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Lieutenant Kror Gar'Rel

Name Kror Gar'Rel

Position Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ursinoid
Date of Birth (Age) 7 April 2345 (F.S.D.) 50
Place of Birth Capitol City, Ursus III

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4” (1.93m)
Weight 200lb (91kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description Looks like a humanoid Grizzly bear.


Father Gark Gar'Rel, Bard (Warrior-poet)
Mother Dr. Rara Gar'Rel, M.D.
Brother(s) Oark Gar'Rel
Sister(s) Hara Gar'Rel

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests Kror is an accomplished painter as demonstrated by the painting of the U.S.S. Canterbury that now graces one wall of Anderson's quarters.

He also has an excellent baritone singing voice and could have been a bard, like his father, but instead chose Starfleet.

On duty he carries his deceased grandfather's or'Zart (an Ursinoid bard's bladed weapon, similar to a ancient Roman gladius, only serrated).

While serving on the Canterbury, one of his crew mates introduced him to the Western, a film genre, that he came to enjoy.
Languages Earth Standard (English)
Ursinoid Language
Klingon(ese) (not fluent)

Personal History Kror Gar'Rel is an Ursinoid. Ursinoids are large ursine (bear-like) humanoids. Despite his fearsome appearance, Kror is a gentle man and he only became a security officer because he wished to protect people and found that his appearance was an advantage in achieving that goal.

This is not to say that he won't use force if the situation warrants it.

While at the Academy Kror didn't study Tactical as part of his Degree. This limited his chances for promotion, as on most assignments the roles of Chief Security Officer and Chief Tactical Officer were combined. So in 2379, to increase his chances for promotion he returned to the Academy to study Tactical along with Bridge Officer Training.

Remembering his courage on the Madison during the Battle of Sector 001 and having followed his career over the years; T'Lisa Anderson requested him as her Chief Security/Tactical Officer when she was given command of the Canterbury.

During the ten years they served together on the Canterbury, they became good friends and Kror saved the lives of both his Captain and his ship's crew on many occasions.
Medical Records Broke his left arm as a child. Has a faint scar on his abdomen from a spear-tip that he received while defending his CO (Anderson) from attack by a crazed native of Omicron Persei IV.
Service Record 2362 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2366 – Graduated Starfleet Academy with a Major in Security and Minors in Psychology and Comparative Anatomy.
2366 - 2370 -Security Guard U.S.S. Te Kaha (Miranda-Class) (Ensign - Lt JG)
2370 - 2373 - Security Officer U.S.S. Madison (Galaxy-Class) (Lt.JG)
2373 - During the battle of Sector 001 as a Security Officer assigned to the Bridge, he neutralised two Borg that beamed on to the Bridge. Unfortunately this is not before one of the Borg assimilated the Captain. For his actions he is awarded a commendation and a promotion to Full Lt.
2373 - 2374 – Like the rest of the surviving crew he is given counseling and leave.
2374 - 2375 - During the Dominion War he was seconded to a Marine Company that were performing planet based Search-and-Destroy missions.
2376 - 2379 - Senior Security Officer to the U.S.S. Baton Rouge (Defiant-Class) (Lt)
2379 - 2384 - Under-goes Tactical Officer Training and Bridge Officer Training.
2384 – Chief Security/Tactical Officer U.S.S. Canterbury (Intrepid Class) (Lt. Cmdr)
2394 - 2395 - XO U.S.S. Canterbury (Intrepid Class) (Cmdr)
2395 - Transferred to Langley Station as Chief Strategic Operations Officer (Lt.)

Station Data

Quarters Level 9-11 Q
Office Level 8 - Main Operations
Duty Level Alpha Shift
Security Level Level Six