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Emily Starr

Name Emily Starr Miss

Position Director of Civilian Affairs

Character Information

Gender female
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Date of Birth (Age) 31
Place of Birth Transport Vessel

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Emily has bright blue eyes and long black hair. The Vulcan genetics are dominant so her skin has a greenish tint and her ears are pointed like that half of her family. At only 5'9 her stature sets her apart as does her muscular frame.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Douglas Starr - Adopted Father. Sidirk - Biological Father
Mother Anna Starr - Adopted Mother. Reannera Ubrea - Biological Mother
Brother(s) Devon Starr - Adopted Brother
Sister(s) Alice Starr - Adopted Sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emily is a chipper overachiever. She has an internal drive to be included and will go above and beyond to do so. She's generally an open book except for her family history. Those chapters are locked. Her family dynamic is complicated and she doesn't talk about it often. Emily enjoys her work and she enjoys spending time with her fellow crewmates/coworkers after work. Emily is telepathic although she doesn't often share that. As Vulcan's are touch telepaths it does enhance these abilities as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - driven, loyal, thoughtful, inventive, curious.
Weaknesses - heavily biased against Vulcans, stubborn, sarcastic, maybe she thinks a little too highly of herself at times
Ambitions Emily is constantly searching for a place where she feels connected and content. Whether that be a position, rank or personal status she is always assessing if this is the place she is meant to stay or if there is more. She wants to make those around her proud to work with her and wants to be seen as an asset. Emily also wants to climb every mountain she comes across.
Hobbies & Interests Emily loves the outdoors. She's an avid climber and enjoys hiking as a form of therapy. When not outdoors, she can be found with a book in hand or cooking.
Languages English, Vulcan, Japanese, French, Telepathy

Personal History Emily was born on a transport vessel bound for earth. Her mother, a prominent young Betazoid, having been abandoned by her love decided she couldn't bring the shame on her family and left Emily on Earth. Growing up in an orphanage, Emily was presumed fully Vulcan and at the age of six she was adopted by the Starr family. She was younger than their current children Devon (7) and Alice (10). Prior to her adoption she was called T'Lila. She renounced that name once adopted.

At the age of twelve Emily began experiencing headaches and severe mood swings. Her parents sent her to a Psychiatric hospital for treatment. It was at that hospital Emily met Doctor Rezme who discovered that she was half Betazoid. Emily spent a year at the hospital learning how to manage this new aspect of her life. She returned home but her new abilities caused issues with her siblings and the three of them fought constantly.

School was difficult as she was the known different sibling and her older sister made sure to spread enough rumors that kept Emily on the outside till graduation. As both her adopted parents were professors at Starfleet Academy, it was an easy transition for Emily to do the same. She enjoyed being in a different peer group who didn't know her siblings. She began to find her own footing in class and excelled in physical training, Security, Tactical and Diplomacy.
Medical Records Physically Emily is predominantly Vulcan. Aside from a few genetic differences she appears both externally and internally Vulcanoid. She is fit and enjoys keeping in that shape.

Mentally Emily has undealt with abandonment issues and PTSD from her sibling rivalry. She's aware of her issues and has regular counselling appointments. Her Betazoid abilities are well honed and she avoids crossing boundaries with those around her. It is difficult when in direct contact as it causes the telepathic and empathic bond to be enhanced.
Service Record USS Plymouth - Security - 3 years
USS Xerxes - Security/Guest Liaison - 4 years