whom serve in Starfleet. His youngest child and only daughter, Ellen Washington, serves as a nurse on the USS Portland. Washington is very protective of his children, particularly Ellen.

In the late 2380s, he suffered a heart attack. Since then he has been attempting to reduce his stress levels and eat better so he can see his children progress through their careers, however he has yet to make much progress on his weight.

His hobbies include collecting antique firearms and hunting, and he proudly displays his collectibles and trophies in his office.

He has grudgingly accepted the relationship between Timothy Rouse and his daughter, Ellen. He bears an intense dislike towards Shras, as most people do.

Washington is fairly conservative on questions of sentient artificial intelligences and holographic rights, though his experiences with the holographic recreation of Alenis Meru have given him a lot to think about.

Recently he became a grandfather when his daughter Ellen gave birth to Andy.
Service Record Washington is a career Starfleet officer. Though he is reluctant to admit it, he has a certain affinity for the USS Portland as his first command was a Miranda-class starship.

He had steadily risen through the ranks to become an Admiral, and now, from his office on Deep Space Nine, he oversees operations throughout the entire Bajor sector.