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Lieutenant Commander Sitok

Name Sitok

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Date of Birth (Age) Stardate: 27305, Age: 44
Place of Birth Raal Province, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.95m [6'4"]
Weight 97.5kg [215 lbs]
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He is an average height for a Vulcan, though he has a commanding appearance from a solid frame. His blue eyes pierce like a hawk, despite the rest of his face having a typically deadpan expression.


Spouse T'Lora [Deceased]
Children D'Ton [Deceased]
N'vala [Deceased]
Father T'Vor
Mother S'nora

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sitok finds satisfaction in his work as a Starfleet officer, despite the heavy loss of his family at the hands of the Borg. He is dutiful, thoughtful and tries to see things from multiple points of view.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Superior intellect from years of training and education on Vulcan.

+ Three times the physical strength of average Terrans.

- Secretly plagued by nightmares about the Borg.

- Sometimes appears arrogant about his own opinion.

- Difficulty relating to emotional species.

- Artificial eye occasionally has focus troubles despite routine treatment. He hides this fact to prevent doubts about his ability.
Ambitions Strives to better himself as a Starfleet officer in all tasks, with a main goal being starship command.
Hobbies & Interests Sitok performs daily meditation to ensure top mental faculty and to refocus his mind after intense situations. He discovered a liking for Earth classical music and the art of bonzai tree cultivation.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan

Personal History Sitok was born in the Vulcan province of Raal, bordering the Voroth Sea. From an early age, he strived to earn the respect of his parents. His father was a key figure in the Vulcan political machine, eventually rising to sit on the Vulcan High Command. His mother was an accomplished musician. Growing up, Sitok learned to hone his skill with watercraft, going out onto the Voroth Sea whenever he wasn't studying. He quickly discovered that he had an aptitude for engineering concepts and machinery, as opposed to scientific endeavors as most of his peers had. To the consternation of his parents, Sitok chose to enter Starfleet upon completion of his schooling, despite his father wanting him to pursue a career in politics.

Sitok arrived at Starfleet Academy in 2374, during the height of the Dominion War. He immediately began his courses as part of the Corps of Engineering section, focusing his degree in warp theory. During his first semester, Dominion forces had captured Betazed. Instead of the usual off-duty time, Sitok conducted battle readiness drills with the other cadets. During the Breen raid on Starfleet Headquarters in early 2375, several members of Sitok's academy class were killed or severely injured. Sitok himself suffered major burns and the loss of his left eye.

After graduation, he experienced pon farr for the first time. Returning to Vulcan, he became mated to T'Lora, the daughter of another family whom he had been betrothed to since a young boy through the "koon-ut-kal-if-fee" ceremony. They became married and through the course of their relationship had a son and a daughter. Tragedy struck while Sitok was assigned to the U.S.S. Venture along the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Venture discovered during routine patrol that the Borg had opened up a transwarp gateway. The Venture managed to close the gateway but sustained heavy damage in an ensuing battle with a Borg sphere. Sitok's family were in a section of the ship that was sliced away. It remains unknown if they died or were assimilated. Through mandatory counseling sessions and personal meditation, Sitok found a way to cope with the loss and return to full duty, though he is still haunted by the event.

Eventually transferring to Langley Station at the frontier of the former Cardassian DMZ, he hopes to continue his career with his first posting in a command-level position.
Medical Records Starfleet Academy, Sophomore Year, 2375: Sustained major energy weapon burns and loss of left eye. Replacement eye surgery performed successfully. Full recovery from dermal burns.

U.S.S. Venture, 2390: Severe psychological trauma as a result of entire family being lost to the Borg. Has made a full recovery to active status.
Service Record 2374-2378: Starfleet Academy, Corps of Engineers
2378: Graduated Starfleet Academy, promoted to ensign and assigned to U.S.S. Longfellow.
2382: Promoted to lieutenant (junior grade) and transferred to U.S.S. Orion.
2387: Promoted to lieutenant, transferred to Starbase 118.
2390: Promoted to lieutenant commander, transferred to U.S.S. Venture.
2394: Transferred to Langley Station as XO.

Station Data

Quarters 10D4
Office Deck 8 - XO's Office
Duty Level Beta Shift
Security Level Level Nine