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Commander Ronald Hawk

Name Ronald Hawk

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 37
Place of Birth Ireland, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6,4
Hair Color Dark brown, freaking around the edges
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ronald is a handsom but ageing human male. He is thin and lanky, with short dark greying hair, which makes him look about ten years older than he actually is.

If he was to remove his top, he would reveal a scar across his torso, which is an old war wound from the dominion war.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Albert Hawk (deceased)
Mother Lauren Hawk
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Fiona Hawk
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although Ronald (or Ron) has an unassuming appearance, his personality makes up for it. The second he opens his mouth it is evident that this is a hardened man. He has been shaped by his time serving on the front line in the dominion war. Ron has seen and heard things that would make most people’s skin cruel, and has seen more death than most Star Fleet Officers. This has caused him to become over protective of his peers and inferiors.

He has a huge respect for those in a position of command, and obeys most orders in a heart beat. He understands that orders are usually given for sound reasons even when they don’t make sense. However he will always question an order that would put others officers at risk.
Strengths & Weaknesses + protective of those who serve beneath him
+ Able to separate work and social life
+ able to hold his own in combat

- very stern with officers under his command
- fear of losing people
Ambitions To rise through the ranks of starfleet and eventually take his own command
Hobbies & Interests Ron will often be found in the Mess Hall after duty being as social as possible, and is no stranger to a swift drink.

Outside of generally being social, Ron enjoys reading old spy novels, and acting them out on the Holodeck.

He also enjoys his music and writes his own songs with the aid of his trusty guitar.
Languages English (federation standard)

Personal History Born and raised in a quiet corner of Ireland on earth, Ronald spent his childhood on his parents traditional potatoe farm. Although the call for fresh produce was no longer a necessity there were still enough restaurants and food snobs to keep the Hawks farm in business.

The farm had been handed down through the family for as long as records could show, however Ronald yearned for something more. The first opportunity he got he headed for city life, finding himself in London, where he landed a job as a clerk for a federation archive. The work was boring and repetitive. Being a civilian his access to the facility was limited to just a small section, but he still met enough Star Fleet Officers to realise he wanted something they had. Within just 6 months he had applied to Star Fleet Academy.

He struggled at the Academy, having to claw his way through his studies, but somehow he made it, with his primary study in strategic operations. He quickly got placement on the USS Nightingale, a medical ship assigned to caring for emergencies at colonies on the outer rim of federation space. Not exactly the exciting assignment he had hoped for, but they needed a security and strategic team in the dangers of the outer borders.

By getting his head down, Ron quickly made his way through the ranks and was eventually assigned as the chief strategic officer of the USS Firehouse, a ship assigned to the federation/cardassian boarder. To begin with this was another boring assignment. Although relationship with the cardassians was tense, it could not be considered any more than a Cold War. However before long the Cardassians joined forces with the Dominion, and the Dominion wars went into full swing, with the Firehouse directly on the front line.

On a scouting mission using a runabout, Ron and a crew of 5 other officers were shot out of the sky by a Jem’hadar battleship. They abandoned the runabout, evacuating to a nearby deserted jungle planet.

The Jem’hadar tracked them across the planet picking each of the five crew members off one by one, until only Ron survived. After a scuffle with a Jem’hadar soldier which left him wounded, he found a cave in a mountain range which was lined with minerals that hid his life sign. Ron made a form of bandage out of the sleeve of his uniform tying it tightly, which kept him alive long enough for a rescue team to be sent out for him. He awoke in the Firehouse’s sickbay, blaming himself for his crew mates deaths.

He was taken off duty to recover from the phycalogical impact of his experiences and by the time he returned the war was over. He continued his career back in the dull and drab assignments.

Eventually he was given a very short assignment aboard the USS Rook, as executive officer. However he was given orders to reassign when he was forced to take time off to return to Earth for the funeral of his father.
Medical Records Several scars both mental and physical from his time serving in the dominion war.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - cadet - 4 years
USS Nightingale - strategic officer - Ensign-Lietenant JG - 6 years
USS Foxtrot - strategic officer - Lieutenant - 6 months
USS Firehouse - Chief Strategic Officer - Lieutenant - 5 years
USS Laurence - Chief Strategic Officer - Lieutenant - 4 years
USS Rook - executive officer - 1 month

Station Data

Quarters Level 12
Office Level 8 - XO's Office
Duty Level Beta Shift
Security Level Level Nine