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Lieutenant JG Fallon Morgenstern

Name Fallon Morgenstern

Position Medical Officer

Second Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Species Human/Betazoid
Date of Birth (Age) 31
Place of Birth Austin, Texas

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 121 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At 5'7", Fallon is slightly above average height from a female. Her deep brown eyes have been described by some as a dark tunnel, ironic considering Fallon considers it her life goal to help other's from their darkest places. Her hair is a lighter shade of brown, falling down to the midsection of her back, often with a slight curl.

Fallon has a lean figure with modest feminine curves and a fair complexion.


Father Blake Morgenstern
Mother Leesivi Morgenstern

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fallon has an extrovert with a warm, caring and open personality. She has no inhibitions for speaking with other people and will often look to lend a hand if she senses a person in distress, even just for a quick conversation. Confidence is not a trait that is lacking in Fallon, however she is not arrogant by any means.

Her Betazoid heritage has led to the development of empathic abilities. Because she is half-human, her abilities are not as strong as a full-blooded Betazoid, but she still possesses the ability to read emotions. From a young age, her mother instilled in her the importance of restraint when utilizing her gifts. This valuable life lesson carried into her career as a counselor, a profession which mandates restraint when using her abilities. She makes certain only to use them when consented to by her patients as she values truth and honesty.

Although she has a strong extroverted personality, Fallon values time to herself to read, meditate or take walks to allow herself time to think and process her thoughts. She considers this time to herself vital to a strong mental health regime.

With respects to her career, Fallon is driven solely by her desire to help others and advance her knowledge in the field of mental health. Her main focus of her studies surrounded the Behaviourism school of Psychology and she generally prefers to utilize treatments without medication, however she realizes psychotherapy and medication can go hand in hand, which led her to pursue a degree in Psychiatry. To this point in her career, Fallon has expressed, nor implied any motivation to move into any command roles.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fallon's empathy is one of her greatest strengths as it motivates her desire to help her patients and search for the best treatments that fit the individual. Her outgoing personality also allows her to seamlessly interact with patients, while making them comfortable to share their inner most thoughts with her.
Ambitions For the time being, Fallon's only motivation is the continued care of her patients and advancing her knowledge in the field of mental health.
Hobbies & Interests Fallon utilizes a majority of her off time reviewing her case files and new articles in the fields of both Psychology and Psychiatry. She likes to keep herself informed of the latest studies in the field to keep her treatment options relevant. She tends to keep her own personal life private, except to those she trusts, mostly due to her profession.
Languages Federation Common

Personal History Fallon was born in 2364 on a small farmstead outside of Austin, Texas. Her parents had developed a simple life, her mother having immigrated from Betazed prior to the events of 2374 in the Dominion War. The two met while Fallon's father was working as a civilian operations contractor with the Federation. Blake Morgenstern was assigned to a humanitarian mission on Betazed to assist with the distribution of critical supplies to various settlements on Betazed, meeting Fallon's mother whom was an envoy with the Betazed government. Fallon's mother appreciated Blake's work ethic and love for the simplest things in life, their marriage took place less than a year later when Fallon's mother moved to Earth.

From an early age, Fallon was given every opportunity to develop in whatever way suited her. The day-to-day operations of the farm were handled by the Morgenstern patriarch and several farmhands, so Fallon and her mother were able to spend time together reading, immersing themselves in the countryside and interacting with the farm's animals.

Fallon's interest in the field of medicine and psychology was first noticed by her mother in an incident in a barn where Fallon's mother sustained minor injuries from an accident. Fallon had rushed off to the house to grab first aid supplies and when she returned, she not only assisted her mother in applying bandages, but she had sensed her mother was frightened and began to question her as to why and attempt to replace her frightening thoughts with more pleasant ones.

Although the Morgenstern matriarch was impressed by her daughter's compassion and treatment, this is when she would begin to instill the importance of practicing restraint on her empathic abilities. For the next few years of her daughter's young life, the two would spend time teaching Fallon how to exercise control over her abilities.

In school, Fallon was a bright student who achieved high academic marks. She would attend a few extra-curricular clubs, although she limited her choices to clubs with a small membership pool to keep her primary focus on her studies and because she did not enjoy being in situations that placed her in the center of the spotlight.

In her elementary and high school years, Fallon took a particular interest in science-based courses as the scientific method intrigued her. Fallon seemed to feel the rationality and certainty of the methods provided a stability in life. Subjects of great interest to her included chemistry and biology. Upon completion of high school, Fallon chose to pursue a bachelor's degree in psychology. As she proceeded further into her studies, she found the school of behaviorism of great interest and wanted to study the works of such behaviorists as B.F. Skinner. When Fallon told her parents of her classes, her father would often chuckle asking her if she planned to implement some form of mind control on her parents.

Four years later, Fallon attained her bachelor's degree with honors based on her thesis involving habit formations and treatments centered around response effort. She would continue onto graduate studies and attain her Master's in Psychology. After this, Fallon believed she would start her own private practice as a Registered Psychologist, however fate had different plans for her. She had crossed a recruitment booth for Starfleet and noticed one of the banners had mentioned Starfleet was looking for medical and counselling personnel. This peeked her interest and she approached the officer about what a career in Starfleet entailed. Fortunately for her, the officer had worked in medical and provided her with great insight into the challenges of the field. He explained that Starfleet Officers are faced with sometimes extreme stressors and some exposed to combat-related injuries, both physically and mentally and as such they needed dedicated officers with the drive and skill to treat these unique patients.

Instantly, Fallon felt a "call to arms" and rushed home to speak with her parents. Although her parents were quite aware of the dangers of service, they knew this was an excellent opportunity for their daughter and a choice that brought both of them a great deal of pride. So at the age of 24, Fallon would sign up to join Starfleet and attend Starfleet Academy as a counselling cadet.

In addition to the compulsory studies as a counselling cadet, Fallon opted to take on additional courses and take courses during the summer break times to attain her degree in psychiatry. Having studied the benefits of both psychological and medical treatments, she believed both approaches had their places and at times could be combined, therefore she wanted education with both. In order to accommodate her additional studies, the standard four year span in the academy would be extended to six years, allowing her to practice in both psychology and psychiatry.

She realized that this would make her far older than most graduates whom left the academy at an average age of 22, but the benefits of her training could not be overlooked, in addition Fallon did not see herself rising to the higher ranks as her interests were in treating patients, not developing policy and leading missions. Six years later, Fallon would complete her studies both as a counselling cadet and fulfill the academic and practical requirements of psychiatry, thus she would receive her first Starfleet assignment.
Service Record 2388-2394: Starfleet Academy: Medical/Counselling Cadet