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Warrant Officer Anuki Toku

Name Anuki Toku

Position Zoologist

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Saurian
Date of Birth (Age) 2/03/2354 (40)
Place of Birth Sh'tell City, Sauria Prime

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m
Weight 67kg
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Anuki is tall and slim, by human standards, but strong and robust. His skin is hairless and of a purple hue. His hands and feet are clawed.


Father Kiassu Toku
Mother Delun Toku
Brother(s) Kek Toku
Sister(s) Aegarrin Toku, Eshuus Toku
Other Family Numerous cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anuki is inquisitive and likes to learn about different species.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Inquisitive

+ Physically strong

+ A strong interest in biology.

- Has been known to get carried away with his research.

- Stubborn.

- Can be abrupt .
Ambitions To find an undiscovered species.
Hobbies & Interests Biology.

Trying foods from other cultures.


Languages Fed. Std., Saurian, Klingon.

Personal History Born on Sauria, Anuki , was the third born child of Delun and Kiassu Toku. From an early age, he had an interest in living things. He’d often watch the native fauna go about their day. As he grew, he learned about creatures from other planets and longed to see them for himself.
When he was old enough, he left his homeworld and travelled to Earth to enlist in Starfleet.
In boot camp he took the Science specialty, and worked his way through the Enlisted ranks.
Service Record 2369 – Entered Starfleet Boot Camp
2369 – Assigned to U.S.S. Orion, as Science Apprentice
2370 – Promoted the Crewman
2370 – 2372 - U.S.S. Orion, as Science Crewman
2372 – Promoted to Science Specialist third class.
2372 – 2374 – U.S.S. Bexley, as Science Specialist third class,
2374 - Promoted to Science Specialist second class.
2374 – 2376 – U.S.S. Camden Town, as Science Specialist second class
2376 – 2378 - Promoted to Science Specialist first class.
2378 - 2380 - U.S.S. Camden Town, as Science Specialist first class
2380 – Promoted to Science Chief
2381 – 2384 - U.S.S. Ascension, Science Chief
2384 – Underwent training in biology
2385 - Promoted to Science Senior Chief
2385 – 2389 - U.S.S. Ascension, Science Senior Chief
2390 – Applied to the Starfleet Warrant Officers’ program and was accepted.
2391 - 2394 – Starfleet Command, Science Division, as Warrant Officer
2394 – Langley Station, Zoologist, Warrant Officer.

Station Data

Quarters Level 46-50 Q
Roommates Charles Deadman
Office Level 33-36 - Life Sciences
Duty Level Beta Shift
Security Level Level Three